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Greetings friends – Thanks to all who tuned into the webinar last night about the Summer Solstice & the ‘Ring of Fire’. Here is the Link.  After taking our conversation into sleep, I awoke thinking about the ‘Primal Teachers’ who can still work with us from their fortress on the Moon, IF we rise in our thinking to meet them. As we discussed last night, these beings are especially lit up when they are in conjunction with the Sun at the time of New Moon. And with the advent of this Summer Solstice Solar eclipse we can connect with these ‘Moon Beings’ as we hold the light, in the dark.

Amid coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Haryana cancels 'Solar Eclipse Fair' in  Kurukshetra - Check Surya Grahan timings in India | Culture News | Zee News

This image of the ‘Ring of Fire’ is reminiscent of the image of the Corona Virus. Can we explore the connection by opening to the wisdom of these primal teachers to help us see into the message writ large, not only in our world situation, but in the starry script – To read the Word of Truth that seeks to be inscribed into our hearts & minds thru our free will…?

collage by ~hag

This solar eclipse is in Gemini as the ‘Sun Stands Still.’ Solstice officially comes in at 4:42 pm CDT 20 June 2020. The Eclipse starts at 10:33 pm CDT & goes till 4:44 am CDT 21 June 2020. The New Moon (also in Gemini) is coming between the Earth & the Sun – casting its shadow on our Day Star, blocking the light of the Sun from streaming to the Earth, which usually serves to mediate our  ‘unbridled impulses’ .

Rudolf Steiner describes solar eclipses as “safety valves… they serve the purpose of carrying out into space, in a Luciferic way, the evil that spreads over the Earth, in order that evil may work havoc in a wider, less concentrated sphere.”

Astrosopher Willi Sucher tells us: “Steiner said it was always known in ancient times that the beings moved in the opposite direction of the shadow. In times of Sun eclipses, the shadow of the Moon falls upon the Earth, and there is a movement from the Earth along this shadow-funnel out into the cosmos. Certain demonic beings, shadow beings, darkness beings, move from the Earth out into the cosmos, and create further havoc in the cosmos… It is of no use to be frightened; the best thing that we can do is to put positive thoughts out to meet it. These shadow beings create havoc as long as they are not checked by human awareness.”

Will the Sun's 'corona' in the June 21 solar eclipse kill 'coronavirus'?  Find out what science says - Orissa Post | DailyHunt

Looking at this clue from the cosmos, we can see this Ring of Fire as the opposite polarity to the coldness of separation, of isolation & social distancing; swinging us into the hot of rage of protests over the inhumane treatment of our black brothers & sisters. We must not get lost in the swing of the pendulum.

Is Covid-19 anxiety getting to you? Here's how to stay calm - The Economic  Times
Kim Linn

We have the continuing global experience of social isolation & separation created by the pandemic fear of death, setting the stage for medical fascism, “for your own good”. Then there arises this 2nd global experience triggered by the rage over the wrongful murder of George Floyd, & the oppression of human dignity it represents.

Sorokin's Pendulum Theory demonstrating the dynamics of sociocultural... |  Download Scientific Diagram

We are set into a polarity of fear & rage. Fear with the pandemic. Rage with the George Floyd protests.

The pandemic has shown how quickly & easily people will submit globally, in a matter of weeks, to the authoritative voice of ‘science’ & politics for “their own good.” It is shocking to see how quickly the entire world has fallen into lock-step behind the dark elite papacy of pseudoscience to control the population. Even intelligent reasonable alternative views on how best to address the pandemic are considered “dangerous” & blocked on social media. This, my friends, has happened before in world history.

It is important to be fully awake to observe events objectively. The question to ask is: What is the underlying deeper purpose & consequences of this restriction in social connection. Is there an intelligence behind this?

The same is true with the eruption of rage, & the truly righteous call for justice after the killing of George Floyd. On the one hand, we can see a growing awareness of the dignity & value of each human being, which can be a sign of a growing recognition of our shared humanity & an outcry against the unjust treatment, of black people, & all who are not able to realize the free unfolding of their potential.

Riots in England - The fire this time | Britain | The Economist

Yet, on the other hand, the rage can lead to increased hatred & division, a further separation that leads us away from a growing movement towards a world sister-brotherhood. Violence, hatred, & destruction fuel chaos, & chaos breeds fear. Fear & chaos pave the way for a justification of authoritarian control, again, for “your own protection”.

For most of humanity, the human being is seen as a blend of race, gender, career, family role, etc. This is how we experience ourselves in one particular place & time – the individualized garment of one incarnation.  It is not actually the whole ‘Self’- our eternal spiritual being, beyond space & time, which returns again & again into different individualized self-garments.

So, most folks, without an understanding of the Spirit, of karma & reincarnation-of the true nature of the “I”, are caught up in identifying with the garment the external forms of self-hood. We can see this now in the rise in “identity politics,” a kind of tribalism, where individuals feel they must find their self thru a group they can identify with.

Without recognition of the spiritual, this seems to be all we have. We fall back on genetics, biology, ethnicity, race, ancestry, gender, & nationalism… any number of tribal -biological factors to define our “self”.

universe Painting by Ia Saralidze | Saatchi Art
Sheri Bloom

But dear friends, the true “I” is universal. We all share in it together, & we must find it in each other. Only by recognizing the “I” as Spirit, can we ever really “change our thinking,” as the Baptist reminds us at this time of year. When we practice ‘Metanoia’, to ‘transform our hearts & minds’, we can know the truth  which sets us free. And this allows us to create new social forms for a “new normal.”

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The hot & cold adversaries seek to undermine this core goal, in a myriad of ways. In every situation, we must stand in the balance, ever questioning: Is this attacking my spiritual freedom? Is this attacking my capacity for love?

How can we find our Spirit, our true Self, in the other, when there is this lock-down into isolation? Can we recognize that this is essentially an assault on our Spirit-I, preventing human communion?

When hot and cold tell lies – Four situations where hot feels cold or cold  feels hot | Neuroamer
Denver Pololk

Is the outrage & protest leading us to further division, hatred & tribalism, or is it leading us to a greater awareness & capacity for love for all human beings & our Mother Earth?

This is where our human choice, out of spiritual wakefulness, must take place.

A key can be found in the Foundation Stone Mediation, reminding us to always hold to the greater “mission” of our human becoming, that “Good May Become”. Only then can we become the hierarchy of freedom & love.


Reflecting On The Beaumont Race Riot Of 1943 – Houston Public Media

1943 – The Detroit race riot breaks out & continues for three more days

Erziehungskunst – Waldorfpädagogik heute: Ein Waldorf-Europäer

1970 – Deathday of Herbert Hahn, an anthroposopher who joined the society in 1912.  In 1919 he was called by Rudolf Steiner to teach at the first Waldorf School in Stuttart, becoming a Class Teacher between 1921 & 1927 & finally History & German language teacher in the high school. Steiner entrusted him with the task of giving “free religion lessons” (for those children who did not belong to any of the denominations) & within this context he held the first “Sunday Service” in 1920. From 1931 until 1939 he taught at the Vrije School in The Hague.

During WW II he was deployed as interpreter. In 1943 he married his teaching colleague Maria Uhland. After the war, he returned to the Stuttgart Waldorf School, re-founded after the Nazi period & served as its unofficial director until his retirement in 1961.

Of his numerous works as an author especially his recollections of Rudolf Steiner, & his main work, Vom Genius Europas, his outline of an anthroposophical cultural psychology, was ground breaking. He was also one of the founding members of the Esoteric Youth Circle.

“Among the many presentations Rudolf Steiner gave concerning our being in modern culture & the world civilization, one very earnest appeal rises up as special in my memory. Rudolf Steiner warned us not to build up our initiatives & activities, which are directed toward great goals, on forms that exist in the outer world & are created out of routine. He said that these forms had grown old & brittle; they cannot be saved from perishing. We must see that we achieve a new basis & ground upon which we can move, borne by the spirit.

This comment, like all of the others he made in connection with the foundation of the community, was brought into a very large perspective. The largest perspective that opened up may well have been, as he said in view of the future of the community: “When this is founded, then you can think of it as determined for a wide-reaching working. It could, for instance, be the case that, at a given time, none of the members of the community are living on Earth; in the ordinary sense, the community would count as having died out. Yet, it will not be wiped out. With the 1st community members who reincarnate, the community returns to Earth.”

The final comment given, answers in a totally satisfying manner, a question that was often asked by those joining the community later. The question was whether the Esoteric Youth Group were not to be considered dissolved by the Christmas Conference.

Aside from the fact that Rudolf Steiner again confirmed & gave the call to the community thru a new, essential meeting during the Christmas Conference, what was said above removes any doubt. The indication of the carrying of the community impulse thru the incarnations speaks for itself. More precise is the idea that the founding of the Esoteric Youth Group community in October 1922, may be considered to be one of the preparatory steps for the Christmas Conference of 1923. And still more certain is that this community is given an inner obligation for the carrying thru of the great impulse of the Christmas Conference”. ~Herbert Hahn, Copenhagen-Charlottenlund August 12-14, 1963

1990 – The 7.4 Mw Manjil–Rudbar earthquake hits northern Iran with a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme), killing 35,000–50,000, & injuring 105,000


The discovery of human consciousness | Part 2 -
Sahri Tublai

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I expand out
To my star-self
Like a wild reed
Brushing the clouds with seeds-
A solid stalk in the rising humidity
As light spews
Thru misting vapors
& the fruit of my striving ever ripens…

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  1. This is one of the most thoughtful and balanced pieces I have read on the state of the world at this time. Thank you!

    1. Ha, perfect, it is for balance that we must strive…
      Awful hard to maintain, but worth the effort…

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