Today I am…a goatherd in lions clothing

11 July 2016 – ASTRO-WEATHER – You can find the First Quarter Moon in the southwest as darkness falls, then watch as it sinks toward the western horizon, where it sets shortly before 1am. The half-lit Moon spends the night among the background stars of Virgo the Maiden, some 5° north of that constellation’s brightest star, Spica.

Venus reaches perihelion- its closest point to the Sun at 1pm.

Saturn lies nearly due south as darkness falls this week. It is easily the brightest planet in its host constellation, Ophiuchus the Serpent-bearer.


472 – After being besieged in Rome by his own generals, Western Roman Emperor Anthemius is captured in St. Peter’s Basilica & put to death

1405 – Ming admiral Zheng He sets sail to explore the world for the first time

1742 – A papal decree was issued condemning the disciplining actions of the Jesuits in China

1750 – Halifax, Nova Scotia is almost completely destroyed by fire

1767 – Birthday of John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States

1786 – Morocco agreed to stop attacking American ships in the Mediterranean for a payment of $10,000

1801 – French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons makes his first comet discovery. In the next 27 years he discovers another 36 comets, more than any other person in history

American politician Aaron Burr (1756 - 1836) fatally wounds Alexander Hamilton (1757 - 1804) with a shot from his pistol during a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey, July 11, 1804. Former Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton and Burr, who served as Vice President under Thomas Jefferson, were personal and political rivals for several decades, from Burr's 1791 defeat of Hamilton's uncle for a seat in the US Senate to Hamilton's 1804 public slandering of Burr's character at a political dinner. When Hamilton refused to recant his injurious statements, Burr challenged him to the fatal duel. (Photo by Kean Collection/Getty Images)

1804 – A duel occurs in which the Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr mortally wounds former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton

1895 – Brothers Auguste & Louis Lumière demonstrate movie film technology to scientists

1921 – Former President of the United States William Howard Taft is sworn in as 10th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the only person ever to hold both offices

1937 – Deathday of George Gershwin

1947 – The Exodus 1947 was a ship that carried Jewish holocaust survivors from France to Palestine. The British Royal Navy seized the ship & deported all its passengers back to Europe

1962 – First transatlantic satellite television transmission

1962 – Project Apollo: NASA announces lunar orbit rendezvous as the means to land astronauts on the Moon, & return them to Earth

1973 – Varig Flight 820 crashes near Paris, killing 123 of the 134 on board. In response, the FAA bans smoking on flights

1977 – Martin Luther King, Jr. is posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

1979 – America’s first space station, Skylab, is destroyed as it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean

1995 – The Srebrenica genocide – killing more than 8,000 Muslim Bosniaks during the Bosnian War

pluto moons

2012 – Astronomers announce the discovery of Styx, the fifth moon of Pluto

“…Pluto is a controversial planet as it is a newcomer, an outsider to the classic solar system.  Willi Sucher describes the outer planets in this way: They are something like bystanders and try to speak to human beings about the invisible worlds, of the spiritual worlds of the divine hierarchies, of all that which is of an absolutely nonmaterial, even non-spatial, nature. If these messages are not received by human beings consciously, they can easily wreak “destruction” and thereby bring home the messages of the temporary nature of all Earth-material existence. Thus they would hope to bring humanity to a realization of the spiritual origin of all beings. (The Changing Countenance of Cosmology p.48)

Elsewhere he discusses Pluto as connected to the deepest realm of will forces, those forces with elemental power behind earthquakes, violent revolutions in humanity and even nuclear destruction.

This sphere he also relates to the third adversary spoken of by Steiner, the Asuras, fallen Spirits of Personality/Archai, who are now becoming active in humanity. Steiner states, “For these Asuric Spirits will prompt what has been seized hold of by them, namely the very core of man’s being, the consciousness soul together with the ‘I’, to unite with earthly materiality. Fragment after fragment will be torn out of the ‘I’, … What thus becomes the prey of the Asuric powers will be irretrievably lost”.

Elsewhere Steiner describes how their ability to work on the materialization and destruction of the human I, is due to the long term consequences of materialism in humanity and our failure to recognize our true spiritual nature.

However Pluto is also connected with the highest spiritual transformation of the will, which can be realized in the distant future as Spirit Man;  the transmutation of matter as Christ transmuted matter in the resurrection. Christ-will, working in the human being, will lead to the higher realization of Pluto in humanity.

In these times, this process begins with bringing into the will the force of Christ, permeating it with moral deeds done out of love and service to others…” ~Jonathan Hilton


Today I am…

A goatherd

In lions clothing

Polishing the Foundation Stone…



star card!

So yesterday’s Biography work was a bit esoteric with all that business from our dear Dr. Steiner on the workings of the Hierarchies etc…I think what he is saying in the quote from Karmic Relationships, can best be expressed by an example.

One of my 1st memories as a child, was when I was about 3 years old. My family used to go on little vacations in Wisconsin to a place called Druse Lake with other beloved family friends to cool off in the Summer. We’d stay in one big cabin. The children would splash around in the calm sweet water all day trying not to get too sunburned, & at night the adults would play cards while the children slept in a puppy pile in the next room. That year, it was right before my 4th birthday, I remember falling asleep listening to the laughter of the parents, the smell of cigarettes & clinking glasses during their card game. Suddenly I was awakened by a bright beam of moonlight shining in thru the sliding glass doors, straight into my sleeping eyes. I felt sure that Bella Luna was calling me. I got up giggling & followed the trail of the full Moon out the door onto the beach.  With my arms stretched out in front of me I walked in the sand toward the silvery path illuminating a wide patch on the water. One of the ‘uncles’ saw me out there, just as I was about to step into the water, he flew out the door with his fat cigar on the side of his mouth & swooped me up in his arms. He playfully tossed me up in the air asking ‘Where do you think you’re going little miss’? ‘To the man in the moon’ I said. Boy did he get a kick out of that! He carried me back into the room where the adults were & made me repeat what I had said while they all tittered & patted my hands & head. I was plopped on my mother’s lap who said, “Are you the rabbit that lives on the moon’. I was confused & said ‘No. I was just listening.’ That got them laughing all the more. I was passed around the room, hugged by everyone & laid back in the room with the other sleeping children.

So when doing ‘biography work’ we can take a memory, such as this,  calling it to mind vividly, sensing every detail, (the smells of the suntan lotion, the alcohol on my uncles breath, the cigars, the feel of my slightly sunburned skin, the sand in my pants, the faces of my ‘cousins’…etc…) bringing it all back with enthusiasm.

And then we must let the picture, the sensations, every sense bound image, GO – erase it – Let everything drop away.

Then just sit with the feeling.

Then let that go.

After a lot of practice of simply living into that opened space, there comes the possibility to encounter the spiritual beings that were behind the biographical event. We move from ‘imagination’, where we see inner images, to ‘inspiration’, where we begin to sense the forces of spiritual beings behind the images, communicating our true origins, including our personal karma & destiny. (when we learn to ‘read the cosmic script’)

This can bring us to ‘intuition’ revealing the Beings themselves.

Go ahead try it for yourself. Take a memory, from any phase of life, make it vivid. Then take it away…& see what comes up…?


Until soon

Blessings and Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg

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