The Old Sun

Blessings on this Palm Sunday/Vernal Equinox –

Palm Sunday

«Christ enters the Holy City on the first day of Holy Week. It is at first
an unpretentious sight. He rides through the gate of the city upon a
donkey, followed by His faithful believers. But suddenly, as though
he were the God of Spring himself, His entry creates frenzy in the souls
of the people. It is as though the crowd were seized with the ecstasy
of a pagan Spring Festival. Primitive rites are revived when the people
cast down palm branches from the trees.

The palm has always ranked as the tree-symbol of the sun which shines in the Spring sky
with renewed strength. The crowd spread His path with the symbol of the sun.

Is He in fact perhaps the Friend and Lord of the Sun who has been promised
to man as the great King of the Light? Is the original spiritual significance
of the city of Jerusalem to be released from enchantment, the city which sheltered on
Mount Zion one of the oldest sun-sanctuaries of mankind, before it was overshadowed
by Mount Moriah, the Mount of the Moon, with the Temple of Solomon?
Has the time of Melchisededek, the great Sun-Initiate, come back?

It would appear as though the Christ had now really found entrance
into humanity. The high Sun- Spirit has already lived for three years
in a human body and undergone earthly destiny. He held back
and kept silence; and whenever He stepped forward He was met with
hostility and lack of understanding. Is all this now to take a new direction?
Is destiny to find a solution in an ecstatic jubilation?

No…This is the beginning of the most solemn week in human history.
The same men who strew palms and break forth into fervid Hosannas
will shriek with fanatical hatred a few days later: “Crucify him! Crucify him!”
The Cross on Golgotha, the symbol of death, will companion the palm branch,
the symbol of life. It is the Christ Himself who brings about the
sudden reversal of feeling. He passes through the ecstatic crowd in silence,
with grave countenance. He sees through the acclamations; they are
merely superficial, and He aims at deeper levels. His will is directed to
something very different.» ~ from “The Three Years” by Emil Bock

Easter-Tide Study throughout Holy Week
(Chapter 10 of “The Three Years” by Emil Bock) Including Eurythmy with Peter Vine
at The Rudolf Steiner Branch 4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago

Beginning TODAY, Palm Sunday March 20th, 2pm-4pm,
Snacks to Share Encouraged –
To celebrate the Spring Equinox We will dye eggs after the study

then, M-F: March 21-26th, 7pm-9pm

If you would like a copy of the text contact Hazel

~ ~ ~

Easter Festival:
‘A Path to the Dawning’
4pm -6pm, Easter Sunday March 27th
at The Rudolf Steiner Branch 4249 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago

Midwest Eurythmy Group to Perform:
‘Hallelujah’ & the Easter Calendar of the Soul Verse by Rudolf Steiner

Lecture: Encountering the Inner Layers of the Earth as a Christian/Rosicrucian Initiation,
in relation to the Beatitudes and the 9-fold human being. by Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Live Music: Clark Remington – Prelude and Fugue by Bach

Group Eurythmy – Hallelujah

$10 donation goes to the Midwest Eurhythmy Group

A side-dish to Share Encouraged! (We will have our traditional Lamb Roast!)

For more info. Contact Hazel

~ ~ ~

Member Initiative Event:

Beauty in Motion – Countering the Machine Civilization
with Kelly Calegar from Durham, NC

Easter Monday March 28th 12:45pm – 3pm
at the Christian Community 2135 W. Wilson Ave Chicago, Il 60625
Donation goes to the Christian Community

The Divine Will is revealed in movement. In this endeavor we will be moving together
in choreographed geometric forms for the integration of mindfulness and warmth of heart.
All of our actions are grounded in movement, including our speech, which involves
the movement of air through the larynx. The movements of the heavenly bodies are
intimately related with the beat of heart and lung. Aligning with the Divine Will
changes the way we move through space, and relate to each other.
It births Grace and Beauty in our ‘life body’, which we share with a human world
lacking in both Grace and Beauty – qualities of the Divine Feminine.

“Our purpose is to imitate, to absorb the movement of the world into ourselves
through our limbs. What do we do then? We dance. . .All true dancing has arisen from
imitating in the limbs the movement carried out by the planets, by other heavenly bodies
or by the earth itself. . .When the limbs carry out the harmonious cosmic movements
of the universe, …the soul… begins to sing.” ~Rudolf Steiner, Study of Man, p. 144

For more information contact Deborah Rogers:

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Rudolf Steiner Branch of The Anthroposophical Society,
4249 North Lincoln Avenue. Chicago, IL 60618
Check out our Web site! Chicago, IL (Anthroposophical Society in America)


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