‘Southern Tour’

10 July 2018 – Astro-Weather:

Venus & Regulus are in conjunction, 1° apart in the western twilight. Watch for Regulus coming into view just to Venus’s lower left.

Last occultation of Aldebaran. Early Tuesday morning, the thin waning crescent Moon will occult 1st-magnitude Aldebaran for parts of Canada & the uppermost Midwest.

“The brightest star (other than the Sun) that can be occulted by the Moon will be occulted one last time during the current series, for observers in the western Great Lakes region. It will be a good event, with the crescent Moon only 11% sunlit, so those with clear skies might see the reappearance [of Aldebaran on the Moon’s dark limb] even without optical aid. But the Moon will be low; you will need an unobstructed horizon in the east-northeast where the Moon will rise.”

Not until 2033 will we get another good Aldebaran occultation.

If you have a dark enough sky, the Milky Way now forms a magnificent arch high across the eastern heavens after nightfall is complete. It runs all the way from below Cassiopeia in the north-northeast, up & across Cygnus & the Summer Triangle in the east, & down to the south behind Saturn &the spout of the Sagittarius Teapot.

Kari Marie Olson

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day 


138 – Deathday of Roman Emperor Hadrian, thought by TH Meyer to have reincarnated as Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz see his book published by Tempe Press.

1212 – The most severe of several early fires of London burns most of the city to the ground.

1509 – Birthday of John Calvin, French pastor & theologian

1856 – Birthday of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist,& futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, but also for his mystical application of magnetism, advocacy of wireless solutions & much more…

1871 – Birthday of Marcel Proust, French novelist, critic, and essayist

1875 – Birthday of Mary McLeod Bethune, an American educator, stateswoman, philanthropist, humanitarian & civil rights activist best known for starting a private school for African-American students in Daytona Beach, Florida. It later continued to develop as Bethune-Cookman University. She also was appointed as a national adviser to president Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of what was known as his Black Cabinet. She was known as “The First Lady of The Struggle” because of her commitment to gain better lives for African Americans.

Born in Mayesville, South Carolina, to parents who had been slaves, she started working in fields with her family at age five. She took an early interest in becoming educated; with the help of benefactors, Bethune attended college hoping to become a missionary in Africa. She started a school for African-American girls.

She was president of the college from 1923 to 1942, and 1946 to 1947. She was one of the few women in the world to serve as a college president at that time.

Bethune was also active in women’s clubs, which were strong civic organizations supporting & other needs, becoming a national leader. After working on the presidential campaign for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, she was invited as a member of his Cabinet. She advised him on concerns of black people & helped share Roosevelt’s message & achievements with blacks, who had historically been Republican voters since the Civil War. At the time, blacks had been largely disenfranchised in the South since the turn of the century, so she was speaking to black voters across the North. Upon her death, the good doctor.”

1921 – Belfast’s Bloody Sunday: Sixteen people are killed and 161 houses destroyed during rioting and gun battles in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

1925 – Meher Baba begins his silence of 44 years. His followers observe Silence Day on this date in commemoration.

1925 – Scopes Trial: In Dayton, Tennessee, the so-called “Monkey Trial” begins of John T. Scopes, a young high school science teacher accused of teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act.

1966 – The Chicago Freedom Movement, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., holds a rally at Soldier Field in Chicago. As many as 60,000 people attend.

1975 – Deathday of Eurythmist Marie Savitch : ihr Leben und Wirken für Rudolf Steiners eurythmischen Impuls

1985 – The Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior is bombed and sunk in Auckland harbour by French DGSE agents, killing Fernando Pereira.

1991 – Boris Yeltsin takes office as the first elected President of Russia.

1992 – In Miami, former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega is sentenced to 40 years in prison for drug and racketeering violations.

1998 – Catholic Church sexual abuse cases: The Diocese of Dallas agrees to pay $23.4 million to nine former altar boys who claimed they were sexually abused by Rudolph Kos, a former priest.


POD (Poem Of the Day)

Susan Seddon Boulet.

~O Soul of an ancient creature
Come here to drink at our great inland sea
Let me caress your velvet horns of sense & reason
Implanted in your forehead like lightning rods to the sky…
O King, your dusty hoofs tramp a new trail
Worn smooth by my ritual dance to you



Dear Friends – I am just now landing back in Chicago after a magical family road trip which we have dubbed our ‘Southern Tour’. I will attempt thru this little travel-loge to re-acclimatize, digest & share this amazing journey. (Friends- please fill in any details I may have neglected)

It started out being a pilgrimage to visit our daughter Ultra-Violet’s godfather Papillion De Boar, & his family, who live in Asheville NC. Of course, whenever I travel I always reach out to try & connect with other Anthroposophers along the way. I remembered that Barbara Bittles lived in Nashville, since I almost drove out there when Margret Shipman came in to do a workshop there a while back. So, I sent Barbara an email,  & the next thing I knew she was inviting me to come do a program for St. John’s.

Her friend Charlotte Brakebill & her husband Don were going to drive up from Maryville, but then asked if I would come out there instead to offer the program to her long standing group as well. What a blessing!

Leonardo da Vinci

So interesting how destiny works, I have been envisioning that when my daughter went off to college, I might start to do more touring with the intention of sharing my spiritual scientific research, lectures & festivals…& here it was, already happening!

Our 1st stop was Fox Hollow, a thriving Organic & Biodynamic farm, in Crestwood, KY. We were met by Maggie Keith, co-founder with her mother Janey Newton who call themselves 3rd & 4th generation land stewards. And even though it was 90 degrees in the late afternoon, Maggie graciously took us on a personal tour, since Janey was away attending the Renewal workshop.  Maggie’s love of literature & mathematics landed her a degree in business, & thru her efforts the farm has become sustainable.

Folks were coming in to pick up produce from the four ASA’s run by farmers who lease parts of the land to grow their own crops, as well as interns learning the biodynamic protocols.

Butterflies & bees, birds & cows were everywhere. Along with the pastures & plots of growing veggies, here & there on various sacred spots over the 1300 acres stand these amazing stone sculptures, intense & upright, like hewn acupuncture needles enhancing the power of the land. Thru workshops over the years folks have worked with anthroposophical sculptor Marco Pogacnik to create these inspiring mineral lightning rods to the spirit.

I could write a whole post on this working paradise, but to save time, I encourage you to checkout their website for yourself.

After exploring the prep barn; the grounds where they hold concerts; the cultural center & library; we went into Louisville to sample some food grown at Fox Hollow, featured at a local restaurant. We arrived just in time to avoid a wild thunder-storm that cut the electricity for a bit. After dinner we ran across the street to take in some great Jazz music from a local band. When we emerged, we were greeted by a rainbow.

The next morning we drove to Nashville, where it was 100 degrees! What a joy to be welcomed into the home of Barbara Bittles. She shared with us the story of how two days after Margret Shipman had done a program there a few years back, a tree was struck by lightning, which fell on the house & burnt it to the ground! We reflected at how powerful the Hierarchies are, which was the subject of the program! She can tell the story with awe & wonder, since after the fire she was able to build a house, which is a suitable home to so many anthroposophical endeavors, including services for the Christian Community.

We had a little time, so we took a field trip to see ‘The Parthenon’, which is a full-scale replica of the original Temple in Athens, & all I can say is WOW. Alan LeQuire’s 1990 re-creation of the Athena Parthenos statue is the focus of the Parthenon in the ‘Athens of the South’ just like it was in ancient Greece.

So even though I was hot & hungry,  I was super charged: 1st by the rainbow in Louisville; & of course Barbara’s story of the lightning struck house, with its rising from the ashes; & then the powerful image of Athena. I felt touched by the gods.

Matthias Grünewal

I love how karma & destiny unfolds. I was now set to bring in the New Mysteries of St. Johns-Tide for the Nashville group.

Soon about 20 local folks gathered for a potluck before our Festival. My dear friend Lori Kulik drove all the way in from DC with her friend Marlisa for the program, & to visit another friend in the area. Cathy Green brought a song, so we began in the parlor to hear the Calendar of the Soul verse & sing together; then we went into the library for the Festival.

Such a wonderful diverse group; some folks like Martha Bartles, who played music for the eurythmists in Stuttgart, have been working with Anthroposophy for over 50 years! Everyone was so present & willing to participate, & join in on the lively discussions. We ended with a song led by my daughter Ultra-Violet about fire-flies; then a delightful story from “The Wind in the Willows” shared by Cindy Turner, & a spirited question & answer time.

Since my family & I had never been to Nashville before, a group of us went out afterwards to take in the local night life.

The next morning, I awoke just before dawn – it was the 4th of July – & there shining in from the window was the bright red Being of Mars calling me to the day!

And what a glorious fiery day it was, heating up to over 100 degrees. Before we set out, we got to have a great conversation over coffee with Barbara, where she shared a bit of her biography. These are the kind of interactions that are so heart-warming & important for human connection. If it wasn’t for the holiday we could have talked all day!

We made our way to Broadway before the crowds, to celebrate Independence Day – or as I like to call it our Inter-dependence Day! We took in band after band of everything from funk & rock, to good ol’ Country music, the atmosphere teeming with a joyful festive atmosphere. In the evening after it cooled down a hair we took in another show & I danced & danced with the sheer joy of Summer.

I won’t even go into all the great food we sampled in ‘Music City USA’, before we hit the road to Asheville NC the next day.

The Great Smokey Mountains are breathtaking, with waterfalls & cool mist, a welcome change of climate for sure. Along with our visit with Ultra’s godfather Papi & family, Ko’alani, Oriah & little Waken, I met up with Marnie Muller, a local Asheville Anthroposopher. We spent the afternoon talking Steiner & taking in the sights. Many other Anthro. friends were out of town for the holiday weekend, so I hope to return another time to do a program in beautiful Asheville.

Chuck found an Elderberry tree, which we thought was a good sign. After more music, some clog dancing, & a sprig of St John’s Wort from Ko’alani’s garden, we were on the road again, this time to Knoxville TN, where Bill Rogers met us off the highway, to guide us to their homestead on the peninsula. Bonnie Rogers served us up some iced tea & we all shared how we came to Anthroposophy. Charlotte & Don came by early, & she shared her thoughts on how important communication is, & asked what we can do to bring folks together more effectively in the Anthroposophical Society?

After more biography stories, folks starting come in with loads of food for the potluck. We had a lovely time breaking bread, with intriguing conversations & lots of laughter.

The participation & discussion during, & after the festival was so enriching. Jennifer Stamper spoke to her gratitude in seeing the divine in nature. Gina Tullock shared her insights into the Christ Impulse. Jim Gray gave us the math for the procession of the Equinoxes. Angela Grillingham’s face was glowing whenever we sang. Michael Kull helped hold the singing, read a lot of the quotes & took pictures to capture the event. Charlotte led the question & answer time, & her request got us outside to experience the Halleluiah in eurythmy (Thanks Mary Rudd for your insights which I shared)

After some desert, our family went into Knoxville to experience Market Square; what a great town. During the festival Michael Kull mentioned the amazing coincidence of seeing a mural downtown with the word Metanoia on it along with its definition.  Well, by chance while we were walking around, we ran across it!

A few folks also said there was a mural with dragon-flies there as well, which we also talked about in the presentation! I felt like it was an affirmation from the Spiritual World. Another powerful blessing in deed. (I hope to post my art presentation with the Steiner’s quotes & poems etc. tomorrow)

When we returned, after seeing a red fox on the way, Bill got out some lemon bars that he had forgotten to serve & we had another round of desert, staying up talking till almost midnight. When we finally went to our lovely room, I could hear Ultra playing the ukulele upstairs, sending us off to a good sleep.

Bill was up bright & early the next morning, he set a beautiful table complete with his great grandmother’s colorful china. Bonnie & Bill treated us like the royal family. We had a wonderful breakfast with fruit & home-baked bread, & a delicious egg casserole thoughtfully made ahead of time by Vicki Owenby. And that set us up for the road trip home.

Since highway 65 was under construction we took the scenic route, stopping to visit a goat farm, & made it to Chicago as the sky was turning bright pink & orange – The great inland sea welcoming us home.

Dear Friends, Thank you all for sharing your spirit. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude & the honor I feel having met you. I am a ‘glowworm’ alight with the warmth of all y’all’s generosity & good will. May our connection ever ripen & grow thru many seasons to come.


Here, as promised are the art collages from the presentation


How To Know, Confront, and Work with Evil

A Weekend Workshop with Rev. Bastiaan Baan

At the Christian Community, 2135 W. Wilson Chicago, Il. 60625

Saturday 4 August 2018, 10 am – 8 pm

Sunday 5 August 2018, 11:45am – 5 pm

Fee is a Sliding Scale $25 – $100

Please Rsvp to Rev. Ann Burfeind


by Grace KahnBy Sophia Karris

20 August 2018 ~MORAL MONDAY~ CHICAGO-STYLE: 7 pm – 9 pm 

“When The Trees Melt Away In A Sun Soaked Cotton Dream”

A going away party for the Class of 2018 & an PDF Art Exhibit PDF with PDF Musical Performances from the Youth at Elderberries Chicago 4251 N. Lincoln Ave.

Illustrations by Grace Kahn, & Sophia Karris.

New works by Shanti Rogers, Art booth by Liz Rosu-Rosenberg

Songs from “Beyond Blue and Red” by  Ultra-Violet Archer 

Chance Schneider DJ Grapefruit Effect

$10 Donation –MORE or less (Youth under 21 FREE)


How We Will: Organizing a Bare Bones Threefold Cultural Revolution

Hosted by Urban First Aid – Art As Medicine & The Elderberries 3Fold Café Chicago

Aug 30 at 12 PM to Sep 3 at 2 PM

Elderberries 3fold Cafe 4251 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618-2953, United States

The Cultural Revolution continues! Organizing for systemic change – a separation of powers into three different spheres of action:
Culture – Economics – Political
Freedom – Kinship – Equality

2018 is a pivotal year in the United States and also around the world. We will step into organizing the three spheres particularly, through what lives already in our community and then seeking beyond to allies and partners.

Step by step organizing strategies and tools will be at the forefront of this bare bones session of How We Will – 3folding our Cultural Revolution. We will strategize together as to how to bring about a community of like-minded organizations working in agriculture, education, medicine, art and more which can open up a conversation on Rudolf Steiner’s work for a threefold consideration.

We will make a beginning state by state to see what is possible. This organizing consideration can be brought about anywhere in the world. As Dr. Barber says for the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival – ‘we’re building a movement not a moment.’ This means we will continue to be connected throughout the year with ideas of implementation and the shared experiences of what we are learning in our own region of the country or world.

Elderberries 3fold Cafe community went from mustard seed to tree this past year. Standing at the forefront of the California Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival we recognize and experience the time is at hand for a systemic change whereby three separate spheres come forth to turn the tide to a more beautiful humanity in all its complexities.

For more info. Contact  Frank Alephagrama


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