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Do you See What I see?

Randell Bevtrone

POD (Poem Of the Day)
~Fuddling in the muddy puddle
I grab onto a Rolly-Polly curled up tight
She carries me egg light & silent
In the pregnant pause of possibility
I meditate
With this spiraled-in universe
Waiting to expand in her unfurling…

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves,” said Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

This advice always hits home; begging the question: How can I change a stagnant situation I have perpetuated? What can I do to unlock the door I’ve been banging on for so long that I have forgotten what is on the other side? How can I redirect my attention – to reclaim the energy I have been expending on closed-down thinking & moldering systems of belief? What would it be like to work on the unfinished wisdom & beauty of what is as close as a shadow: MYSELF.

To open that personal, yet universal portal – to consciously cross the Threshold – I find it helps to be awake to the sacred moments just before I fall asleep & right after I wake up.

Those opportune times can become potent rituals in our striving – hallowed moments – when we are poised between the two great dimensions of life.

What would it be like to give special care & attention to these transitions?

Edward Burne-Jones

Life Hack: I find it extremely helpful to avoid watching TV or surfing the Internet as much as possible, before sleep – which profoundly affects what realm of the spiritual world I inhabit & how I dream. Have you ever had dreams where you are scrolling? – hellish.

And I never leap out of bed to the detonation of an alarm clock. Why would we want to be alarmed when we first awaken from the glories of night school?

To become clued-up to receive special revelations, & ringing epiphanies while inhabiting those in-between states, we must enter consciously – with reverence; perhaps asking a question, or saying a prayer or affirmation, or sending someone a blessing.

Every day I work to be both highly alert & deeply relaxed. Today can I be wildly curious & also serenely reflective? Can I cultivate a hunger to crack open life’s secrets while at the same time, living at the pace of peace – accepting my destiny exactly the way it is in this holy moment..?

We can tune into this as we head into the Michaelmas season. The universe is always conspiring to educate & heal us. Thru the seasons we can receive a steady flow of clues about how to get closer to living our highest destiny.

Georg Baselitz

The best way to prepare for a Big Shift is to cultivate states of being that ripen us to be ready for anything:

* First off we have to employ righteous strategies to help us avoid becoming entrenched in the hypnotic lure of painful emotions, past events, & worries about the future…

* How can we foster a trust in “the ever present help of the spiritual world” to snap us out of our time-worn beliefs & bad habits;

* Let’s sure up our talents & turn up our curiosity full blast – tuning in to the raw veracity of every moment with our beginner’s mind leading the way;

* How about deciding to engage an eagerness to dwell gracefully in the midst of all the interesting ‘What If’s’ that tease & teach us – allowing questions to remain open -interpretation & reinvention to go hand in hand…?

Together, in our own individual way, we can Practice Becoming

In this sacred moment we are prime for an enduring, simmering, steady groove, in the Christ zone – which is here, there & seeks thru us to be everywhere…

Working it with you


Blessings & Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

Jeannine Cook

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen & thinking what nobody has thought.” ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian biochemist

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