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Dear friends –

I put out a call to see if anyone was interested in being part of a presentation around the True Spirit of America, & I thank you for your responses!

Sharleen Leonard encouraged us to join The People’s Inauguration Jan. 21 -31 and then continue the conversation from the spiritual science perspective and Steiner’s Threefold Community insights”.

Anyone who knows me or has read my sharing’s knows I don’t endorse either one of the political parties here in America. I believe the 2-party-system is fundamentally flawed.

I am a 3-fold champion thru & thru. For me it’s about freedom of choice, so if anything, I vote Green Party. And I don’t mix politics with Anthroposophy, I work from the Cultural Life of the 3-fold social order.  That being said, I decided to partner up with The People’s Inauguration because of their positive attitude about empowering the people to stand up & take responsibility as citizens of this world.

The People's Inauguration

On the web site it says: Only we can bring our communities together, tend our wounds, and begin the labor of reckoning, reimagining and remaking our nation block-by-block, heart-to-heart.

We need healing, justice, and renewal. Let’s create a moral vision for the America we could be.

January 21st kicks off 10 days of virtual conversations, artistic expressions, music performances, teach-ins, vigils and around-the-table family ceremonies. Some events will focus on grief and healing; others on justice and reckoning, others on joy and rising. All of them will have one thing in common: the expression of a “people’s oath” that recommits us to our core values and to one another.

Will you join us?

Now I am not someone who likes to repeat after someone else. Nor would I ask anyone to take a vow outside of what they create for themselves. But I do think it is a good idea to think about what it is that we as individuals feel is important to stand for. I see what they have proposed as a template, a way to get us started in thinking about what we want our world to be like, & what We the People are going to personally do to go about making it happen.

 “I, ___________
do solemnly vow
that I will faithfully execute my role
in healing, reimagining, and rebuilding
our country,
and will to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect, and defend
dignity, justice, and joy
for myself and for all around me,
and that I will do so with love.”

The idea of joining together with the greater community, & bringing Anthroposophy out into the world, seems vital. So I agreed to share my presentation with this wider audience:

Reclaiming the Wisdom of America an interactive Zoom Presentation with 

Hazel Archer-Ginsberg in conjunction withThe People’s Inauguration’ (more details TBA)

Sunday 24 January 2021 2 pm – 4 pm CST

Friends, the Folk Spirit of America known to the Original Native Peoples, as Columbia, perceived also by the American Revolutionaries as an Indian goddess, has been usurped by Uncle Sam, her opposite in every way. Our destiny, if ‘We the People’ will it, is to take back her divine power, to manifest a true Land of the Dove.

Time: Jan 24, 2021 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: dove

One tap mobile – Dial by your location – Find your local number: Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: 664936 Find your local number:

HUSHED UP HISTORY — Miss(ing) Columbia: America's Forgotten Warrior...

I then got a phone call from a long time nemis who does not on the whole attend my presentations, who has his own very definite political views, who proceeded to tell me that this was an unholy match; that politics don’t belong in the Anthroposophical Society, & that the organization I am affiliating myself with espouses beliefs that he finds offensive.

I thanked him for his feedback, but was quite shaken. And then I remembered that when I 1st came to the Chicago Branch many years ago, I brought forth the idea of doing a July 4th Festival, with the theme of Columbia as the Spirit of America, & I was told no, it could not be done, & it never was.  

I took it out to Hyde Park where there is a Statue of the Republic from the The World’s Columbian Exposition -a world’s fair held in Chicago in 1893

Daniel Chester French's original statue The Republic at the World's  Columbian Exposition of… | World's columbian exposition, Columbian  exposition 1893, World's fair

And then out of the blue I found this quote from Rudolf Steiner: ‘There are still many Anthroposophists who think that something may be reached by argument with the opponent. Nothing can do us more harm than success in setting forth our truths in the form of argument; for people do not hate us because we say something that is not true, but because we say the truth. And the more we succeed in proving that we say the truth, the more they will hate us. Of course this cannot prevent us from stating the truth. But it can prevent us from being so naïve as to think that it is possible to progress by argument.

Only positive work enables us to progress; and of course truth should be represented as strongly as possible, so as to attract as many pre-destined souls as possible, for these are far more numerous in the present time than is generally assumed. These souls will find the spiritual nourishment needed for the time when no destructive, but constructive work will have to be done, if human development is to follow an ascending, not a descending curve.’ ~ Rudolf Steiner – GA 221 – Knowledge Pervaded with the Experience of Love – Dornach, February 18, 1923

the art of living in integrity Painting by Danvy Pham | Saatchi Art
Davy Phame

Friends, I will proceed with the presentation, & I am open to your thoughts about the idea of bringing in this connection to The People’s Inauguration. If I am in error I want to adjust so as to be in moral integrity.

Thank you for your kind attention.

(I am still looking for someone to assist with the hosting, so contact me if you want to be part of the team)



The Calendar of the Soul - Compilation - Anthroposophy, By Rudolf Steiner,  Inner Work, Waldorf Books - The BEarth Institute

The Caldendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner this week’s verse & its mirror, translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler, & with quotes from American authors in ‘’ re. ‘blue Monday, saddest day of the year’ tomorrow…’In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.’ Abraham Lincoln
‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.’ Zig Ziglar
‘In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.’ Robert Frost
‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’ Martin Luther King Jr
‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.’ Henry Thoreau

Russian winter Painting by Anna Kasso | Saatchi Art
Beli Gofolski

The soul in gloom of winter moved
to bring to light her life’s own force
her impulse is to guide it far
and in the dark forefeel
through warmth of heart
the life the senses will reveal.
It rests this sun’s high hour with you
to recognise the call of wisdom:
In you, absorbed in worlds where beauty lies,
through all your feeling realise:
the human I can lose itself
and find itself within the Cosmic I.

16 thoughts on “Freedom & Justice for All

  1. Thanks Hazel for the lengthy excerpt from GA 221. Had to read it for myself, and it was an inspiring read. Helped me to understand where Steiner was coming from even more. I’m one of those “predestined souls” who found nourishment on the spiritual path from this information, so thank you for directing me to it. Cheers.

    1. We are finding our way with each other more & more now.
      It is a deed to take on these callings, thanks for being willing to lean in

    2. Now you see how much Rudolf Steiner advances beyond Galatians 2. Love evolves faith to a higher level. Martin Luther of the sixteenth century experienced the angst of Saint Paul to a very high degree. He also saw the narrow path to salvation through Faith as the justifying element. Rudolf Steiner in this lecture expresses what stands to be a profound revelation about how Love has been realized as an evolutionary outcome since Christ came forth.

      This lecture comes at a timely moment for other reasons, as well.

      1. I don’t believe that Steiner “advances beyond” Galatians 2. I see Paul’s words in Galatians 2 standing head and shoulders above anything Steiner or Luther express. Not that Paul was a better man; he wasn’t – he referred to himself as the “chief of sinners”. It’s just that others didn’t have the sudden encounter with the Christ that Paul did, such that the Truth blinded him. Emily Dickinson may have been thinking of Paul when she wrote that “the truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind” (I may have heard that from Hazel’s post). No, it seems to me that both Steiner and Luther learned some great lessons from Galatians 2.

        1. Well, we know where Steiner got the oft used phrase, “Not I, but Christ in me”. The relationship between Luther and Paul could be much closer than you think. Steiner gives important clues in those two lectures on Luther from GA 176. Also, a very good book to read is “From Luther to Steiner” by Ernst Boldt, a direct disciple of Rudolf Steiner. It is online, and I can/will send you the link if interested. According to Boldt, he and many others of the entourage, considered Steiner, “the Great One.” This could be in reference to the Bodhisattva, or possibly, Christian Rosenkreutz himself.

          In the last lecture of Steiner’s course, The Bhagavad Gita and the Epistles of Paul, he describes Paul in detail, and his struggles to preach Christianity to the Gentiles in the early days. He was truly the bond servant of Christ for his own past indiscretions and confusion. The Light of Truth would be the great resolver, and we owe much to Paul for what exists today.

          1. I agree Steve that we do owe a lot to the little that Paul recorded – since we weren’t there when the risen Christ taught His disciples, after His resurrection, the few letters we have reveal a great deal of the Truth that Paul learned. The thing that perplexes me is that such a change as we read of with Paul, could happen to any of us – if the risen Christ willed it. Major changes and events such as Paul brought in the development of the early church, could happen today, but seem to be beyond our control. We could run around in our zeal as Saul did before he was confronted with the Truth, and then realize that all those efforts were for naught. Have our life turned around with one sudden, stunning revelation of Light and Truth. Just doing some musing, Steve.

  2. If you have taken the First Class, then you are able to represent Anthroposophy to the world (unfortunately, I haven’t, so I can’t!). One can mention Anthroposophy and quote Steiner at length without representing Anthroposophy. Seems to me you can make the decision whether to represent as a member of ASA or not. In any case, I support you presenting this concept of Columbia as native Goddess known in this land both before and after the arrival of Europeans on the continent.

    One’s spiritual freedom can be difficult for others to bear (I know this from personal experience!), and I appreciate your deep thought over the matter.

  3. Wonderful! I agree with everything you said. I look forward to attending your Zoom meeting. Have you invited Joe and Kamala? I think it would do them a world of good. I believe Biden is sincere when he says he wants to heal the Soul of America, but I doubt he knows enough to do that even though he has the best of intentions.

    1. ha, well if we can get the word out to folks who seem to want to enact change this could be a good way to plant some seeds of Spiritual Science in the world

  4. I reviewed the web site and feel interested. Just feel I need to step cautiously and do more research. I can understand your desire to join ranks with them. I will do more research and comment again

    1. Thank you.
      What i should be stressing here is that I am not necessarily ‘joining ranks’ with them.
      The way i look at it is that people are cry8ing out for a new way to be in the world & I have a chance to bring Anthroposophical concepts to a wider audience.
      We are always thinking people need to come to us, it’s time we went out into the world & meet folks where they are. Perhaps all this turmoil is the opportunity for the 3-fold Social Oragnism to come in!

  5. Equal amounts of individual esoteric and exoteric development will be so helpful to humanity as we move forward. Craving and aversion must not rule our lives. Recent events show pictures of what we ALL need to transform. Calm the riot within! Let us strive to meet antipathy with equanimity and love. Let’s check ourselves and try to understand the suffering of all of our brothers and sisters. Especially those that we strongly disagree with.Let there be peace on earth. Let it begin with me.

    1. Yes, that was when the girl was still so young!
      It was a good hot day. I wish I had asked someone to take more photos of the actual event.

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