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10:10 Testament:

From Henry Jamison: Following Steiner in his discussion of the caterpillar turning to liquid light in the chrysalis before transforming into the butterfly, we can consider color to be “compressed light”. Meanwhile, electricity/radiation is “decayed light”, very dangerous to the forces of love and ever-increasing here….

it seems that the pineal gland is a kind of third eye and a producer of bows of color (which is borne out I think in yoga and also in experiments with DMT, which the pineal gland produces). It’s the sixth chakra, I believe. And even pretty conventional science corroborates the idea that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and limits its function…so I’m trying to strengthen my back (straighten my spine), drink reverse osmosis water, wake up early and generally move toward cleaning house. In addition, I’m doing the rose cross and trying to live in the bow of color. Can’t hurt! I’ll be contributing my rose cross to the thought-seed now.

Earth n d Milky Way ✨✨ | Painted earth, Spray paint art, Painting

From Rev. Gisela Wielki: Ours is a starry country. We have the star-spangled banner. Our language is rich in star metaphors. We can be starry eyed. We know of stardust and stardom, of super stars and starlets, of Star Wars and Star Trek. We applaud Dancing with the Stars. We feel as people empowered to reach for the stars. We even shoot for the stars. We are the biggest pop star exporter around the globe, and we like to stargaze into the lives of our celebrities.

Some of our presidents, investors, Hollywood stars and others have had their private astrologers just to be sure the stars aligned in their favor, before making decisions.

But take heart, if being a star is not in your chart, be the sky. How would anyone even notice the stars without the night sky providing the much needed background for any star to appear and rise.

Still, the human desire for stardom has a deeper origin. The prophet Daniel in the Old Testament gives us an imagination of human beings shining like stars in the infinite Heavens.

Anyone who has ever seen the earth covered with freshly fallen snow on a full moon night, will not forget the brilliant display of a vast community of snow-stars covering the ground, making it look as if the starry heavens had come down to display on earth Daniel’s imagination of a future constellation of humanity. 

To become star radiant as a human being here on earth is not about self-radiance. To become star-radiant is about finding the Star of Wonder, the Star of Grace and about joining forces with its light. It is about radiating heart’s love and about forming human constellations with other people. It is about living and relating in harmony with all members of humanity. “They who tie their destiny to a star, do not turn back.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

Humanity has a long way to go to manifest such an ideal. But when we allow such an ideal, such an imagination to kindle our enthusiasm, it will show the way to insightful action.


Fire Star Painting by Cameron Wiskerson | Saatchi Art
Cameron Whiskerson

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I see
How hard we strive for truth,
& once attained how easily we forget it…
I hold the fire as long as i can…
M nose fills with the smell of smoke & incense
I remember how it is to die & come again
Radiant as light walking on sand…
& then I live for today


18 January 2021 – Martin Luther King jr. Day

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Zanoni: Bulwer Lytton, Edward: 9788850243945: Amazon.com: Books

1873 – the Deathday of Edward Bulwer-Lytton who I discovered thru a book that was influential to me as a young woman: Zanoi, A Rosicrucian Tale. He was an English aristocrat, a member of Parliament, 1st Baron of Lytton & Earl of Knebsworth. He was an enormously popular novelist, & a member of the English Rosicrucian Society, founded in 1867 by Robert Wenworth Little. He wrote Paul Clifford, published in three volumes on April 30, 1830, a story of a man who leads a dual life as both a gentleman and a criminal. The first edition was the largest printing of any modern novel up to that time, & it sold out on the first day. It was Bulwer-Lytton’s fifth novel, written when he was twenty-eight. The Last Days of Pompeii, published in 1934, was a very popular work that inspired at least 10 films, plays, and operas. Zanoni was published in 1842. Among its themes are Rosicrucianism, divine madness, love, the elixir of life, & immortality. The Dweller on the Threshold figures prominently. The Coming Race, published in 1871, was a work of science fiction later republished as Vril, the Power of the Coming Race. Several of Bulwer-Lytton’s phrases have become common usage, such as “the great unwashed” from the novel Paul Clifford, “pursuit of the almighty dollar” from his novel The Coming Race, and “the pen is mightier than the sword” from the play Richelieu.


Reclaiming the Wisdom of America

Sunday 24 January 2021

2 pm – 4 pm CST –

An interactive Zoom Presentation  with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Rosemary McMullen, Anne Nicholson, Anne Dale, in conjunction with ‘The People’s Inauguration’

Hazel will explore the concept of the Folk Soul of America & what that means in this age of the consciousness soul, leading to a picture of the 3-fold Social Organism.

Rosemary McMullen will set the scene for ancestors (Land Acknowledgement) as a way for each participant to look at their current placement in America: culture, rights, economy, & ecology & assess spiritual social healing needed.

Anne Nicholson & Anne Dale will host to make this an interactive presentation with break-out groups & conversation.

Time: Jan 24, 2021 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/7052931041?pwd=Q1RNcDliYS9QK3JDV1hNQ1pxUmwwZz09 

Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: dove

One tap mobile – Dial by your location – Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/a961qZZhF

Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: 664936

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/a961qZZhF

9 thoughts on “Testify

  1. Dear Hazel,

    I am glad that you are going forward with this contribution to the People’s Inauguration movement, and hopefully, by design, your seminar on Sunday 24 January 2021 will be seen as a kind of new model and maybe even a fresh air insight into how this country of ours stands today as a kind of battle between competing contrasts. I think that Phyllis Wheatley’s poem sent to George Washington was the catalyst for the whole idea of Columbia. This was a woman of deep intuitive insight.

    Your conference has shaped up quickly, and likely because you are the one to do it. Now, in just one day, you have hosts, and also Rosemary McMullen to help the effort.
    You wrote: “Rosemary McMullen will set the scene for ancestors (Land Acknowledgement) as a way for each participant to look at their current placement in America: culture, rights, economy, & ecology & assess spiritual social healing needed.”

    I know Rosemary from years past when she graced my forum and had the courage and care to acknowledge the possibility that the Etheric Christ has, indeed, made this whole etheric technology possible for us to communicate in. Her associate, David Adams, was more skeptical of the idea, and yet it would be expected from an art historian that sees the power implicit in someone like Joseph Beauys. The visual remains supreme.

    So, press on dear friend. Any angst coming from ASA is only the typical warning not to mingle with those outside our movement. Yet, those outside need to hear of what the science of the spirit has to tell about the way it is. Hopefully, you will make your mark, and I am here for assistance, like Rosemary. I find it all wonderful.

    1. Thank you YES, Phyllis Wheatley will open my presentation!
      and Rosemary is a treasure, we have also added a few more voices to the team, which I will shore up & deliver soon.

      Just to be clear it is not the ASA at all who gives me grief, it is ONE nemesis who does not speak for anyone but himself, unfortunately he has the ear of others, including a small band of tRump supporters in the community. But I consider these opportunities for growth on my part. I signed up to be with these people who are prodding me on to learn certain important yet often hard lessons.

  2. Hi Hazel. For your Jan.24th presentation, you show two passcodes – “dove” and the numerical one. Also, here’s another star quote to go with your da Vinci one, from Dante:
    “By following your star you cannot fail to reach a glorious port.” Inferno, Canto XV, vs.57.

    1. Hi LB –
      Thank you for your participation & furtherance of these concepts with your insights. You & Steve has given so much to making this a community conversation & I am Grateful.

      by clinking the link you may not even need to enter the passcode: dove

      Time: Jan 24, 2021 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

      Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/7052931041?pwd=Q1RNcDliYS9QK3JDV1hNQ1pxUmwwZz09

      Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: dove

  3. Hi Hazel,

    Your theme of Reclaiming the Wisdom of the America reminds me of past discussions concerning the Native Americans, and how they came across from Atlantis as the last descendants of the Toltecs, who are the people of the third sub-race which developed on the Atlantean continent. These folk were the only ones who came westward and across a land-bridge to the Americas, and populated all of the continent from top to bottom. They lived for many thousands of years as a united nation of people guided by the Great Atlantean Spirit.

    But, due to their very isolation from the other races and cultures that went eastward out of Atlantis, and saw their own progressive development that included eventual amalgamation of the cultures in blood-bonding, the Native Americans began to feel the same impulses toward seeking an individual identity, and the advent of the Tribal consciousness began. This diagram is a very interesting depiction of the various tribes that existed on the American continent in the early 17th century, when the European colonization of America began.



    1. Thank you Steve for the reminder that the red race in America had its origins in Atlantis. I recall hearing about this from Cayce. While the red race has many good traits we can learn from, it’s also partially a result of their warring ways that Atlantis disintegrated and sank (in three separate phases, according to Cayce), and much of their karma in North America has had its origins in their behavior on Atlantis. Atlantis had other problems as well; this was only one issue.

      1. Hi Les. Your assessment from Cayce concerning the demise of Atlantis had nothing to do with the westward migration of the last descendants of the Toltecs. The whole migration effort of the various sub-races took place under the banner of the great Altantean Spirit in the Satya Yuga of the Atlantean epoch. Thus, the warring nations of the various tribes on the American continent only began long after the migration from Atlantis, as indicated.

        It was due to isolation from the other races and cultures that went eastward across the developing European continent that caused the American “Indians” to begin to divide and sub-divide into various tribes. By 1600, there were some 600 such native tribes, and indeed, they had been warring amongst themselves
        for quite some time before the Europeans first arrived.

        What this indicates is that the native Americans were well on the way to their own demise through this process of disintegration. Without the European colonization incentive, which caused the wars to increase against the new settlers, these last descendants of the Toltecs would have died out and become extinct. An important sub-race would have been eliminated from the evolutionary stream, and this was prevented by the Europeans, who brought the incentives of the Renaissance and Enlightenment to the new world, and an angular [intellectual] world view. So, the native tribes saw an evil demon in their midst long before Nietzsche’s “tawny beast”.

        And the rest is history. The Native Americans were saved for their future, although decimated and conquered. Their fate was to reincarnate rather quickly as the present western Europeans of today. It could be likened to “sweet revenge”, but also proves that the race and culture has survived.

        Steiner speaks of this unusual circumstance in the lecture, “Past Lives of the Peoples of the World”, GA 203, which is available online at the RS Archive & E-Library.


  4. Thank you again Hazel. Always very inspiring and thought provoking.
    I wanted to share a You Tube video. It is 58 minute and watching just 5 minutes is worth the effort.
    It was put together by the Greater Milwaukee Interfaith group and offered in celebration and memory of the person and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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