Inverted Whitsun

May 10, 2016


1849 – Death- Day of Japanese painter, Hokusai

1933 – Beginning of book-burning in Germany

1947 – Birthday – Nicholas of flue, a Swiss hermit & ascetic who is the patron saint of Switzerland. After receiving a mystical vision of a lily eaten by a horse, which he recognized as indicating that the cares of his worldly life (the draft horse pulling a plough) was swallowing up his spiritual life (the lily, a symbol of purity) he decided to devote himself entirely to the contemplative life. According to legend, he survived for nineteen years with no food, except for the Eucharist. Symbolic visions continued to be a feature of his contemplation. He became a spiritual guide whose advice was widely sought & followed. He was known to all as “Brother Klaus.” His counsel prevented a civil war bringing about the permanent national unity of Switzerland.

~   ~   ~


~Today I am

a drop of water


To green the earth

I bring a message from the heights…

I leap

Up from matter

To ride the current of spirit

into truth…



~   ~   ~

sophia resurection of

Part 2 in a series from the lecture: Vitae Sophia- The New Mysteries of ‘I’ and ‘WE’, a ‘Hero’s Journey’ from head to heart by Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Now let me ask you this, as seekers on the path, have you ever felt utterly alone, overwhelmed, or even a bit lost? Perhaps when you 1st began to know anthroposophy? Steiner speaks of this in ‘How to know higher worlds’ & in the 5th Gospel. We have an opportunity to recognize & acknowledge the isolation that can come from our striving, a mirroring of the experience of the apostles those 10 days between Ascension & Whitsun. That uncomfortable feeling when waiting feels like wrestling.

The Ascension picture tells us that the deed of Golgotha was fulfilled for the physical & etheric body in the universal human sense. Whitsun tells us that each single human being must make this deed bear fruit by personally receiving the Holy Spirit, a challenge to strive towards spiritual knowledge.  

During our time together on this Whitsun day, we will work with the Whitsun imagination to creatively explore how we may engage in the lifting out of the ‘me’ into the ‘we’, out of opinion into wisdom; warming the I, to open the heart, in support of healthy community. We will endeavor to strengthen our individual soul forces to collectively open the portal into the Spirit worlds. As Steiner’s Whitsun verse states: “This portal’s key the Soul may fashion If she herself grow strong within the strife”

We will create an Ecclesia, a vessel, a chalice, a sheath for the Spirit. Then the spirit flame can spread out to become what Steiner called a “World Whitsun”, which began in earnest at the Christmas conference, where the inverted Whitsun, was born, the idea of taking the spirit that has flowed through the head into the heart, transforming it into wisdom to redeem our intelligence, & then back out as a gift to humanity. Our work is to take our individual Inner Whitsun & expand it, into what Steiner calls the “World Festival of Knowledge” a path leading from ‘Sprit Recollection’, to ‘Sprit Sensing’, to ‘Sprit Beholding’.

In this sense the Christmas Conference, in all its spiritual reality reveals itself as the true Whitsun for anthroposophers. Those who strive to take into their souls the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit concerning the human being- Anthropos-Sophia, which is the knowledge of the grail held aloft by Michael in this present age of the consciousness soul.

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Tomorrow we further explore Rudolf Steiner’s deed.

Until soon

Blessings & Peace –

~hag = Hazel ArcherGinsberg


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