Nunc dimittis

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-Birth Day of Simeon – the God-receiver, visited by the Holy Spirit & told that he would not die until he had seen the Christ. He was the “just and devout” man of Jerusalem who, according to Luke 2:25–35, met Mary, Joseph, & Jesus as they entered the Temple for the presentation at the Temple. On taking Jesus into his arms he uttered the Nunc dimittis & gave a prophecy alluding to the crucifixion.

According to Rudolf Steiner’s indications in GA 114, Simeon was Asita – a hermit ascetic of ancient India in the 6th century BCE. He predicted that Prince Siddhartha would either become an ideal universal ruler, or a supreme religious leader; Siddhartha was later known as Gautama Buddha.


-570 Birthday of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed.


-753 BC – Romulus & Remus found Rome

-Feast Day of Anselm von Canterbury, a Benedictine monk, abbot, philosopher & theologian who held the office of archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to 1109.

Anselm composed dialogues & treatises with a philosophical approach, causing him to be credited as the founder of Scholasticism. He was famed as the originator of the ontological argument for the existence of God & of the theory of atonement.

-1789 – John Adams was sworn in as the first U.S. Vice President

-Death Day of Mark Twain 1910

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POD (Poem Of the Day)

spring birch people!

~Hail breath of Wisdom

Humming forth from

The throat of my beloved…

You thrill me

Like a seed bell calling spring…

& perfect peace…


 ~   ~   ~

dodecahedren 2 copper

 Why Reverse Ritual?  ~some thoughts by Hazel Archer Ginsberg (Part 7 of 7)

Working with the Calendar of the Soul & the Foundation Stone Meditation can lead to Communion with the forces & spirits of the cosmos which can then work into our physical being in a homeopathic way to transform us.

In the big picture we can see that the Reverse Ritual encompasses all human creative activity. It can be attained in the world of pure thought, in all the arts, in the care of nature & its creatures, in therapeutic work, & in group meetings dedicated to the science of the spirit.

In particular, I use the formula of the Reverse Ritual in our Festival life. This range reaches down into the sphere of head, hands & heart – enhanced thru our connection with spirit beings in nature, in the cosmos, with living & departed souls, with the beings of the Hierarchies, & with the Christ Being.

Living together with the course of cosmic life becomes a happening different in character from his connection with the facts of everyday life. It becomes a ritual, a cult. And so the cosmic ritual comes into being, in which man can have his place at every moment of his life” *1

Our whole life is an act of worship. In ordinary life, we serve like priests at the altar.” ~Novalis

*1. Spiritual Knowledge is a True Communion: The Beginning of a Cosmic Ritual Suitable for the Present Age Dornach, New Year’s Eve, 1922-23 GA 219 (The fire that destroyed the 1st Goetheanum was discovered 1 hour after this lecture ended)

We will see what tomorrow will bring

Until soon –

Blessings & Peace –

~hag = Hazel Archer Ginsberg 

2 thoughts on “Nunc dimittis

  1. ” Hail breath of Wisdom”….I love that and use it as my mantra when I finally figure things out on a daily bases.

    I use Reverse Ritual while playing my cello and trying to reach beautiful notes and melody, and it works!

    Thank you Hazel

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