The Good Father

Franklin Bell

What does it mean to be a ‘good’ human being? Today being Father’s Day, let us ponder specifically what it can mean to be ‘a good man’? How can a good man be a good father?  Every culture has its own history of storytelling: of how the world came to be, which informs what the world will become. This is how social norms should be formed, not thru the distorted lens of the screen, or history written by the conquers. To tell the children stories of our past, we pass on our history.  This must include a range of archetypes that live within the ‘good man’:


Qualities of the benevolent King: Inspire, Leadership, Strategic, Vision, Wisdom, Decisive, Lead, Judgement, Charismatic, Benevolence, Integrity, Influencer, Empowering, Risk Taker, Humility, Authority, Order and Structure, Blessing…I particularly love the idea of “blessing”. A King who gives a blessing bestows upon the person the right to go forward & make the best most valuable use of their own talents. This does not inhibit anyone’s ability to freely create & work for the greater good. Additionally, this blessing is a recognition of the skills to get the job done. “Authority” must come from within.

The Protector/Warrior: Courageous, Strength, Discipline, Determined, Reliable, Focused, Tactics, Work, Achievement, Endurance, Loyalty, Service… The best warriors are those who are courageous – rather than fearless; reliable & loyal rather than seeking to be leaders. The Warrior has total focus on implementing the required tactics to accomplish the strategy set by their leader King/Queen. Strength & endurance needs to be both physical, mental & emotional. Their characteristic quality of service enhances their sense of duty in fulfilling the tasks set by their King/Queen.

Magician: Wisdom, Intuition, Perception, Insight, Knowledge, Mysticism, Power,            Respected, Gifts, Mentor…The Magician can be a teacher bestowing knowledge, & understanding to better ‘know thyself’. This is empowering to others & brings out the ‘magic’ in them. In cultural myth, the Magician seeks knowledge not for its own sake, but so that they may better understand, serve & mentor. Many Magicians have a personal gift: music, art, speech, charisma, that they can use to widen their own abilities to enhance the lives of others rather than for personal gain.

The Lover: Genuine, Compassion, Affectionate, Caring, Empathy, Altruistic, Open, Honest, Trustworthy, Beauty, Vitality, Celebration, Merciful…The archetypal Lover shares powerful qualities that enhance & improve the lives of others. It is the energy & power for living that the Lover brings to the world. Their appreciation for the beauty they see around them is an inspiration to others. The earth, the sky, the passing breeze.  The Lover takes the moments of beauty seen in the smile of a child, or an old lady, & makes sure that moment is not missed. Celebration is the quality of being able to stop, breathe, look around & see what joy there is, in life. The Lover knows how to comfort & sustain.

Blessings on all who embody the Good Father!



sunflowers Vincent van Gogh

Dear Faireyland Friends –

The Solstice Doorway of Light will stand open for 3 days  – So we have time & space to celebrate the Sun, giver of life – So we can think, how, each second, the Sun transforms four million tons of itself into light – Giving itself over, to become energy, that we take in with every meal. All life, has been feasting on the Sun’s energy stored in the form of wheat or reindeer, as each day the Sun dies & is reborn as the vitality of Earth.

Every child needs to learn this simple truth: She is the energy of the Sun! And it’s our job to organize life on earth so that every face shines with the same radiant de-light.

Can we as human beings learn that generosity is not only possible, but required? Look to the center of the solar system for our role model, a magnificent stellar bounteousness, pouring forth free energy, every day, without stop – without complaint, or the slightest hesitation. This is the way of the universe. This is the way of life. And this is the way in which each of us joins the cosmological lineage, accepting the Sun’s gift of energy, & transforming it into creative action that will enable society & all life on earth to flourish.

Throughout time, the Solstices have been honored as power points. Twice each year we move into a window in space-time when the Sun & Earth communicate in their extremes, & energy is exchanged in a dance of light & dark – a Tipping Point in consciousness, in the service of evolution…(Unlike the Equinoxes -which are all about perfect balance-the Solstices are a Tipping Point – toward or away from The Light)

The Summer & Winter Solstices are key reference points in our solar year, marking the changing light. What would it be like to pay attention to where the light comes in to your room everyday, so bright & early now, & then watching its changing position thru-out the year? Where do the rays glance at Michaelmas time? At the Winter Solstice…?

So dearly beloved – take a moment in the next few days to Stop…with the Sun…Close your eyes…& Look Up… consciously absorbing the photonic energy generously generated by the loving heart of our central star – Tiny rays of intelligence from the Mind of the Divine, translated thru the Sun – Spiritual Beings beaming all around us, especially now

At our current point in the long cycles of Earth-time, the Summer Solstice aligns
with THE GALACTIC EDGE…of our known world…it is a time when we can tune into information ‘from a galaxy far, far away’… Could this Edge be the source of new ideas for changing the game on earth…? Here we can pause, with the Sun, to open the door to this expanded consciousness…

Will you walk thru this door with me…?

The Turning of the Ages in this sense is not just the movement from epoch to epoch, a 2,500 year cycle, it is a much longer round – a 26,000 year cycle, associated with the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Why am I bringing this up? Because the power of this shift from one 26,000 year cycle to another is most profoundly felt at the Solstices…

Does anyone else hear this strange music?


sun flower!

5 thoughts on “The Good Father

  1. Thanks Hazel for all your wonderful RR posts.
    I am translating the Soul Calendar, revising my translations of the midsummer verses,
    and now I’ve added ‘vitality’ to verse 10:

    To summer’s heights
    the sunlife’s being rises
    and takes my human feeling far and wide
    and into the sublime vitality
    of cosmic harmony, a vision’s
    faint feeling in me, intimating,
    ‘In future you will know:
    a holy being felt you now’.

    And this is my version of v11, culminating at the solstice yesterday
    (& whose last 2 lines are from Owen Barfield:

    It rests, this sun’s high hour, with you
    to recognise the call of wisdom:
    In you, absorbed in worlds where beauty lies,
    through all your feeling realise,
    and in thee say, ‘I lose myself as man
    and find myself to be the World I am’.

    Today, in verse 12, St. John’s Mood begins:

    Light glancing beauty, World on world,
    from depths of soul compels me
    to free the god-enwoven powers of my life
    in cosmic flight, forsake myself below
    and trusting, seek my higher self
    in worldwide cosmic warmth and light.

    On 30th May I emailed my poem ‘Whitsun Song’ along with my translations of the Ascension & Whitsun verse to Did you receive it?
    Bless all who read my ‘comment’ composed under a blue sky and oranged-cloud as the sun sets in the English West Midlands.

    1. Greetings brother R –
      Thank you for sharing your heart-felt offerings…
      To truly live into the Calendar of the Soul brings such insight
      & gives us the opportunity to align & o-create with the cosmic & human rhythms.

      I am not sure i saw your email, so sorry, so much goes in & out of email…
      This is a great place to share…

      thank your for these gifts!
      Summer-Tide blessings

    2. I loved your translation of the Calendar of the Soul. Will you be publishing it, making it available somehow? Thank you for your work.

  2. Enjoyed this blog about good fathers/men and about summer solstice and solstices in general. Happy summer solstice!

    1. Thanks Dr. Wagner.
      I had to dash this off, then make a big breakfast for everyone…
      Now we are off to the Zinniker farm!

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