“…heart-high gladness…”

2nd Holy Night: Christmas Day – The Birth of the Luke Jesus.

Lin Bye

Constellation of Aquarius, (Ruling the calves, & ankles of the human body) Symbol: The Water-Bearer

David Taulbee Anderson.

The Sphere of the Angeloi, also called ‘Sons of Life’ or ‘Sons of Twilight’

Virtue: Discretion becomes the power of meditation

Jessie Binny

The region of Aquarius, the Water-bearer is connected with the hierarchy of the angels, who have a special affinity with the outward element of water. Inwardly they are connected to the etheric body in human beings, which not only provides the physical body with life, but is also the tableau in which memory is written. That is why the etheric body is called the ‘Water of Life’ in the bible, & why the angels are called the ‘Sons of Life’ in various mystery traditions. It is also why angels are known to be the holders of the ‘memory’ of our past doings. And this is why they are considered to be our Guardian Angels.

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We see these two qualities of the etheric body illustrated in the various mystery traditions – The water of Lethe, which is the draught of remembrance, & Eunoe, the draught of forgetfulness.

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Gaston Bussiere

There is a connection with the Egyptian river on which the boat of Isis travels; which represents the life of the soul. It is also known as the Nepenthe given to Isolde which allows her to forget her duty to marry Mark so that she can fall in love with Tristan.

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This 2nd Holy Night, is also connected to the two initiates named John in the gospels. John the Baptist & John the disciple Jesus loved, writer of the St. John Gospel & Revelations.

The sign of the Water-bearer represents both the angel & the spiritualized human soul on our way to the next stage of our evolution, empowering us to achieve Imaginative & Moral Cognition which enables us to come into our angel stage.

Leonardo da Vinci

John the Baptist was the representative of this stage in human development. He received a special initiation in which he experienced the Sun at Midnight from the constellation of the Water-bearer, & for this reason he was able to baptize with water to loosen the etheric bodies of those he initiated.

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Cosme Turo

The second Johannes, who we know as the disciple Jesus loved, or St. John the Divine, is always represented by the Eagle, connected to the higher “I”.

Judas the Iscariot -  And It Was Night | Christopher Williams | oil painting
Christopher Willams

The lower Ego is the Scorpion represented by Judas.

This is the night in which we can draw close not only to our angels who guide us & shine the spirit downwards into our souls, but also to the two John individualities who achieved ahead of time, what we are still striving to attain.

Larry Young

The Christmas mystery must be found anew. We must become as devout with Nature as the shepherds were devout in their hearts. We must become as wise in our inner intuition as the Magi had become in their observation of planets and stars in space and time.” ~Rudolf Steiner, The Search for the New Isis

On December 25th, we are invited to consider the historical events behind the first Christmas. A thoughtful way to approach the birthday of Jesus is through the two Nativity stories in the Gospels, each very different from the other.  St. Matthew’s Gospel points to the Solomon Jesus, a re-incarnation of the great sage Zarathustra, actually born earlier in Bethlehem, in the time of Herod, when he is visited by Magi & then fled to Egypt. The Gospel of St. Luke points to the Nathan Jesus, born in Nazareth, a pure divine soul never incarnated before, that part of Adam that stayed in the spiritual world & prepared the way for the Christ.


The two Jesus children unite when the Luke child is twelve & the Matthew child is 14. We find this story in Luke 2:41-52 when his parents find him teaching in the Temple in Jerusalem. As Rudolf Steiner explained in the ‘Fifth Gospel’, the Luke Nathan Jesus takes on the highest soul forces (Ego) of the wise Matthew Jesus who sacrifices his life on the physical plane.

Shortly before the Baptism in the Jordan, when Jesus was 30 years old, that Solomon soul part leaves Jesus & enters Mary, to make room for the Christ at the Baptism by John.

During the Renaissance, some artists knew of these profound secrets, & painted this occult theme showing 3 sacred children: the Luke Nathan Jesus as a boy & a second older boy, The Jesus form the Matthew Gospel, along with John the Baptist (cousin of the Luke Jesus)  


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25 December 2019 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The Winter Hexagon is the biggest & brightest asterism in the sky. After about 7:30 pm CST start with bright Sirius low in the southeast. Look left of it by two or three fists at arm’s length to find Procyon. From there go upper left to the Pollux & Castor pair, then high up to bright Capella. Then jog right to orange Aldebaran, on the lower right of Rigel in Orion’s leading foot, & then back down lower left to Sirius.

Inside the Hexagon, well off center, shines fire-bright Betelgeuse.

New Moon exact at 11:13 pm CST. And so anew lunar month begins. Unlike a calendar month, which averages 30.437 days long, a lunar month (from one new Moon to the next) averages 29.531 days. This means that, on average, you’ll see the Moon in any given phase about one day earlier each month by the calendar.

And as I said yesterday this discrepancy between the lunar & solar calendar accounts for the 12 Holy Nights, a Time out of Time, a sacred space where we can look back to where we’ve been stand in the here & now to Know Thyself & work with the highest hierarchies to create your future.

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Megan Kasper

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

The spirit child within my soul
I feel freed of enchantment.
In heart-high gladness has
The holy cosmic Word engendered
The heavenly fruit of hope,
Which grows rejoicing into worlds afar
Out of my being’s godly roots
. ~Rudolf Steiner C.O.T.S.


Looking at the past to see the present, co-creating the future:

History, historical life, will only be seen in the right light when a true consciousness of the connection of the so-called living with the so-called dead can be developed” ~Rudolf Steiner – The Living and the Dead


Lorenzo Monaco

Festival of Jesus’s birth – Christmas

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304 – Deathday of Saint Anastasia – “Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions”, “Anastasia the Healer” or “Anastasia of Sirmium – venerated as a healer & exorcist. Her relics lie in the Cathedral of St. Anastasia in Zadar, Croatia. She is one of seven women, who along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass

336 – 1st documented celebration of Christmas in Rome

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1156 – Death day of Peter the Venerable, French abbot of Cluny. Despite his active life & important role in European history, Peter’s greatest achievement is his contribution to the reappraisal of the Church’s relations with the religion of Islam. He was well known for collecting original sources on & writing about Islam & also as the author of vast amounts of correspondence, reflecting his almost encyclopedic knowledge of theological questions. His writings are counted as some of the most important documents of the 12th century. He took a long sabbatical journey to Spain to study with Islamic scholars of all ranks & published the first Latin edition of the Koran

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1642 – Birthday of Isaac Newton, English physicist & mathematician

1923 – Laying of the Foundation Stone of the General Anthroposophical Society through Rudolf Steiner

1977 – Deathday of Charlie Chaplin

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1983 – Deathday of Joan Miro, painter


Here is the Full Holy Nights 2019-2020 – Schedule:

We will gather at the Branch from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm CST
to attend a new initiative with folks from around the world;
May Human Beings Hear It: An Online Holy Nights Gathering
Hosted by the Anthrophosophical Society in America with Organizers:
Laura Scappaticci, Angela Foster, and Hazel Archer-Ginsberg.

Each gathering will begin with an opening verse and acknowledgment of the zodiac constellation corresponding to that night.  Then a special offering will be shared by different friends representing many North American groups, branches, and regional councils.  These unique contributions will range from meditative readings and thoughtful poems, to enlivening eurythmy and artistic activities, to insight into the cosmic script of the zodiac.  This will be followed by work with the Foundation Stone Meditation and concludes with a closing verse.


25 – 30 December: 6:15 PM CST – Study 7:30-8:30pm
31 December 2019-2020: “Hidden Night” – No Call –
Join us for our Conscious NYE Party 7:30 pm – 1 am.

1 – 5 January 2020:  6:15 PM CST – Study 7:30-8:30pm

The online gatherings will be recorded for later viewing if you are not able to join us live. Register below to access both the live presentations & recordings. Register for the Holy Nights Gatherings

After the call, The Rudolf Steiner Branch will take up our own study of the ‘Laying of the Foundation Stone’ from The Christmas Conference 1923/1924. (There are copies of ‘The Red Book’ in the Library)

Special Opportunities:
*26 Dec. The Rudolf Steiner Branch is Hosting this Nation-wide event. Doors open at 5:30 pm.

*28 Dec. Olaf Åsteson practice 3 pm – 5 pm CST – Performance at 7 pm CST.No Call or Study at the Branch this night, we will do it remotely.

*29 Dec. The Mandaamin Institute’s 2019 Open House 4 -6pm
(carpool leaves at 2 pm, returns 8:30 pm) No Call or Study at the Branch this night, we will do it remotely.

*5 Jan. The CRC hosts with a presentation of a ‘3 Kings Play’ out of the Gospel of Matthew. Doors open at 5:30 pm

For more info. contact Festivals Coordinator Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

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  1. Hazel,
    Your blog has been a blessing to me for a few years now. My husband and I are both participating in the ASA Holy Nights online also. Your enthusiasm, passion and actions are evident, and help to inspire others. Your account of your recent Southern tour was very enjoyable.
    We have been devoted to the stream of Anthroposophia, for many years, studying with another anthroposophist friend, but weren’t “official” until 2 years ago when we joined the society….which was something for two non-joiners. 😉 We usually have lived where there were no nearby anthroposophists or branches.
    The impulse to reach out now is the atmosphere of the holy nights linked to the Christmas Conference. Both are vitally important to us. For them to be combined in a group soul vessel by the efforts of a team at the ASA is a true gift of spirit!!
    For the past 3 years we have attended the Kolisko Institute’s Foundation Stone retreat in Milwaukee. It has deepened our progress with the FS meditation. And we have been sensing that there is a rising up to be ready for the 100 year observation in 2023. We had been asking ourselves what can we do to contribute to that momentous event, and with whom to participate to create what that vessel will be. We are encouraged that there are others with the same intentions within the ASA . The best Christmas gift ever! Please pass along our excitement to the team.

    1. Greetings Judith & Russell –
      What a joy to receive your thoughts & hear of your work with Anthroposophia & the FSM.
      I agree that taking up impulse of the Christmas Conference is powerfully important.
      As you know it really sprung forth from that Southern Tour, a real calling from the spirit world.

      I am wondering if you would be willing to share on the call what you have shared with me?
      I think it will speak to many to hear your experience.

      let me know…

      & thank you so much for tuning in to RR

      Blessings of the season & Peace

      1. So great to hear back from you! It would be privilege to speak during the call. We will be on the call live tonight.
        Judith McBride

        1. super, let me checkin with Laura, but i may ask you to speak right after i do my stars piece, before we go into the chat rooms…
          THANKS! it means alot to expand the dialogue.
          ‘see you’ later

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