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Point / Counter-point


Wellspring: Thinking, Feeling, Willing. The Study of Man: lecture 5 of 14

Dear Friends – I am waking up with many thoughts from our First Class Lesson last night which have ripened thru night school. And as I grow older, more & more I see that how we use our soul forces has consequences – in our actions – in relation to others – to nature, to ourselves, & in the course of how human evolution will unfold…And I ask myself:

Is there a way that human beings can see & be, in & with the world, so that we can take hold of the process of becoming in such a way that it constantly develops anew, thru this seeing & being – A seeing that becomes a cognition of the heart; a way of being that develops a moral life? To be moral is to be in right relationship.

R. Steiner

How can we be a living moral expression of spiritual reality – Manifesting the essence behind the workings of this world? This kind of reality which we can seek to unveil for each other – which we can envision in every human being – is needed for us to become active co-creators – unfolding a reality of transformation – a humanizing – in all its relation ships.

Rudolf Steiner advanced a quest for knowledge that sought & recognized the power of our personal development in the meeting with the world, & thru the meeting with others. The act of knowing, becomes participation in these often challenging relationships, creating a wise perspective that is open to tolerance, developing interest, which can manifest Love – which, together with Freedom, is the goal of our humanness.

Understanding ‘the other’ as a free human being, poses the difficult trial of understanding them thru their own concepts. According to Steiner in his Philosophy of Spiritual Activity …”We must take over into our own spirit those concepts by which the other determines themselves.” 

It is mutuality that enables knowing, which leads to empathy & understanding.  A shared space arises in the relationship which not only has a center, but which is formed from the relationship of both ‘focal points’, an ability to see the point & the counter-point.

We can extend that center to include what Spiritual Science calls the 12 worldviews, with an emphasis on mutually enhancing polarities. If we learn to understand the 12 senses as put forth by Steiner, perhaps that can help us see the value of this idea of striving to see all perspectives out-pictured in these 12 archetypes.

Thru a sort of alchemical transfiguration, the distinct capacities of thinking, feeling, & willing – each emphasized by their respective worldviews – have the potential to be etherized into a new Earth-Sun, the center of a new zodiac – where the opposition between spirit & matter is overcome, so that human consciousness can be raised & transubstantiated by the power of the Christ in me – Christ in us.

See you in the Center


translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
The Spirit’s Gift

I feel, as if enchanted in the glory of the world,
the weaving of the spirit in appearance;
it’s veiled my own life
in drowsiness of sense
to give to me the strength
that in my narrow compass I
am powerless to give myself.

The Sun enters midway between Castor and Pollux in Gemini this week.
“In Greek myth, Pollux, the immortal and Castor, the mortal twin, symbolized higher and lower rank. But with Christ, as seen in the ‘washing of the feet’, the spiritual and the physical, the higher and lower, come together in brotherhood. As the twins have also represented Lucifer and Ahriman, the mid-July Sun between them carries a further spiritual gift —the Christ Sun putting Himself between Lucifer and Ahriman giving our “I” the power to be in balance—the power to know ourselves as an “I” between Lucifer and Ahriman…”
Eloise Krivosheia in Calendar-of-the-Soul-Verse-15.pdf (

this week’s mirror verse

The Spirit Child

I feel the spirit child set free
from spell in womb of soul;
in heart’s bright radiance
from seed of holy Cosmic Word
the heaven’s fruit of hope
is growing into farthest worlds
rejoicing from my being’s ground of God.

11 July 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Bright Venus and tiny Mars come to conjunction low in the western twilight, as the crescent Moon stands watch. On the other side of the sky, Saturn and Jupiter rise after dark. And before moonlight comes back, delve the deep sky in Scorpius and Sagittarius. ~

Venus and Mars warned by Mercury Painting by Bartholomeus Spranger

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age, Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia)

The feast day of Nertha, ancient Germanic Goddess of the Earth

1767 – Birthday of John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States. He began his diplomatic career as the U.S. minister to the Netherlands in 1794, and served as minister to Prussia during the presidential administration of his father, the formidable patriot John Adams. After serving in the Massachusetts State Senate and the U.S. Senate, the younger Adams rejoined diplomatic service under President James Madison, helping to negotiate the Treaty of Ghent (1814), which ended the War of 1812. As secretary of state under James Monroe, Adams played a key role in determining the president’s foreign policy, including the famous Monroe Doctrine. John Quincy Adams went on to win the presidency in a highly contentious election in 1824, and served only one term. Outspoken in his opposition to slavery and in support of freedom of speech, Adams was elected to the House of Representatives in 1830; he would serve until his death in 1848.

1864 – Birthday of Peter Deunov, Bulgarian spiritual master and teacher of esoteric Christianity in the early 20th century, is also known for his inspired musical compositions and as the inventor of the Paneurhythmy, a sacred dance of the Universal White Brotherhood. Beinsa Duono is his Bulgarian spiritual name.

CBC News

2012 – Astronomers announce the discovery of Styx, the fifth moon of Pluto

“…Pluto is a controversial planet as it is a newcomer, an outsider to the classic solar system.  Willi Sucher describes the outer planets in this way: They are something like bystanders and try to speak to human beings about the invisible worlds, of the spiritual worlds of the divine hierarchies, of all that which is of an absolutely nonmaterial, even non-spatial, nature. If these messages are not received by human beings consciously, they can easily wreak “destruction” and thereby bring home the messages of the temporary nature of all Earth-material existence. Thus they would hope to bring humanity to a realization of the spiritual origin of all beings. (The Changing Countenance of Cosmology p.48) 

Elsewhere he discusses Pluto as connected to the deepest realm of will forces, those forces with elemental power behind earthquakes, violent revolutions in humanity and even nuclear destruction.

This sphere he also relates to the third adversary spoken of by Steiner, the Asuras, fallen Spirits of Personality/Archai, who are now becoming active in humanity. Steiner states, For these Asuric Spirits will prompt what has been seized hold of by them, namely the very core of man’s being, the consciousness soul together with the ‘I’, to unite with earthly materiality. Fragment after fragment will be torn out of the ‘I’, … What thus becomes the prey of the Asuric powers will be irretrievably lost. 

Elsewhere Steiner describes how their ability to work on the materialization and destruction of the human I, is due to the long term consequences of materialism in humanity and our failure to recognize our true spiritual nature.

However Pluto is also connected with the highest spiritual transformation of the will, which can be realized in the distant future as Spirit Man;  the transmutation of matter as Christ transmuted matter in the resurrection. Christ-will, working in the human being, will lead to the higher realization of Pluto in humanity. 

In these times, this process begins with bringing into the will the force of Christ, permeating it with moral deeds done out of love and service to others…” ~Jonathan Hilton

Ruksana Sasoon

POD (Poem Of Day)

~While the stargazers are ripening I stand in my pasture –
From a distance I can hear Death
Fingering Her lyre amidst the lilies –
1 note dividing harmony
Clothed in the skin of a Queen Bee
I hurry toward the heat source bearing the light within…


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Greetings friends – Yes, it’s true, I often become a pricky pear around the time of my natal return. So I am striving to move thru this time as consciously as possible, opening to insight & grace.  I picked up ‘The Human Life’ by George & Gisela O’Neil to remind myself of some basics on The Phases of Human Life.

Our lives unfold in 3 main phases of development (bear in mind that the ages can vary for each individual, but the phases remain, so don’t get stuck on the numbers):

  • Body: maturing until age 21
  • Soul: emotional/psychological stability building up until around age 42
  • Spirit: potential spiritual maturity after age 42

These 3 groups can be divided into 7 year growth phases – (the ending or transition of each can be especially intense & challenging):

Bodily Development – 0-21yrs – The ultimate goal is to Awaken to Ego or ‘I’ awareness

  • 0-7yrs – Unfolding the physical body. Learning: TRUST ‘The world is good’
  • 7-14yrs – Unfolding the etheric body. Learning: FELLOWSHIP ‘The world is beautiful’
  • 14-21yrs – Unfolding the astral body. Learning: INDEPENDENCE ‘The world is true’

Soul Development – 21-42yrs – Awakening the Eyes of the Soul – The Transformative Years (the fight years)

  • 21-28yrs – Birth of the ‘I’ within the sentient soul. Learning: Experience becomes the primary urge
  • 28-35yrs – Birth of the ‘I’ within the intellectual soul, also called the rational/feeling soul. Learning: Confronted by the realities of the world here we are struggling with ideals & necessities (31-33 are called ‘The Christ Years’ when we really ‘carry our own cross’ & take ourselves on)
  • 35-42yrs – Birth of the ‘I’ within the consciousness soul. Learning: How to activate the will; sensing our own identity; ‘nothing happens anymore unless I make it happen.’

Spiritual Development – 42-63yrs – Awakening Our Spiritual Eyes – Gaining Wisdom (Notice I use the word potential here, as I believe not every human being strives for these)

  • 42-49yrs – Potential awakening of spiritual-self. Learning: New possibilities & potentials appear – Personal Authority – Striving -finding our direction ‘The world turns upside down’
  • 49-56yrs – Potential life-spirit unfolding. Learning: Change of life; promoting new causes; gaining strength to bring ideas into life. Expertise – ‘The world becomes harmonious
  • 56-63yrs – Potential spirit-man unfolding. Learning: That we must awaken to love & commitment to others; working as a healing force in communities. Role Modeling – ‘The world is filled with Wisdom
  • 63-until death – ‘Years of Grace’. Freedom to Be- to serve humanity – sharing the fruits of our life’s work – ‘The world is creative, AND this is not all there is’ 

Of course the earlier phases continue to work into the later phases, building on them, filling them out with experience & the wisdom gained.

Along with the O’Neil’s amazing work, I have dipped into Bernard Lievegoed’s book ‘Phases: The Spiritual Rhythms of Adult Life’ & a compilation of lectures on Biography from Rudolf Steiner put out by Steiner Press as ‘Biography: Freedom & Destiny, Enlightening the Path of Human Life.

It’s interesting to look at the connection between illness & biography. And also to see how not just human beings, but all the phases of human evolution seen throughout the epochs are reflected in the birth, maturation & death of civilizations & nations.

I am struck by the fact, that some human beings don’t have the inner strength to develop their true potential. They never really leave adolescence, so they aren’t able to truly bring in their ego or ‘I’ forces. Perhaps this is what we are seeing reflected in society today in the form of impulsiveness & a propensity toward violence.

I leave you with ‘The 3rd Tablet’ by Rudolf Steiner:
I entered this sense-world
The heritage of thinking I bore with me
The power of a god has lead me here

(Ex deo nascimur – Out of the Godhead we are born)

And death stands at this journey’s end
I will to feel the Being of Christ
In matters dying He awakens Spirit Birth

(In Christo morimur – In Christ death becomes life)

In Spirit thus I find the World
And know myself amidst the Worlds evolving.

(Per spiritum sanctum reviviscimus – In the spirit’s cosmic thoughts the soul awakens)”

Blessings & Peace ~hag

10 July 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: You can see Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer on these July nights. Its stars are faint, and you’ll need a dark sky. Look for Ophiuchus in the south at nightfall. The bright red star Antares in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion can help you find it. Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer is depicted as holding Serpens the Serpent, which is considered a separate constellation. According to ancient Greek star lore, Ophiuchus is Asclepius, the physician who concocted a healing potion from the Serpent’s venom, mixing it with the Gorgon’s blood and an unknown herb. This potion gave humans access to immortality, until the god of the underworld appealed to Zeus to reconsider the ramifications of the death of death.

Even today, the Staff of Asclepius – the symbol of the World Heath Organization – pays tribute to the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer…hmmm…

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age, Wikipedia)

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856. The 10th of July is celebrated as  #TeslaDay - a great day for students to learn about … | Science curriculum,  Tesla, Science

Nikola Tesla Day

138 – Deathday of Emperor Hadrian, Roman emperor from 117 to 138. Hadrian is known for building Hadrian’s Wall, which marked the northern limit of Britannia. He also rebuilt the Pantheon & constructed the Temple of Venus & Roma. An admirer of the Greeks, he is considered by some to have been a humanist, & he is regarded as one of the Five Good Emperors.

165 – Deathday of Felicitas of Rome is a saint numbered among the Christian martyrs. A legend presents her as the mother of the seven martyrs: Alexander, Vitalis, Martialis, Januarius, Felix, Philip, Sylvanus. In Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul we see listed for today the Fairy Tale The Seven Ravens (Sieben Bruder) by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

1212 –London burns to the ground

1509 – Birthday of John Calvin, an influential French theologian & pastor during the Protestant Reformation

1778 – American Revolution: Louis XVI of France declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain

1832 – U.S. President Andrew Jackson vetoes a bill that would re-charter the Second Bank of the United States

Nikola Tesla quote: The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,  it will...

1856 – Birthday of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, & futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system

1871 – Birthday of Marcel Proust, French novelist, critic, & essayist

1921 –‘Bloody Sunday’: 160 people are killed & 161 houses destroyed during rioting & gun battles in Belfast, Northern Ireland

1925 – Scopes Trial: the so-called “Monkey Trial” – a young high school science teacher accused of teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act.

1938 – Howard Hughes sets a new record by completing a 91-hour airplane flight around the world

1962 – Telstar, the world’s first communications satellite, is launched into orbit.

1966 – The Chicago Freedom Movement, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., holds a rally at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. As many as 60,000 people come to hear Dr. King as well as Mahalia Jackson, Stevie Wonder, & Peter, Paul and Mary.

1991 – Boris Yeltsin takes office as the first elected President of Russia.

Briton Riviere

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~i am
the sun roaring
beside 2 lions
named yesterday & tomorrow…
my feet are dusty
my lungs are full
for i am
the hostess of eternity
hot on the trail of Now…


Childhood Memory Painting by Svetoslav Stoyanov
Svetoslav Stoyanov

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Greetings friends – In working with the 8-fold Path as given by Rudolf Steiner in the daily exercises, Friday asks us to contemplate `RIGHT MEMORY‘, in the endeavor to learn as much as possible from life – An opportunity to right a wrong that we have made in the past, a chance to remember what we have learned from experience. It can also help us in the present moment to be tolerant & learn from others.

As I approach my natal return this facility presses & I call up pieces of my biography.

One of my 1st memories as a child was when I was about 3 years old. My family used to go on little vacations in Wisconsin to a place called Druse Lake with other beloved family friends to cool off in the Summer. We’d stay in one big cabin. The children would splash around in the calm sweet water all day trying not to get too sunburned, & at night the adults would play cards while the children slept in a puppy pile in the next room. That year, it was right before my 4th birthday, I remember falling asleep listening to the laughter of the parents playing cards, the smell of cigarettes & clinking glasses. Suddenly I was awakened by a bright beam of moonlight shining in thru the sliding glass doors, straight into my sleeping eyes. I felt sure that Bella Luna was calling me. I got up giggling & followed the trail of the full moon out the door onto the beach.  With my arms stretched out in front of me I walked in the sand toward the slivery trail illuminating a wide path on the water.

One of the ‘uncles’ saw me out there, just as I was about to step into the water, he flew out the door with is fat cigar on the side of his mouth & swooped me up in his arms. He playfully tossed me up in the air asking ‘Where do you think you’re going little miss’? ‘To the man in the moon’ I said. Boy did he get a kick out of that! He carried me back into the room where the adults were & made me repeat what I had said while they all tittered & patted my hands & head. I was placed on my mother’s lap who said, “Are you the rabbit that lives on the moon’. I was confused & said ‘No. I was just listening.’ That got them laughing all the more. I was passed around the room, hugged by everyone & laid back in the room with the other sleeping children.

So when doing ‘biography work’ we can take a memory, such as this,  calling it to mind vividly, sensing every detail, (the smells of the suntan lotion, the alcohol on my uncles breath, the cigars, the feel of my slightly sunburned skin, the sand in my pants, the faces of my ‘cousins’…etc…) bringing it all back with enthusiasm.

And then we must let the picture, the sensations, every sense bound image, go. Let everything drop away.

Then just sit with the feeling.

Then let that go.

After a lot of practice of simply living into that opened space, there comes the possibility to encounter the spiritual beings that are behind the biographical event. We move from ‘imagination’, where we see inner images, to ‘inspiration’, where we begin to sense the forces of spiritual beings behind the images, communicating our true origins, including our personal karma & destiny.

This can bring us to ‘intuition’ revealing the Beings themselves.

Go ahead try it for yourself. Take a memory, make it vivid. Then take it away…& see what comes up…?

Happy Friday


Laurence Liebenguth

9 July 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: New Moon – exact at 8:17 p.m. CDT.

Mural painting from Pompeii: Painting “Mars and Venus” – ars mundi

Venus (occult Mercuery) continues to shine low in the northwest during twilight. Mars, to her upper left. They set before twilight’s end. Watch the two planets close in and reach their conjunction about ½° apart on July 12th and 13th.

When twilight ends, you’ll find the two brightest stars of summer, Vega and Arcturus, about equally near the zenith: Vega toward the east, Arcturus toward the southwest. About a third of the way from Arcturus to Vega is the faint semicircle of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, with its modestly bright crown jewel, Alphecca or Gemma, on its front. Nearly two thirds of the way from Arcturus to Vega is the Keystone of Hercules.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age, Wikipedia)

1677 – Deathday of Angelus Silesius a German Catholic priest and physician, known as a mystic and religious poet. While studying in the Netherlands, he began to read the works of medieval mystics and became acquainted with the works of the German mystic Jacob Böhme. Silesius’s mystical beliefs caused tension between him and Lutheran authorities and led to his eventual conversion to Catholicism. He took holy orders under the Franciscans and was ordained a priest in 1661.

1807 – The Treaties of Tilsit are signed, on a raft in the middle of the Neman River, by Napoleon I of France & Alexander I of Russia.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

1815 – Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord becomes the first Prime Minister of France. The name “Talleyrand” has become a byword for crafty, cynical diplomacy; some believe that he was a traitor, betraying in turn the Ancien Régime, the French Revolution, Napoleon, & the Restoration.

1848 – Deathday of Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege, He is considered the father of analytic philosophy, where he concentrated on the philosophy of language & mathematics; responsible for the development of modern logic. Though largely ignored during his lifetime, Giuseppe Peano & Bertrand Russell introduced his work to later generations of logicians & philosophers

1850 – U.S. President Zachary Taylor dies after eating raw fruit & iced milk, to be succeeded by Millard Fillmore

1868 – The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, guaranteeing African Americans full citizenship

1877 – Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, Thomas Sanders & Thomas Watson form the Bell Telephone Company

1896 – William Jennings Bryan delivers his Cross of Gold speech at the 1896 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. In the address, Bryan supported bimetallism or “free silver”, which he believed would bring the nation prosperity. He decried the gold standard, concluding the speech, “you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold”. Bryan’s address helped catapult him to the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination; it is considered one of the greatest political speeches in American history.

For twenty years, Americans had been bitterly divided over the nation’s monetary standard. The gold standard, which the United States had effectively been on since 1873, limited the money supply but eased trade with other nations, such as the UK, whose currency was also based on gold. Many Americans, however, believed that bimetallism (making both gold & silver legal tender) was necessary for the nation’s economic health. The financial Panic of 1893 intensified the debates, & when Democratic President Grover Cleveland continued to support the gold standard against the will of much of his party, activists became determined to take over the Democratic Party organization & nominate a silver-supporting candidate in 1896.

Bryan had been a dark horse candidate with little support in the convention. His speech, delivered at the close of the debate on the party platform, electrified the convention & is generally credited with getting him the nomination for president. However, he lost the general election to William McKinley & the United States formally adopted the gold standard in 1900

1903 – Future Soviet leader Joseph Stalin is exiled to Siberia for three years

1904 – First ‘Esoteric Class Lesson’ by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin

1937 – The silent film archives of Fox Film Corporation are destroyed by the 1937 Fox vault fire.

1943 – The Allied invasion of Sicily soon causes the downfall of Mussolini & forces Hitler to break off the Battle of Kursk

1962 – Starfish Prime tests the effects of a nuclear test at orbital altitudes, it produces an artificial radiation belt in space

Monday 12 July 2021 from 7 – 10 pm  
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Bon-Fire & Pot-Luck Social Gathering
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 “And so we picture, from below upwards, in bluish, blackish shades the force of gravity, to which an upward impulse is given by the gnomes; and flitting all around the plant…[is] the undine power that blends and disperses substances as the plant grows upwards. From above downwards, from the sylphs, light is made to leave its imprint in the plant and molds and creates the form which descends as an ideal form and is taken up by the material womb of the earth; moreover fire spirits flit around the plant and concentrate cosmic warmth in tiny seed points. This is sent down to the gnomes together with the seed power, so that down there they can cause the plants to arise out of fire and life.” ~Rudolf Steiner, HARMONY OF THE CREATIVE WORD

Conjunction (appulse) between Venus (occult Mercury) & Mars on 12 July 2021

Hearts Learn

Zosia Nowak

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In writing the pageant & preparing for Building the Temple of the Heart’ – our 2021 ASA annual conference & members meeting co-hosted by the Central Regional Council, I came across again this meditation which Rudolf Steiner gave to Ita Wegman on his 63rd birthday, which I used a lot when the CRC was working with the theme of karma:

Hearts interpret Karma
When hearts learn to read
The Word,
Which creates in
Human Life;
When hearts learn to
Speak the Word
Which creates in
The Human Being

It reminds me that when Heart-Thinking has truly been activated, spirit knowledge is gathered thru the rhythmic center, not the nerve sense system of the head, which disregards the subjective as well as the feeling life where the Word resounds.

Starting now, & in the future, in union with the Wisdom of Anthroposophia, human hearts become more & more consciously connected to the same Divine spiritual forces that helped create humanity in the beginnings of time. This prepares US to become creators – builders of a new reality.

It has become possible for souls connected to Sophia/Michael to be engaged in a willed schooling of initiation – opening the portal to enter into closer communion with the etheric Christ. It is our evolutionary aim that our Anthroposophical training will lead to heart-knowledge, & that the etheric-eye-of-the-heart will become an organ of cognition.

This is made clear from the Michael-Letters:

“Hearts begin to have thoughts; that is the new way of thinking with the heart.”

“The newly developed heart-organ slowly transforms into an eye, or better, a sensing-heart-eye-organ.”

“Everyone who strives in the light of spiritual science and connects themselves with the creative World-Logos through heartfelt thoughts, sooner or later will learn to read Karma. By doing so we add to the substance of the etheric-youth or angel-being through which the etheric Christ reveals Himself today.”

 “The Christ-force imprints human imaginations into the cosmic ether.”

 “That which the human being experiences as strength of conscious imagination becomes world content.”

For those that strive to be spiritually active pupils in the Michaelic stream, the heart becomes, not only an eye for self-cognition, allowing us to truly ‘Know Thyself– in the realization of the Higher Self as an eternal being; it also becomes the eye-of-the-Ego-sense, the True ‘I’ – which perceives the ‘other’ in their true being – & an eye of cognition for supersensible beings, & for the etheric Christ.

Protected, cherished & supported in the True Michaelic Mystery-Culture of Will, we join in community with other light workers to ‘Build the Temple of the Heart’ –making it possible to perceive our chain of karma.

From doing the 10:10 Thought-Seed Meditation, I feel more & more that as our heart-sense becomes a cognitive organ; it is as if our heart is being transplanted into the Sun. I feel the Sun is within me, & that we are shining out with it. The Sun becomes an eye, an ear, as well as our organ of warmth. “We stand within the light, we touch spirit-beings with our light-organs.” Then we not only feel part of the Sun, we perceive ourselves “on the other side of the Sun”. * This then allows us to experience the whole universe within our being. And we become the center point for the joining of the Earth with the Sun.

Dear friends, there is a powerful esoteric call for us to support the creation of a New Sun-Earth. This is how the secret of the Grail can be revealed – as Christian Morgenstern says:  “I lift my heart to you as a true vessel of the Grail …”* It is an experience of being totally imbued with the Spirit of eternity which fills the receiving soul of the Grail at the Sun-altar. Here Spirit, & the Soul Forces of Thinking, Feeling & Willing, unite. This is the Sophianic / Michaelic reality that we can build – a Temple in the New Jerusalem of the Heart.

See you there

Until soon

Blessings and Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg

*GA 212

The position of Mercury and the Moon on July 8, 2021

8 July 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Eve of the New Moon. Bella Luna passes north of Mercury at midnight. Both are level with each other above the horizon as they rise in Taurus, an hour before sunrise.

When we look up into the starry heavens, the feeling of our soul’s home awakens in us. The feeling awakens: Before you came down to earth to a new incarnation you yourself were in those stars, and out of the stars, the moral law was imparted to you”. ~Rudolf Steiner

Lilly Zimm

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age, Wikipedia)

Feast day of Aquila & Priscilla, Companions of the Apostle Paul. When Paul came to Corinth (probably in the year 50), he met them as tentmakers who had just arrived from Rome, because the Emperor Claudius had recently expelled the Jewish community. They all went together to Ephesus. Aquila & Priscilla are mentioned six times in the New Testament (Acts 18:2,18,26; Romans 16:3; 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19), & the reader will note that in the odd-numbered mentions, Aquila’s name comes first, while in the even-numbered mentions, Priscilla’s comes first, as if to emphasize that they are being mentioned on equal terms.

Feast day of Saint Kilian an Irish missionary bishop & the Apostle of Bavaria. He was beheaded with 2 of his companions. Their skulls, inlaid with precious stones, have been preserved to this day. On St Kilian’s day, a glass case containing the three skulls is removed from a crypt, paraded through the streets before large crowds, & put on display in Würzburg Cathedral (dedicated to Kilian).

1099 – Some 15,000 starving Christian soldiers begin the siege of Jerusalem which took place from June 7 to July 15, 1099 during the First Crusade

1579 – Our Lady of Kazan, a holy icon of the Russian Orthodox Church, is discovered underground in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan

1625 – Birthday of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, an Italian mathematician, astronomer, astrologer & engineer. Cassini discovered four satellites of the planet Saturn & noted the division of the rings of Saturn; the Cassini Division was named after him.

1730 – A magnitude 8.7 earthquake causes a tsunami that damages more than 1,000 of Chile’s coastline, death toll unknown

1822 – Deathday of Percy Bysshe Shelley, one of the major English Romantic poets, one of the most influential. A radical in his poetry as well as in his political & social views, Shelley did not see fame during his lifetime, but recognition for his poetry grew steadily following his death. Shelley was a key member of a close circle of visionary poets & writers that included Lord Byron, Leigh Hunt, Thomas Love Peacock, & his own second wife, Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, including his father-in-law, the philosopher William Godwin.

Shelley’s theories of economics & morality, for example, had a profound influence on Karl Marx; his early—perhaps first—writings on nonviolent resistance influenced both Leo Tolstoy & Mahatma Gandhi. Henry David Thoreau‘s Civil Disobedience was apparently influenced by Shelley’s writings and theories on non-violence in protest and political action.

Shelley became a lodestone to the subsequent three or four generations of poets, including important Victorian & Pre-Raphaelite poets such as Robert Browning and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He was admired by Oscar Wilde, Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, Bertrand Russell, W. B. Yeats, Upton Sinclair & Isadora Duncan. Shelley’s popularity and influence has continued to grow in contemporary poetry circles.

St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian: A Romance is a Gothic horror novella written by Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1810 was published anonymously as “by a Gentleman of the University of Oxford” while the Shelley was an undergraduate. The main character is Wolfstein, a solitary wanderer, who encounters Ginotti, an alchemist of the Rosicrucian or Rose Cross Order who seeks to impart the secret of immortality.

1831 – Birthday of John Pemberton, chemist & pharmacist, invented Coca-Cola

1838 – Birthday of Eli Lilly, chemist, & businessman, founded Eli Lilly a global pharmaceutical company

1838 – Birthday of Ferdinand von Zeppelin German general & businessman, founded the Zeppelin Airship Company

1839 – Birthday of John D. Rockefeller, founded the Standard Oil Company

1876 – White supremacists kill five Black Republicans in Hamburg, South Carolina

1908 – Birthday of Nelson Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States

1926 – Birthday of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross a Swiss-American psychiatrist, pioneer in near-death studies & the author of the groundbreaking book ‘On Death & Dying’ where she first discussed her theory of the five stages of grief

Today, 89 years ago, on 8 July 1932, Biodynamic champion Hugh Courtney, was born in the Heartland of Chicago, my hometown. He now spiritualizes the Earth from across the Threshold. (15 June 2020)

The 6th Trumpet

Ok folks buckle your seats belts. I posted this Steiner quote years ago, but now in light of current events it seems we are meant to revisit this stark reality with open eyes & hearts.

From: GA 346 The Apocalypse, by Rudolf Steiner, 18 Lectures, September 5-22, 1924 Lecture (lucky) 13, given in Dornach to the Priests, on September 17, 1924

“…The trumpet sounds go back to about the age of the Crusades. You will be able to connect the stages which are described in the Apocalypse’ with outer events. For instance, when Copernicanism takes hold and when materialism sets in, one third of the human beings are killed, that is, they stop developing their full spirituality. And the plague of locusts which is described in the Apocalypse is really very shocking. Here one comes to something which one does not like to talk about, although of course it belongs to the things that priests must deal with. This plague of locusts is with us in a very prominent way from a purely consciousness standpoint. Of course such things should not be discussed when we speak in a theoretical way or when we speak to humanity in general, where cures for sick conditions can always occur. But if it is a question of priestly activities, then of course one must know with whom one is dealing, just as one has to know this for normal humanity.

Now first of all this is not quite correct, because the statistics are based on errors; people usually look at one part of the earth and they do not realize that the other parts of the earth were more densely populated in previous times than they are today. It is not quite correct; however, on the whole it is correct in the sense that there is a kind of a surplus of human beings who are already appearing in our time who have no egos, who are not really human. This is a terrible truth. They walk around and are not incarnations of an ego; they enter into the physical line of heredity and receive an etheric body and an astral body. In a certain way, they are equipped with an Ahrimanic consciousness, and they look human if one does not look too closely, but they are not human beings in the full sense of the word.

This is a terrible truth, which is present, it is a truth, and when the apocalypticer speaks about the plague of locusts during the trumpets epoch he is referring directly to human beings. Here again one can see how good the apocalypticer’s vision is, for such men in their astral body look exactly the way the apocalypticer describes them – like etheric locusts with human faces. One definitely has to think about such supersensible things in this way, and priests must know about such things. For a priest is a minister. Hence he must also be able to find words for
everything that happens in such a soul. They are not always bad souls; they can just be souls who get to the soul stage but are lacking an ego.

One will certainly realize this when one runs into these human beings. A priest has to know this, for after all there is fellowship among men with regard to such matters. People with normal souls suffer through their association with such persons who really go through the world like human locusts.

It is often very difficult to relate to such people because they feel things deeply, they can feel things very deeply, but one notices that there is no real individuality in them. However, one must of course take care to keep the fact that they have no individualities in them, otherwise insanity will necessarily result. But even though one has to conceal this from them, it is a question of arranging things for such souls – after all they are souls, even though they are not spirits – in such a way that these people can develop in the company of others, that they can make connections with others and go along with them, as it were. These human beings display the nature and essence of human beings fairly closely until their 20th year. The intellectual or mind soul only emerges around age 20, and this makes it possible for the ego to live out its life on earth. Anyone who says that one should not act in a sympathetic way to such ego-less, individuality-less people, since they will not incarnate again and because they have no individuality – is very much mistaken. He would also have to say that one should not behave in a sympathetic way towards children. One must decide what is really inside such men in each individual case. Sometimes such men contain posthumous souls, that is, posthumous with respect to the actual or normal human souls that arose at
a particular time in evolution and which incarnate repeatedly as humans. These are souls which remained behind, or they are souls which returned belatedly from other planets, to which almost all human beings went during a certain age. Such souls may be present in such human bodies. Thus we must consciously educate such people like permanent children.

All of this is really secreted in the Apocalypse. And if one takes these ideas in the Apocalypse that are given as Imaginations, they sometimes cut into one’s heart in a terrible way. It is really horrible the way he talks about all kinds of suffering that will befall mankind on earth. With regard to our age, we can only say that a great deal of this is already here as far as the spiritual aspects go...

A great many people should be aware of this trumpet period, since we are living at the time of the 6th trumpet, and you know what the most important effects and characteristics of this trumpet are. We are told that a third part of the people are killed, as I mentioned. Of course this does not happen all at once. But this killing refers to the absence of an ego in those men who had already been prepared previously through their locust forms…

It will be necessary to understand the Apocalypse in a serious way, to the extent that the one whom I called the etheric Christ will make himself visible within humanity...”

We can ask why does St. John the Divine in writing the Apocalypse – The Book of Revelation – call these beings Locusts? What do locust do? They eat everything in sight, they devastate & consume.

Is the Coronas Crisis which leads millions to take an experimental vaccine an invention of these Egoless beings? Whether or not – We are living in the time of the 6th Trumpet.

And so dear friends, how can we be Priestly in regard to this reality? What is our task as Spiritual Scientists striving to embody Anthroposophia…?

May we stand together with the forces of Michael to embody the Christ…


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age, Wikipedia)

7 July 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Antares and the rest of starry Scorpius are at their highest in the south just after these long July twilights finally fade away. The head of Scorpius is the near-vertical row of three stars upper right of Antares.

World Chocolate Day’ – today marks 466 years since chocolate was introduced to Europe

1207 – Feast Day of Saint Elizabeth a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, Landgravine of Thuringia  – the town of St. Germain of the the Rakoczy family. She was an early member of the Third Order of St. Francis, & is honored as its patroness. Elizabeth is perhaps best known for her miracle of the roses which says that while out taking bread to the poor in secret, she ran into her husband Ludwig on a hunting party, who, in order to quell suspicions of the gentry that she was stealing treasure from the castle, asked her to reveal what was hidden under her cloak. In that moment, her cloak fell open & a vision of white & red roses could be seen, which proved to Ludwig that God’s protecting hand was at work.

Rudolf Steiner speaks about this in ‘Christianity in the Evolution of Mankind – Leading Individualities and Avatar-Beings’ GA 109, Berlin February 15, 1909. “St. Frances of Assisi, was one of those who had a copy of the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth inwoven. Because of this he was able to accomplish just what he did accomplish, and many of his adherents from the Order of Franciscans, had similarly such copies interwoven with their astral bodies.

All that was in Francis of Assisi was wholly sentient soul of Jesus of Nazareth, so to speak. Wholly sentient soul of Jesus of Nazareth was contained in that remarkable personality whom you will follow biographically with the soul when you know the secret of her life: Elizabeth of Thüringen, born in 1207. Here we have a personality who had a copy of the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth woven into the sentient soul. The riddle of the human being is solved for us by means of just such knowledge.

1834 – In New York City, four nights of rioting against abolitionists began.

In the Americas & Western Europe, abolitionism was a movement to end the Atlantic slave trade & set slaves free. In the 17th century, English Quakers and evangelical Protestants condemned slavery as un-Christian. By that time, most slaves were Africans, but thousands of Native Americans remained enslaved.

In the 18th century, as many as six million Africans were taken to the Americas as slaves. At least a third of the newly enslaved Africans were carried on British ships.

1911 – The United States, Great Britain, Japan, & Russia sign the North Pacific Fur Seal Convention banning open-water seal hunting, the first international treaty to address wildlife preservation issues

1928 – Sliced bread is sold for the first time (on the inventor’s 48th birthday) by the Chillicothe Baking Company

1930 – Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser begins construction of Boulder Dam

1930 – Deathday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes

1946 – Mother Francesca S. Cabrini becomes the first American to be canonized.

1947 – The Roswell incident, the (supposed) crash of an alien spaceship near Roswell in New Mexico

1957 – Deathday of Walter Johannes Stein – a major figure in the early anthroposophical movement. A close pupil of Rudolf Steiner’s, he also wrote an important books of original historical research: ‘The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail’,  & ‘The Death of Merlin, Arthurian Myth and Alchemy’. Stein was born & grew up in Vienna, & his mother was an anthroposophist. At age 21 he found Steiner’s book “Occult Science” on his mother’s desk & started reading it. He was immediately fascinated by the contents & wanted to know more about the anthroposophical movement. Towards this goal he attended a conference where he met Rudolf Steiner, & later had a private audience. Stein was occupied with the questions of the nature of consciousness & of epistemology in his university studies, & from Rudolf Steiner he received indications for how to proceed in his research. His studies were interrupted by the First World War, in which he fought for Austria on the eastern front. He experienced the full horrors of the modern battlefield & survived. Shortly after the end of the war he completed his Ph.D. in philosophy & was called to teach history at the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart where he established the high school history curriculum under Rudolf Steiner’s guidance.

Steiner’s death in 1925 was difficult for everyone connected to Anthroposophy, & in 1928 Stein ceased teaching at the Stuttgart Waldorf School due to disagreements with other Anthroposophists about his lecturing activities.

As the Nazi party rose to power in Germany, Stein, who had a Jewish background, moved to London in 1933. He would remain in England until the end of his life in 1951, though he continued to travel widely, lecturing on Anthroposophy.

Among some interesting high points of his life was his collaboration with Belgium’s King Leopold on a plan to avert the Second World War through the implementation of the Threefold Social Order.

Another time, when traveling in Turkey, Stein arranged an audience with Kamel Ataturk where he lectured the founder of modern Turkey on the anthroposophical worldview.

Stein also experienced his past life as a result of his dedication to meditative exercises.

An excerpt from: Buddha and the Mission of INDIA, by Dr. W. J. Stein

In the legend of Buddha it is said that when the Bodhisattva descended to his last birth, he had received from Gods and man all the gifts which predestined him to become a king over the whole world.  But the greatness and deep significance of this Bodhisattva-—who in his twenty-ninth year ascended to the level of Buddha—was that although he possessed the power fitting him for world-rulership, he transformed it.  The more deeply we study the mission of India in the evolution of mankind as a whole, the more clearly do we realize that the task of India is to transform the impulse of war and conquest into a healing love, into the impulse of compassion, love and sacrifice.  The secret of India is that it is part of her mission to awaken men to this ideal.

Rudolf Steiner has described the evolution of man in the post-glacial age by indicating how the first epoch of civilization in India has its rise, and he called our attention to the fact that the seven cities ‘which are in Asia,’ to which the Letters in the Apocalypse are addressed, represent the seven epochs of civilization.  Thus the first letter to the Church at Ephesus must be thought of as referring to the Indian epoch of civilization.  If we apply this conception to Indian history, we can say that in the spiritual sense India is an Ephesus and that the mission of this spiritual Ephesus is to transform the impulse of conquest and of power into that of healing love.

The attitude of soul that is characteristic of Buddhism is ‘christianized’ in a most wonderful way in Francis of Assisi.  Rudolf Steiner indicated this in his lectures entitled Anthroposophical Ethics. In the early part of his life Francis of Assisi was bold and prodigal, full of warlike impulses.  As the outcome of a great and impressive vision he transmuted these qualities of his being and became a healer.  Rudolf Steiner also told us that leprosy—a disease so widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages—is to be traced to the chronic state of fear aroused in the peoples by the Mongolian invasions.  And it was precisely Francis of Assisi who brought forces of healing into these conditions.  We see forces working in him which are the direct opposite of the forces of Mars.  Francis of Assisi bore within him the healing forces of love which we may call the Mercury-forces.

Darrel Wright

1959 – Venus occults the star Regulus. This rare event is used to determine the diameter of Venus & the structure of the Venusian atmosphere

1987 – Public testimony at the Iran-Contra hearing began

Jeff Bezos

1994 –, Inc. was founded in Seattle, Washington under the name “Cadabra.”

Sam Del Russi

~Remember…We Are
gods in the body of god
Setting a light in the darkness
Truth & Love is our destiny
What will we do
Today to make
The world something beautiful?