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Wednesday May 4, 2016 – On This Day: Past/Present/Future:

st. florian-strasbourg

250 AD – Feast day of St. Florian the patron of Upper Austria, chimney sweeps; soapmakers, & firefighters. The “Florian Principle” (known in German language areas as “Sankt-Florians-Prinzip”) is named after a somewhat ironic prayer to Saint Florian: “O heiliger Sankt Florian, verschon’ mein Haus, zünd’ and’re an”, equivalent to “O Holy St. Florian, please spare my house, set fire to another one”. This saying is used in German much like the English “not in my back yard. The name Florian is considered synonymous with fireman in the German speaking world. In some cases call for a fireman will actually be spoken as calls for Florian.

Demarcation line

1493 – The Division of the world: The Spanish-born Pope Alexander VI decreed in a Papal Bull that all lands west & south of a pole-to-pole line one hundred leagues west & south should belong to Spain. Portugal objected because its status & rights had been omitted & overlooked. King John II of Portugal began negotiations directly with King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain to push the line west & allow him to lay claim to lands discovered east of it. The result was the Treaty of Tordesillas.

Hermann Beckh Mark

1875 – Birthday of Hermann Beckh a pioneering German Tibetologist & prominent promoter of anthroposophy.

Due to his unusual memory skills, & his many interests & talents, his peers encouraged him towards law. It became clear to him that he was not made out to be a judge when he had to impose a fine on a poor married couple for stealing wood. He paid the couple’s fine out of his own pocket & left his position.

He later took up the study of oriental languages, Indology, & Tibetology. In 1907, he received his doctorate with a thesis on Kalidasa’s poem Meghaduta.

In 1911, he met Rudolf Steiner & Friedrich Rittelmeyer, which led to his intensive study of Steiner’s work. On Christmas Day, 1912, he became a member of the Anthroposophical Society.

In 1916, Beckh was drafted into military service, shortly after he published two volumes about the Buddha & his teachings. Stationed in the Balkans, he was called to work in the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Due to his task, he learned the Scandinavian languages in addition to: English, French, Italian, Classical Greek & Latin, Hebrew, Egyptian, Sanskrit, Tibetan & Old Persian.

From 1920 onwards, he worked as a lecturer of anthroposophy. In March 1922, he joined the Circle of Priests of The Christian Community & worked until his death as a priest, seminary teacher, lecturer, independent researcher & writer. In 1928, “Mark’s Gospel: The Cosmic Rhythm” was published, in which he related the narration of the gospel of Mark to the path of the sun through the twelve zodiac signs. In Beckh’s exposition, Mark’s gospel could be understood more in connection with the “earthly” signs seen in the planets, & John’s gospel more in connection with the “stellar” zodiac  of the fixed stars. At the time of The Mystery of Golgotha the planets & the constellations were together, not separate as they are now, due to the progression of the equinoxes.  In the Introduction to the sequel, “The Cosmic Rhythm, the Secrets of the Stars & Earth in the Gospel of John” (1930), Beck favorably mentioned Wilhelm Kaiser’s “Die geometrischen Vorstellungen in der Astronomie” (1928), & referred to The Novices of Sais, of Novalis.  Beckh died in Stuttgart, in 1937.

Eta shower

For the next few nights: METEORS FROM HALLEY’S COMET. Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual Eta Aquariid meteor shower.  It peaks from May 4 – 8th, 2016

~   ~   ~

eagle sun

~My heart pulses with power

In the balance of the elements


I am the eagle in the light of the Sun

My wings beat in time to my thoughts…

I am a Taurus Bull in the pleasure glade

Glad am I – the thoughts that love felt

I fly to the far edge of sky

I rest in the deep folds of earth

I am a child of eternity

I am Free


~   ~   ~

jacobs ladder Yoram RaananYaram Raanan

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – A Festival of Ascension, part 4 of a Lecture by ~Hazel ArcherGinsberg

For the person who on earth worked to understand the mystery of Golgotha, this picture of the ascension after death becomes an affirmation, but for the soul that has not worked towards true spiritual knowledge, it is a picture of reproach.  Helping us seek in freedom to understand this mystery in our next life.

Rudolf Steiner tells us: ‘It is the Christ-impulse that works on after death; it is this impulse under whose influence man frees himself from the Moon-sphere, penetrates the starry Sun-sphere, & from the impulses given to him by beings of the starry world is there able to work upon the forming of the physical organism for his next earthly life’. Dornach 15 Sept. 1922

Christ takes this Moon-Karma upon Himself, enabling the soul to find the path of the true Ascension, which leads to the world of the fixed stars. –

So in the scene of the Ascension we have an indication of the all-encompassing influence of the Christ Being, as the Lord of Karma, upon the life of the human soul after death.  –

It was for this reason that when the apostles experienced the Ascension, which was for them not only the proof of the vast significance of the Christ for the life of every human soul after death, but was at the same time, the event thru which they were able to attain the knowledge of a new relationship between microcosm & macrocosm – Revealing the secret, that the human soul can come into contact with the cosmic sphere where Christ derived the forces for His Resurrection Body – The sphere of the Father, where the Atma, or future Spirit Human, is derived.

And now, since in the resurrection, Christ has united the forces of the Cosmic Midnight Hour directly with earth evolution, this created a bridge for all human beings over the cosmic abyss – Unlocking the gate between this Cosmic Midnight Hour & the Mid-Day Moment of Cosmic Existence.  This then provided the opportunity for The Holy Spirit, who illuminates individual ego-consciousness, to be able to appear in earthly evolution among the 12 at Whitsun, flashing in thru this opened gate, to pour into them the true knowledge of the Mystery of Golgotha & the Ascension in full wisdom.

Since that time, Easter, Ascension & Whitsun/Pentecost, have remained inseparable from one another – they form the foundation of the only moveable feasts in the cycle of the year, which succeed one another in accordance with cosmic law, having to do with the alignment of Sun, Full Moon & Earth after the Spring Equinox. –

In this way the inner substance of this great 3-fold Festival, can illuminate this turning point of time for all Humanity.

To read the entire lecture:  Ascension 2014 Climbing Jacobs Ladder

Tomorrow we explore the connection between Ascension & the Transfiguration.

Until soon

Blessings & Peace –

~hag = Hazel ArcherGinsberg

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2 thoughts on “Lord of Karma

  1. We have a bridge over the cosmic abyss…that is my affirmation for the day with the sense of knowing it’s truth.I would like to reassure loved one’s around me who live in daily fear, but as Steiner says…
    “For the person who on earth worked to understand the mystery of Golgotha”

    I wish I could see the METEORS FROM HALLEY’S COMET (I guess in my heart I can)

    Thank you Hazel

    1. We become the bridge for others when we stand in our strength, but it is up to them to walk the path in freedom of their higher Self…

      I love to watch the night skies, but i also love just seeing them in my minds eye

      heart hugs to you sister shine

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