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It’s Our Turn

Sheila Denkeline

Love is the result of wisdom reborn in the “I”. ~Rudolf Steiner

After working the path of the New Mysteries of Spiritual Science we are called to apply ourselves, & take the responsible steps of inner development from out of our own “I”. There is no guru, no dogma to follow. In the old mysteries one had to wait to be asked; now we must let wisdom give birth to love – which allows us to be guided by the Christic impulse within.  

When we have cultivated with Anthroposophia the fruits of imaginative thinking, inspirational feeling, & intuitive willing, we come to realize that it is our duty to contribute something to the spiritual development of the future. This is the essential core of the New Mysteries.

If we can get passed the anti-social qualities of this consciousness soul age, we realize that the moment has arrived for us to give back to the Spiritual World. Just as the hierarchies bestowed on us their being substance for the evolution of humankind, so must we awaken in our “I” to participate in the work of further evolution – or not – we can be like the backward beings who have chosen to stay behind.

Michael as our Time Spirit is silent. He is awaiting what we will offer; He wills. In the future, worlds have to be built with human will, from our willing sacrifice – a dedication to offering up our higher Self for the Good of All – so that our Earth can become a Cosmos of Love – a development that leads from Wisdom to love thru the “I”.


27 August 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Week by week Jupiter and Saturn come into view ever higher in twilight.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~George Orwell

348 – Ulfilas devised the Gothic alphabet & translated the Bible from Greek into the Gothic language

410 – The sacking of Rome by the Visigoths ends after three days

1730 – Birthday of Johann Georg Hamann, ‘the Magnus of the North –A German philosopher, whose work was used by his student J. G. Herder as a main support of the Sturm und Drang movement. Goethe & Kierkegaard considered him to be the finest mind of his time

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Wikipedia

1770 – Birthday of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegela German philosopher of “absolute idealism” described a “Protestant Aquinas – the originator of the thesis, antithesis, synthesis triad along with Johann Gottlieb FichteHegel has influenced many thinkers & writers- the philosophies of Marx & Nietzsche, phenomenology, German existentialism, & psychoanalysis

1813 – French Emperor Napoleon I defeats a larger force of Austrians, Russians, & Prussians at the Battle of Dresden

1832 – Black Hawk, leader of the Sauk tribe of Native Americans, surrenders to U.S. authorities, ending the Black Hawk War

1859 – Petroleum is discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world’s first commercially successful oil well

1881 – The Georgia hurricane makes landfall near Savannah, Georgia, resulting in an estimated 700 deaths

1883 – Eruption of Krakatoa: Four enormous explosions destroy the island of Krakatoa & cause years of climate change

1893 – The Sea Islands hurricane strikes the United States near Savannah, Georgia, killing an estimated 1,000-2,000 people

1916 – The Kingdom of Romania declares war on Austria-Hungary, entering World War I as one of the Allied nations

1924 – Introduction of the Michael sign by Rudolf Steiner after a breach of the mantras from the 1st Class of the School of Spiritual Science in London

1942 – Sarny Massacre – the execution of 18,000 people mostly Jews, in the Nazi-occupied city of Sarny, then part of Poland, on August 27 – 28, 1942

1962 – The Mariner 2 unmanned space mission is launched to Venus by NASA

1963 – Deathday of W. E. B. Du Bois, American sociologist, historian, & activist

1975 – Deathday of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974, and the key figure of Rastafari, a religious movement in Jamaica. He was a member of the Solomonic dynasty who traced his lineage to Emperor Menelik I, the son of King Solomon and Makeda the Queen of Sheba. Haile Selassie attempted to modernize the country through a series of political and social reforms, including the introduction of Ethiopia’s first written constitution and the abolition of slavery. He led the failed efforts to defend Ethiopia during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War and spent the period of Italian occupation in exile in England. He returned to lead Ethiopia in 1941 after the British Empire defeated the Italian occupiers in the East African campaign. His internationalist views led to Ethiopia becoming a charter member of the United Nations. In 1963, he presided over the formation of the Organisation of African Unity, the precursor of the African Union, and served as its first chairman. He was overthrown in a 1974 military coup by a Marxist-Leninist junta, the Derg. Selassie was murdered by the junta on 27 August 1975. Among some members of the Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie is referred to as the returned messiah of the Bible, God incarnate. This distinction notwithstanding, Haile Selassie was a Christian and adhered to the tenets and liturgy of the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

1991 – Moldova declares independence from the USSR

2003 – Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years

2011 – Hurricane Irene strikes the United States east coast, killing 77 & causing an estimated $15.6 billion in damage

Tanya Gordeeva

The intrigue of beauty in decay…
The columns of the temple in ruin
The lilies shriveled & stinking with rot
The repulsion of the slaughter house
Awakens the study of my Self
In the silence of time
Without space…


Fundraising Page Image


Greetings kindred souls – This year for the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach fund raiser I plan to hold a Dance-A-Thon & Biodynamic Prep-stir on Friday 24 September 2021 at the Rudolf Steiner Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America – Chicago

DJ’s TBA – It’s a potluck community gathering, so please bring food & drink to share – Along with your donation to this amazing program.

We also plan to read some poetry from some of the inmates who are working with Anthroposophy!

If you live out of town you can dance in your neck of the woods in solidarity with us. Please show your generous support…

Xox ~hag, hazel@reverseritual.com

Donate here https://secure.anthroposophy.org/…/anth…/campaign.jsp…

Craig Wiggins

Festival Gathering: Tuesday 28 September on the eve of Michaelmas with Rev’s Jeana Lee & Victoria Capon

Potluck at 5:30
Talk at 7pm

At the Rudolf Steiner Branch, 4249 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Meeting The Dragon With Our Four Fold Being – A talk and collaborative sculptural creation

Bring Food & drink for the potluck & a found objects to help build the dragon!
Then our inspiration can come to life through our collaboration.

Jeana Lee was recently ordained as a priest of the Christian Community Movement for Religious Renewal and sent to the congregation in Chicago.  Previously she taught chemistry and math at Green Meadow Waldorf high school.  She enjoys swimming in the lake and is interested in questions of sin and redemption.

Victoria Capon hails from the east coast and is new to Chicago. Before attending seminary she taught at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod. Now she is happily settling into serving the chicago CC congregation and exploring the Windy City

Zosia Nowak

Join us online or in-person to further explore the 6BE – October 7-10, 2021 for ‘Building the Temple of the Heart’, the ASA AGM & Conference co-sponsored by the Central Regional Council.