9th Holy Night: the Vortex

2 January 2017 – Astro-weather: The waxing crescent Moon stands between Mars & Venus in this evening’s sky. Notice that the Goddess of Love is much brighter than the warrior god Mars.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

According to the original Calendar of the Soul, Today is:

Feast Day of Abel – a son of Adam & Eve in the Bible. According to the Bible, he was the first person to die, murdered by his brother Cain

William Blake

Feast Day of Seth  – Hebrew for ‘placed’ or ‘appointed’, in Judaism, Christianity, Mandaeism, & Islam, Seth is recognized as the third son of Adam & Eve, brother of Cain & Abel. According to Genesis 4:25, Seth was born after Abel’s murder, & Eve believed God had appointed him as a replacement for Abel

Cherub guarding the gates of Paradise by Franz von Stuck

From Rudolf Steiner: “A story called “The Golden Legend” was imparted to the pupils of occultism in the form of an image. The legend was more or less as follows: — When Seth, the son whom God gave Adam and Eve in place of the murdered Abel, was called by the Cherubim to enter the gate guarding Paradise, he found the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life inter-grown; their branches intertwined. From this tree Seth took three seeds, following the command of the Angel who guided him. He kept the three seeds and when Adam died, he placed them into Adam’s mouth. And a tree grew out of Adam’s grave; (to those who knew how to look upon it in the right way,) this tree revealed a writing in flaming letters — the words: “Ejeh Asher Ejeh. I am He that was- He that is- He that shall be.”

Now Seth took some wood from this tree and many things were made out of it: among them the branch which became the magic rod of Moses. And this tree multiplied; from its wood the portal of Solomon’s temple was made, and later on, when it had passed through many other destinies, it became the Cross upon which the Savior hung. The legend thus connects the wood of the Cross of Golgotha with the tree which grew out of Adam’ s grave from the seeds of the Tree of Paradise.” (see the obvious connection with the 9th Holy Night below)

Birthday of Melchior, the oldest member of the Magi. The King of Persia who brought the gift of gold to Jesus

Deathday of Theodorus of Cyrene an ancient Libyan Greek who lived during the 5th century BC. The only first-hand accounts of him that survive are in 3 of Plato’s dialogues: the Theaetetus, the Sophist, & the Statesman. He is famous for the  mathematical theorem now known as the Spiral of Theodorus (perfect for the 9th Holy Night ie. The Vortex of the Crab, see below)


 Seth Darias

9th Holy Night:  Constellation of Cancer, Crab (the Vortex) (ruling the chest/breast) The Sphere of the Cherubim, Spirits of Harmony –

 The Circle of the 12 Zodiac can be traced back to the dance of the Cherubim working from the world-periphery down into Old Sun to create a kind of cosmic thorax, a protective rib cage around the Sun/heart. The sign of the Crab stands at the highest point of the zodiacal circle, embracing the sphere in its protective shell.


The sign of the Crab is a modification of the vortex, an ancient occult symbol, which out-pictures the harmonious transition between cycles. “In the higher worlds, there is a process which appears also in the physical world: the rotation of a vortex. You can observe this phenomenon if you watch a starry nebula. There you see a spiral. That is on the physical plane. But you can observe it on all planes. You find that one spiral swirls into the next” ~Rudolf Steiner. All transitions: including World Evolution, the procession of the equinox’s-the shift from great & small epochs, & even the seasonal round, are directed by the Cherubim. They take-up the designs of the Seraphim, the ‘architects of the gods’ above them, & move it toward expression by handing it down to the Thrones. The spirals of the vortex provide the revolving movement, while the space in-between the arms of the vortex relates to a rest, or pralaya, a pause before the spiral transitions into a new phase. Some ‘revolutions’ from 1 condition to another can take a more dynamic character, ie. a flood, or the supreme example of the ‘Turning Point of Time’-Christ’s entry into world evolution (Matt: 21-25 describes this forceful expression shown in particular scenes from the life of Jesus)

Born under the sign of the Crab, John the Baptist, who in previous lives had been Elijah & before that Adam, the first earthly man, became after his death a kind of group soul for the apostles, fortifying like a protective shell, their micro-zodiac circle, or rib-cage around Christ-Jesus, the Sun-heart of the 12.

John the Baptist was able to recognize the pre-fall nature of the Nathan Soul living in Jesus of Nazareth, that part of himself that was separated out before the fall, held back in the Sun sphere, so that it could unite with Christ in His descent to earth.

Ezekiel’s Vision of the Cherubim William Blake

We see a connection with the Cherubim & Adam (JtB) & Eve (the Matthew Mary) at the fall, when the human being was cut off from the Trinity-the realm beyond the Zodiac, & the way was barred by the Cherub with the flaming sword.  This is a pre-figuring of John’s ‘Voice of Conscience’, which proceeds from the realm of the Cherubim. Our impulses of will, sprung from Conscience, was/& is, a necessary requirement for an understanding of Christ. 

It was Buddha who prepared the way for Conscience to arise during the time of Ancient India, which stood under the sign of Cancer/Crab. Many of John the Baptist’s sermons were a reflection of the Sermon at Benares, because the angel of Buddha was inspiring him. The Age of the Consciousness Soul is a further preparation for this morality of conscience, because ego consciousness requires a lighting up of thought in the will. This is an ability to understand the intentions behind actions – Moral Cognition – or heart-thinking, which is the seat of the will.

Seth Myer

Are we willing to heed the voice of conscience, & foster the imaginative inspiration from the realm of the Cherubim in our heart-thinking?

Let the way be opened, so we can transition gracefully in our journey back to the Godhead.

See you in the spiraling vortex

Xox  ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Jan de Kok

 Virtue: Unselfishness becomes catharsis

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