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Dear Friends – Come together in community to explore the mystery and experience of the divine feminine, Sophia, in our time. This 12-part series will occur monthly on Wednesdays from May 5, 2021 through April 6, 2022.

What: ASA Sophia Community Circle hosted by members of the Sophia Group.

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Each unique 45 minute session will include a leading thought or experiential activity + breakout spaces & large group sharing.

When: Wednesdays at 9:30am PT / 10:30 am MT / 11:30 am CT / 12:30pm Eastern/ for 45 minutes. See all dates on the registration page! 

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WarmlyThe ASA Programs Team, Laura Scappaticci and Tess Parker
Wisdom Sophia painting came to be... - Marilyn Wells Art Journal“Wisdom Sophia” ~Marilyn Wells
Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:1-12 - | Scripture art,  Sacred art, Christian art
Melvin Demmetz

Dear Friends, In exploring the teachings of Christ between the Resurrection & Ascension I came across this: “Now the Christ taught his initiates that he came from a world where death was unknown; he learnt to know death, here on earth, and conquered death. If one understands this connection between the earthly world and the divine world, it will be possible to lead the intellect back gain into spirituality.

Dick Cheney, Judas and The Etheric Christ (part II)” by Bradford Riley |  Rileybrad's Blog

We might express approximately in this way the content of the esoteric teachings given by the Christ to his initiated disciples: it was the teaching of death, as seen from the scene of the divine world. If one wishes to penetrate into the real depths of this esoteric teaching, one must realize that he who understands the entire evolution of mankind knows that the gods have overcome Ahriman by using his forces for the benefit of the Earth, but his power has been broken because the gods themselves learnt to know death in the being of Christ.

The Connection between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, and the Spiritual  World' with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg www.ReverseRit

Indeed, the gods have placed Ahriman into the evolution of the earth, but, in making use of him, they have forced him to come down into the evolution of the earth without completing his own rulership. He who learns to know Ahriman since the Mystery of Golgotha and he who knew him before, knows that Ahriman has waited for the world-historic moment in which he will not only invade the unconscious and subconscious in man, as in the case since the days of Atlantis (you know this through my “Occult Science”), but will invade also man’s consciousness. If we apply human expressions to the willing of gods, we might say that Ahriman has waited with longing for the moment in which to invade human consciousness with his power.

Rudolf Steiner: Inner Impulses Of Evolution(2) Lucifer and Ahriman's Inf...  | Rudolf steiner, Lucifer, Bring happiness
Curt Winston

His purpose was thwarted because he knew nothing of the divine plan whereby a being — the Christ — was to be sent to the Earth, a being who underwent death. Thus the intervention of Ahriman was possible, but the sharp edge was taken off his rule. Since then, Ahriman uses every opportunity to encourage men in the exclusive use of the intellect. Ahriman has not lost all hope today that he will succeed in inducing men to use only their intellect. What would this imply? If Ahriman would succeed in convincing men against all other convictions that man can live only in his body and that, as a spirit-soul being, he cannot be separated from his body, the idea of death would seize the souls so strongly that Ahriman would be able to realize his plans quite easily. Ahriman hopes for this always…In the predominant sway of materialism Ahriman could cherish new hopes for his rule over the earth. In this time even theology becomes materialistic. This gave new hopes to Ahriman.

Ahriman | Search for Meanings
David Newbatt

An antagonism to Ahriman exists today only in the teachings like those that stream through Anthroposophy….

Towards Michaelmas Eurythmy Workshop |
David Newbatt

If we look at the human mind and soul we must say that the most important point in mankind’s evolution lies where man learns to know that the Christ-impulse contains a living force which enables him to overcome death in himself, when he unites himself with it”. ~Rudolf Steiner, Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity, Dornach, April 2nd 1922, GA 211

Chart: 4 positions of crescent moon along steep ecliptic line with Mars, Pleiades, Aldebaran labeled.

15 April 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars

Wynstones Press :: Prints :: Prints from David Newbatt :: Print: Parzival  meets the Fisherking I
David Newbatt

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


FIELD TO FRAGRANCE® | Bible pictures, Bible art, Biblical art

According to Dr. Steiner TODAY is the birthday of Aaron = mountain of strength, illuminator – born in Egypt three years before his brother Moses, & after his sister Miriam.

When the time for the Exodus out of Egypt came, Aaron was the “mouth” or “prophet” of Moses, because he was gifted speaker.

When Moses ascended the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments, Aaron was permitted to accompany him part of the way, & to behold the manifestation in the burning bush.

Later the chiefs of the tribes were each required to bring Moses a rod bearing the name of his tribe. These were laid overnight in the tabernacle, & in the morning it was found that Aaron’s rod “for the house of Levi” budded, blossomed, & yielded almonds. Aaron was able to turn that rod into a snake to try & persuade the Pharaoh to ‘Let the people go’.

Aaron was considered a type of Christ figure in his official character as the 1st high priest, & was intended to lead the people of Israel to look forward to the time when “another priest” would arise “after the order of Melchizedek” (Hebrews 6:20).

Charlie Chaplin Painting by Mr. Brainwash
Robin Rile

1889- Birthday of Charlie Chaplin, English actor, director, producer, screenwriter, & composer

Francisco de Goya, the deaf man who painted the noise - Teller Report

1828 – Death-day of the painter Francisco de Goya

In 1944, during World War II, the allied forces start bombing for the 1st time in Belgrade, killing about 1,100 people. It was Orthodox Easter.


Growing From Dirt - Original Artwork | 50% Off @ Canvas Paintings
Mera Lenon

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I strive
With the chard
Growing in uprightness
A new tendril unfurling
According to a higher purpose…

Anthroposophische Seelenkalender als Wanddruck |

Living into the spheres of cosmic Life and cosmic Light: Easter, Ascension, Whitsun in the Calendar of the Soul with Luigi Morelli, Hazel Archer & Geoff Norris

13 May 2021 Ascension Thursday 5- 6:30pm PT / 6-7:30 pm MT / 7 pm – 8:30 pm CT / 8-9:30 pm ET / 1 am – 2:30 am GMT / 2 am – 3:30 am CET

Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 705 293 1041 – Passcode: Ascension

Find your local number:

Verses & Group Speech – Geoff Norris

Ascension: The Secret Teachings, the Elementals, & The Etheric Christ – Hazel Archer

Calendar of the Soul – Luigi Morelli : For those who are familiar with the Calendar of the Soul we could say that during spring and summer we follow the ascent of cosmic life, cosmic light, cosmic warmth and cosmic Word as gifts bestowed upon the human being by the cosmos. By being receptive to them we strengthen our connection to cosmos and Self.

We will briefly explore the dynamics of the year, then look at what qualities of soul we need to develop as we move into spring and summer, most particularly from Easter to Ascension and Whitsun. We will look at the verses of the calendar in conjunction with the artistic renditions of Anne Stockton and Karl König, drawn for each of the verses.

We will ask ourselves: How can we live into and grow from this time of the year? How can we deepen our inner relationship to the event of Ascension? What can we receive and what can we give?

Luigi Morelli – Cultures have been a great part of my upbringing, since I’m American born, part Italian, part Peruvian, mostly grew up in Belgium, and have lived the longest in the US. I have long had a passion for social change from a cultural perspective. Professionally this has brought me to working with the developmentally disabled in the intentional, holistic, communities of Camphill International and L’Arche International, and also in the mainstream. Being a founding member of the Wavecrest L’Arche Community in Los Angeles was a memorable experience. I have lived in intentional cohousing for the last ten years; first in Ecovillage Ithaca, now at Headwaters Cohousing in Cabot, in both places actively involved in community building and process facilitation.

Since 1999 I have found a vocation in researching/writing both about American history and/or about cultural/spiritual change, which you can find at Only of late have I started writing on meditative material I have used for years, publishing an essay on the Foundation Stone Meditation (also onsite) and one upcoming on the Calendar of the Soul. I love outdoors in many forms, gardening, hiking, skiing, love singing and playing flute, and enjoy most kinds of social events.

Geoffrey Norris was born in Durban, South Africa on 07/09/1951. After extensive performing with the Rock Musical “Hair “in Southern Africa, Portugal and Spain in the early 70’s he continued his theatrical training at the London School of Speech Formation and Dramatic Art, graduating in 1978. He is an actor, storyteller and teacher of voice, movement and drama and has given courses and workshops worldwide integrating the approaches of Rudolf Steiner, Michael Chekhov, Viola Spolin (and others, his own included).and has performed extensively throughout Britain, Eire, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Southern Africa, The United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand. He is a master teacher of Steiner Speech Drama and Movement, with over 46 years of experience in the field.

Norris’s “Noble Art of the Word” puts to shame our modern actors, who fear to bring colour to poetic, rhythmic language, making it monochromatic dull prose. May they learn from one of the best examples.
Theatre Critic – Olsztyn

Celebrating Pentecost King Arthur Style – The Golden Echo

Sangraal: A Pentecost Pilgrimage & Whitsun Festival with the Central Regional Council

After working with Karma & Reincarnation for 3 years the CRC has chossen a new Theme: ‘The Mysteries of the Holy Grail, from Arthur and Parzival to Modern Initiation’

Join us on Whitsunday 23 May 2021, at 11 am PT / 12 noon MT / 1 pm – 2:30 pm CT / 2 pm ET / 8 pm CET

Details coming soon

You are invited to get the Book & Join us for study sessions through out the year as well.

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