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What’s your Story?

Raffi Dylan

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change  something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” from ‘Critical Path’~ Buckminster Fuller

Working with the Word in ‘Steiner Archetypal Speech’ is a learning to breathe the light of Christ and the sound of Christ . The speech forming force is the Christ force of love, and an antidote to the fear which the dark force is currently spreading round the globe. Breathe in light-life and love, not dark death and hate. Find yourSelf, Enliven the Word, Free the World”. ~Geoff Norris, Speech Artist

Darrel Hamon

This time we are living in will be one which our descendants, if they choose to be born, will tell stories about. We are the characters & narrators of this story-telling. So it’s up to us to pick the theme. Will the leitmotif be: A glorious new Turning Point in Time, where we learn to breathe light, & collectively outwit the nemesis, to undo an ancient knot, freeing humanity, to fulfill our divine purpose? Or will the chronicle twist around a convoluted plot, which ends with a whimper, as the decline of civilization blindly unfolds? Or perhaps the story will never even get written; just sound bites punched up with numbers & charts spit out by machines. – A repeated promotion of fear, feeding the propaganda, laying the ground for the global dosing. If we allow this dead-end scenario, what of our descendants?  Will their DNA still be human? Will we step up, or succumb to the slide?

Mysteries Unfolding with Cat Charissage | Making Meaning, Making Soul
Cat Charissage

I resonate with the story that Geoff Norris is speaking: “This is how the larynx becomes the generative organ of the future, giving birth to the etheric babe . Speech mysteries abound. The Mysteries of Ephesus entered this realm, the Artemis mysteries, which have been Christened in the Sprachgestaltung – in Steiner Speech . The Christ force is the speech forming force and this speech force is the future – the logos”.

May we join our gifts together, to inspire & inscribe the true story of our fate.


To gear us up to heal the present may we enter into the mythos of the past to prep us for the hero’s journey of the future:

The Epic of GilgameshStorytelling during the Holy Nights 2021-2022
Hosted by the Anthroposophical Society in America Click to Register! 

”The purpose of a story is to be an ax that breaks up the ice within us.”
~ Franz Kafka

All around the world the season of midwinter is the traditional time for community bonding through storytelling. In laying the groundwork for the 100-year anniversary of the Christmas Conferencewe bring the ancient Sumerian saga “The Epic of Gilgamesh” to life. Rudolf Steiner explored this story in Occult History during the Holy Nights of 1910; and again with the lectures “World History in the Light of Anthroposophy” given during those fateful Holy Nights in 1923 for the re-founding of the Society. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh is perhaps the oldest written tale on Earth. The Sumerian version dates from around 3000 B.C. Later it was compiled from 12 clay tablets written in Akkadian cuneiform. 

It is the “Hero’s Journey” of human evolution, a story of friendship, and a quest for the meaning of life – revealing Steiner’s core mission of bringing karma and reincarnation to the west. 

Myths, fairytales, historical epics, and sagas open us up to powerful archetypes behind the human condition, revealing clues to ourselves – from the past, the present, and the future. What will we uncover about ourselves and each other during this year’s Holy Nights adventure in storytelling?

Tune in for any or all of the episodes of this dramatic reading, re-worked by Hazel Archer from various translations, and featuring friends from around the world.

WhatThe Epic of Gilgamesh: Story Telling during the Holy Nights hosted by the ASA, Hazel Archer, and friends.

Time: 22 minutes daily at 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm UTC

Dates:  December 24, 2021- January 5, 2022 for 13 consecutive days  
Can’t join us live? No problem. Each gathering will be recorded and posted on our Holy Nights page (link will be emailed upon registration).

HowRegister Here!  Then check your email for confirmation with the Zoom registration link. 

Cost: This event is free with suggested donations of $25, $50, $100
Your donations help us create events like this one!
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Alex Grey

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~Chuang Tse

Thanakrit Santikunaporn

3 December 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: A total solar eclipse will occur tonight starting at 1:33 am CST. A solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which blocks sunlight. This occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned during a new moon (syzygy).

In “Human Questions and Cosmic Answers” Rudolf Steiner states:An eclipse of the sun is due to the fact that the moon comes between the sun and the earth, cutting off the rays of the sun.”

At the time of a solar eclipse, for instance, something totally different takes place in the part of the earth affected from what is happening when there is no eclipse. When we know that on the one hand the rays of the sun penetrate down to the earth and on the other hand the forces or rays of will stream out to meet the sun.  At an eclipse, these forces radiate into the darkness, and there ensues a period of time, short though it may be, in which all that is of the nature of will upon the earth flows out into universal space in an abnormal way. It is different altogether from what takes place when there is no eclipse. Ordinarily, the physical sunlight unites with the radiations of will streaming towards it. When there is an eclipse, the forces of will flow unhindered into cosmic space.

The old initiates knew these things. They saw that at such a moment all the unbridled impulses and instincts of humanity surge out into the cosmos. And they gave their pupils the following explanation. They said: Under normal conditions the evil impulses of will which are sent out into the cosmos by human beings are, as it were, burned up and consumed by the rays of the sun, so that they can injure only man himself, but can do no universal harm. When, however, there is an eclipse of the sun, opportunity is given for the evil which is willed on earth to spread over the cosmos. An eclipse is a physical event behind which there lies a significant spiritual reality.”

So dear friends before bed make a prayer of protection & light for those on the other side who will be subject to these unbridled forces.

Toni Agresi

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Holiday Market at the Rudolf Steiner Branch 
4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago
18 December 2021 – from 11 am – 4 pm

Handcrafted gifts, décor & toys
Featuring Live Music, Puppetry & Candle Dipping!!!

If you would like to be a vendor contact Elizabeth Kelly 

Dear friends – Please Join Us as move toward the Winter Festival Season:

Thursday 23 December 2021 – The Eve of the Eve –
11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm UTC

A Christmas Festival with Heart-Opening Movement by Lucien Dante Lazar
& a talk by our Christian Community Priest Rev. Jeana Lee

‘Divine Love and the Holy Child Within’

This will be a hybrid in-person & Zoom event
Featuring our 2 camera technology with Mary Spalding

Doors open at 12:30 pm (Zoom Room open 12:45 pm for Social time)
Snacks to Share Encouraged

Suggested donation $15.00
cash payment at the door or via the Rudolf Steiner Branch PayPal donation site –

*Please make a note on the first line – type in: “Christmas Fest”!
The Festival will be recorded

Time: Dec 23, 2021 01:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 705 293 1041
Passcode: Christmas

For more info. Contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator
Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

Eurythmy for the Holy Nights with Jan Ranck
‘Tuning to the Stars’:
Sacred Geometry, the Planets and the Zodiac

LIVE IN-PERSON 26-30 Dec. 2021
at the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago 4 pm – 5 pm
And at 7pm on 31 Dec. as part of our Annual NYE Gathering (details below)

$100 for all 6 sessions, or $22 for each individual session.

Make your payment using the Rudolf Steiner Branch PayPal
or QuickPay with Zelle to chase@rschicago.org
(Please indicate in the notes that it is for the “Holy Nights Eurythmy”)

Cash at the door, or send a check to:
Rudolf Steiner Branch
4249 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618-2953

For more info. Contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator
Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

* Jan Ranck – Born in the USA, Jan Ranck studied music and comparative arts at Indiana University in Bloomington. She accompanied the London Stage Group on their 1976 USA tour and went on to study eurythmy at the Eurythmeum in Dornach with Lea van der Pals, where she subsequently taught. In 1984 she joined the faculty of The London School of Eurythmy. She left there to complete her eurythmy therapy training in Stuttgart in 1989, moving afterward to Israel, where she founded and directed the Jerusalem Eurythmy Ensemble (1990) and the Jerusalem Academy of Eurythmy (1992) and was an instructor in the Jerusalem Waldorf Teacher Bachelor Program in David Yellin Academic College from 1999. Jan has held Master Classes at various venues worldwide, including the Goetheanum and the MA Program in Eurythmy held at Emerson College and Spring Valley. She is the representative for Israel in the International Eurythmy Therapy Forum.

Friday 31 December 2021
Doors open at 6:30 pm 

Join us for our Annual NYE Conscious Community Gathering –
The Theme for 2022 is Cabaret – a Cultural Sharing!

All are invited to take the stage with an offering.

Circles Edge & other Waldorf alum will also perform

Please bring Festival Food & Drink to share

$20 Cash at the door or Make your payment using the Rudolf Steiner Branch PayPal or QuickPay with Zelle to chase@rschicago.org
(Please indicate in the notes that it is for the “NYE”)

All proceeds go to support the Rudolf Steiner Branch – the young People hosting & The Band (Can’t make it? Send a $ gift PayPal)

7 – 8 pm – Eurythmy with Jan Ranck (separate fee $22 see above)

8 pm – Potluck Social

8:30 pm – Circles Edge & Friends warm the stage & host the open mic

10:10 pm – Thought-Seed Circle

10:30 pm – Clean-up…;)

For more info. Contact Cultural Events & Festivals Coordinator
Hazel Archer-Ginsberg 

Tuesday 4 January 2022 – (Zoom Details TBA) 
11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm UTC

a talk with Christian Community Priest & Lenker for North America
Rev. Craig Wiggins: ‘From Bethlehem to Golgotha: Birthing the Christ within at Epiphany’

Speaking with the Stars – Holding the light during the Solar Eclipse

Dear Friends –

This Sunday September 13th 2015, we experience a solar eclipse, which falls on the Jewish New Year.

Rosh Hashanah literally means “Head of the Year.” It is the first of the ‘High Holy Days’ or ‘Days of Awe’; a celebration that starts on the new moon and is believed to be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve.

It weds seriousness with festivity and begins the 10 days of repentance that culminates in Yom Kippur.

The New Year focuses our attention on themes of judgment, repentance, memory and the Divine Presence in the world. It invites us to celebrate birth and creation on many levels.

Family-oriented services often include a birthday cake for the world. Customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram’s horn) and eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey to emphasize the sweetness of starting the cycle of seasons once again, and round challah to remind us of the cycles of life.

This partial solar eclipse in Virgo, begins at 11:40 pm CDT on Sept. 12th, but we won’t be able to see it in our part of the world.

It will only be visible in South Africa, Antarctica and locations in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. But even though we can’t see the eclipse, through Anthroposophy, we know that when the sunlight is blocked by the moon in a solar eclipse, the will forces of humanity, unmediated by the sun, are discharged out into the darkness, and in that time, these unpurified forces of human will flow out into universal space, in what Rudolf Steiner calls, ‘an abnormal, malevolent way’.

And so it is my friends that we are called to hold the light as Michaelites.

 Sunday September 13th 5:30am7am– Solar Eclipse Gathering –

This New Moon solar eclipse in Virgo, is on “The Feast of Trumpets” – the eve of Rosh Hashanah. Together as we greet the Sunrise, with:

The Hallelujah in Eurythmy, and other group eurythmy with Tish Pierce, we will review parts of Steiner’s lecture “Human Questions and Cosmic Answers”,  so that we can rise in our thinking to meet the spiritual significance of an eclipse; and work with the Foundation Stone Meditation, and other Verses.

Singing and artistic endeavors will round out the morning.


Shared potluck Breakfast to follow.

For a brief summary of some leading thoughts on eclipses, here’s a link:




Celestial Event – March 2015 – Spring Equinox, New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse


It’s time to marvel at the cosmic dance of Sun, Moon and Earth during the SPRING EQUINOX.

On March 20, 2015 the plane of Earth’s Equator passes the center of the Sun.

At that instant, the tilt of Earth’s axis doesn’t slant away from, or towards the Sun.

You could say the cosmos stands in equipoise.


The two annual equinoxes (Spring and Autumn) are the only times when the subsolar point—

the place on Earth’s surface where the center of the Sun is exactly overhead—is on the Equator, and, consequently, the Sun is at zenith over the Equator. The subsolar point crosses the equator, moving northward at the March equinox and southward at the September equinox.


To make this celestial event even more powerful, it is also a NEW MOON, aligning into a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE! On this day, when the Center of the Sun and the Earth’s equator align, the New Moon will be in-between, blocking the Sun. The last time we had a solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox was 1662!

This unique occurrence is the beginning of a series of four March Equinox/Solar Eclipse occurrences that will happen at 19-year intervals this century, for the first time since the 1600s.

2015, 2034, 2053 and 2072 — each one of these years will see a solar eclipse — a process where our moon temporarily blocks the light of the mighty sun — coinciding with the first day of spring,

the day when the sun evenly distributes its light across the planet’s hemispheres.

Could it be an enhancement of the 4-fold Human Being?

And then dear friends on HOLY SATURDAY, the Full Moon after the Equinox we will experience a LUNAR ECLIPSE – 4 APRIL, 2015! -The 3rd in a series of 4 lunar eclipses (a Tetrad).

NASA research showed that this century, eclipses have a definite pattern – occurring four times every six months during definite periods. From 1600-1900, lunar eclipses didn’t have this pattern.

This pattern of lunar and solar eclipses – unique to our century- seems to be saying that we are defining the next 300 years NOW.

For insights on the spiritual significance of Eclipses from Rudolf Steiner, clink link:




Friday 20 March 2015 – New Moon Spring Equinox

We gather to hold the light as Michaelic Warriors during the Solar Eclipse

4am – 6am at the Branch as part of the

Central Regional Council’s “Speaking with the Stars” Initiative.

Activities include:

Co-creating the Sun Seal in sun-flower seeds

Verse from Rudolf Steiner’s lecture on St John’s Gospel: “In the Primal Beginning was the Word

A Vernal Imagination Meditation

Group Eurythmy: Hallelujah – 7-pointed Star withJohanna Rohde  

For more info. contact Festivals Coordinator Hazel ArcherGinsberg 773-549-3026