Healing Thorny Roots

Greetings Friends –

I will be offline till 11 July 2018. My family is making a trip to see 1 of UVA’s godfathers, Papillon DeBoer, who uses his shamanic healing to work with  Our VOICE serving all individuals affected by sexual assault & abuse, through counseling, advocacy & education, in Asheville NC.  On the way I will do a St. John’s Festival at Foxhollow, a Bio-dynamic Farm; at the Nashville TN Branch,  & in Maryville TN.

This morning I woke up thinking of my mother Betty Mae, whose people originally came from Ireland, & settled in Milan TN… I never really knew that side of the family, I was raised by my father’s Italian side outside Chicago, but back in my NYC band days, while on the road, my guitar player Philip Armetta & I went to a family reunion in TN when mom was still alive… As city folks we walked around barefoot in the creeks taking in the beauties of nature, until they told us ”O darlin’ I wouldn’t be wading up in there if I was you, that creek is full of run-off from years of industrial farming…” gulp…

My grandfather R.P. Pounds was still alive then. He was a poor cotton farmer who knew the name of every tree, & the art of cooking a pig in a pit. He cut & gathered all the wood, dug the pit, & basted that piglet all day; taking the drippings to make what they called ‘doodle soup’. I was a hard-core vegetarian then & never got to taste this concoction that everyone loved so much.

While in Milan we were told to make a trip down the street to the next town over, Skullbone, TN. We went into the local store made famous by its old fashioned street sign, now worn & falling down, that had wooden arrows pointing in all directions, supposedly to all the great cites of the world. In the store, along with lots of fun tourist junk, I found a book written by one of my relatives giving a genealogy of our family tree. It spoke about the Pounds family coming from County Cook Ireland to TN & “marrying in to the Chickasaw tribe”…I had remembered my uncles speaking of us having ‘Ingin blood’ & when I was a kid I thought that was cool. But as I stood there in the heat of that 4th of July family reunion, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach picturing what this “marrying into” might really mean. Especially as I read on to learn that my family was proud of their ties to the KKK. From that day on, I vowed to try to bring healing to the ‘sins of the fathers’.

It sure will be interesting to go back after all these years to do Anthroposophy…& bring the Christ Impulse to bare in this place which has held such pain for me.

From Summer Solstice to St. John’s Festival: Cosmic Rapture Grounded in Jubilant Hearts With Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Tuesday 3 July 2018 – At the Nashville Branch – 4804 Sewanne Road Nashville TN, Pot Luck Dinner: 6 pm, Festival: 7pm-9pm, Please RSVP. Barbara Bittles blbittles@comcast.net

8 July 2018 in Maryville, TN, Potluck at 5 pm, Festival at 6:30pm Contact Charlotte Brakebill 865- 567-1812 or William Rogers wmerogers@gmail.com

Come join our Initiatory Workshop/Ritual, to discover the New Mysteries of St. Johns-Tide. To pass the test of Summer we will explore many questions. Together we will work to strengthen our true “I”, enlivening our will forces with various social-artistic exercises.



How To Know, Confront, and Work with Evil
A Weekend Workshop with Rev. Bastiaan Baan

At the Christian Community, 2135 W. Wilson Chicago, Il. 60625

Saturday 4 August 2018, 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday 5 August 2018, 11:45am – 5 pm

Fee is a Sliding Scale $25 – $100
Please Rsvp to Rev. Ann Burfeind annburfeind18@gmail.com


“When The Trees Melt Away In A Sun Soaked Cotton Dream”
The farewell event – a going away party for the Chicago Waldorf School Community Class of 2018!

20 August 2018 ~MORAL MONDAY~ CHICAGO 7 pm – 9 pm

Art Exhibit with Musical Performances from the Youth at Elderberries Chicago
4251 N. Lincoln Ave.

Illustrations by Grace Kahn, & Sophia Karris.

Works by Shanti Avalon Rogers, Art booth by Liz Rosu-Rosenberg

Songs from “Beyond Blue and Red” by Ultra-Violet Archer

Chance Schneider & DJ Grapefruit Effect

$10 Donation -MORE or less (Youth under 21 FREE)


How We Will:
Organizing a Bare Bones Threefold Cultural Revolution
Hosted by Urban First Aid – Art As Medicine & Elderberries 3Fold Cafe Chicago

Aug 30 at 12 PM to Sep 3 at 2 PM

The Cultural Revolution continues!
Organizing for systemic change – a separation of powers into three different spheres of action:
Culture – Economics – Political
Freedom – Kinship – Equality

2018 is a pivotal year in the United States and also around the world. We will step into organizing the three spheres particularly, through what lives already in our community and then seeking beyond to allies and partners.

Step by step organizing strategies and tools will be at the forefront of this bare bones session of How We Will – 3folding our Cultural Revolution. We will strategize together as to how to bring about a community of like-minded organizations working in agriculture, education, medicine, art and more which can open up a conversation on Rudolf Steiner’s work for a threefold consideration.

First up Kait Zielger for our How We Will: Threefolding our Cultural Revolution strategy sessions

Nathaniel Williams and his community are working on a new form of economics in their upstate New York neighborhood and we are aiming to hear about this and to really break down into groups along the lines of the Economic, Cultural and Political spheres to find a way forward

Elizabeth Roosevelt Weeks & Dottie Zold shall co lead a conversation throughout the How We Will: Threefolding our Cultural Revolution over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago: Periphery & Center – The work at Elderberries Threefold Cafe in Hollywood has specifically been around how to create a culture of selflessness where we make room to the ninth degree for the other.

Rudolf Steiner shares: ‘He who would be a true member should strive in the deepest places of his soul for inner tolerance towards his fellow-men. To understand one’s fellow-man ― even where he thinks and does things which one would not like to think and do oneself ― this should be the ideal.’

We are creating a panel of Against All Odds – Standing for the future.

We also will have an interactive play with The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily meets The Peace Maker play and some direct action which involves what looks like opposites , for example, eurythmy and hip hop

More details to come!!!

For more info. Contact Frank Falephagrama@gmail.com


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