To Be…Silent…

an illustration by Hermann Linde & Rudolf Steiner for Goethe’s ‘The Mysteries’

I ran across this teaching by Dr. Steiner the other day from his Esoteric Lessons I, GA 266, # 11, München, 11-6-1906, & thought to share it here.

A=past   U=present   M=future

Occult training leads the human being to freedom. The initiate becomes the master of various beings who continually go in and out of their four bodies, by becoming their companion. These beings are: phantoms in the physical body, ghosts in the etheric body, demons in the astral body, and spirits in the ego.


To learn to rule them one must form a firm framework in the etheric body, just as there’s a skeleton in the physical body. This framework for the etheric body is a pentagram with thinking in the head point, feeling in the arms and willing in the legs.

One must also form a framework for the astral body, namely a hexagram with the head and heart points, two ears and two arms.

To arrive at this one must apply the following four principles:

Learn to be Silent and you’ll get Power;
Give up Power and you’ll get Will;
Give up Will and you’ll get Feeling;
Give up Feeling and you’ll get Knowledge.

These are four stages to which the human being can ascend.

Every suppression gives a certain power.

Sarah Simonetti

If one knows the spirits and beings who continuously rule and enslave them, they no longer need to be their slave.

The first thing that a pupil must learn and do is pay attention to themselves.”

~Rudolf Steiner

Then I imagine, the further stages bring us to Wisdom & Love

Estelle Winder

And so it is that today – again – I must start at the beginning – & learn to be silent.

see you there


8 October 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Mercury (Occult Venus) reached ‘Greatest Western Elongation’ this morning.

Draconid meteor shower chart for 2022. Image via Guy Ottewell

The Draconid meteor shower, also sometimes known as the Giacobinids, grace the skies in the month of October they peak on the night between Oct 8–9

The Draconids owe their name to the constellation Draco the Dragon, and are created when the Earth passes through the dust debris left by comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. The comet takes about 6.6 years to make a single revolution around the Sun.

Although the Draconids have been responsible for some of the most spectacular meteor showers in recorded history, tonight being the EVE of The Full Hunters Moon, we will not see much.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

POD (Poem of the Day)

~We are beastly
Forms made beautiful in the growing moonlight
Beheld by the Goddess –
Healed by Her many eyes – Held up
By the air streaming from Her full lips – Together
We are twilight & dawn –
I am the left eye – She is the right…
Beneath the old man’s eyebrows we make a fine sight…


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My gift to you…xox

2 thoughts on “To Be…Silent…

  1. Thank you Hazel!
    That answers a question I’m carrying for a while and just talked to my husband about last night…. I’m glad I feel connected to you!

    Thank you also for your lovely report about the bdanc meeting and all the work connecting us.

    With warmth and appreciation,

    1. Greetings Katja –
      O I love those synchronicities.
      What, may I ask, was the question you have been carrying?
      Perhpas others are carrying it too & you can shed some light to help us formulate what is living in us as well…?

      Thanks for being part of the energy around the BDANC gathering – such a powerful impulse.


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