“Substances are densified, Faults are judged & rectified, Hearts are sifted – Receive the light”

26 June 2016, ASTRO-WEATHER Pluto passes just due south of the star Pi Sagittarii in northeastern Sagittarius.

363 – Julian the Apostate murdered. Rudolf Steiner speaks a lot about him as Tycho Brahe, astronomer, astrologer & alchemist & Herzeloyde, Percival’s mother, in Karmic Relationships Vol. 4 Lec. 5

405 – St. Vigilius murdered in Rendena Valley, Italy, where he had been preaching against the worship of the god Saturn. Vigilius said Mass & overturned a statue of the god into the River. As punishment, he was stoned to death. Ironically, a statue of the god Neptune stands in front of Vigilius’ shrine in Trent today.

699 – En no Ozuno, a Japanese mystic said to have supernatural powers, regarded as the founder of the folk religion Shugendō, is banished to Izu Ōshima.

1295 – Przemysł II crowned king of Poland. The white eagle is added to the Polish coat of arms.

1407 – Ulrich von Jungingen becomes Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.

1409 – Western Schism: Three men simultaneously claimed to be the true pope. Driven by politics rather than any theological disagreement, the schism was ended by the Council of Constance.

1483 – Richard III becomes King of England


1510 – Michelangelo completes his painting of Jeremiah on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Michelangelo once remarked that “In painting, the idea is an image that the intellect of the painter has to see with interior eyes in the greatest silence and secrecy”. That’s why the prophet Jeremiah has his mouth covered & finger extended in the ‘signum harpocraticum’, an ancient gesture of silence signifying profound esoteric knowledge.

Origen, Christianity’s first theologian, states that you will not understand the prophet’s wisdom “if you do not listen in a hidden manner”. Jeremiah’s books in the Old Testament, like all scripture & art, require an esoteric interpretation.


(For Fuji) 1927 – The Cyclone roller coaster opens on Coney Island

1945 – The United Nations Charter is signed by 5o nations

1963 – U.S. President John F. Kennedy gave his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech, underlining the support of the United States for democratic West Germany shortly after Soviet-supported East Germany erected the Berlin Wall

2000 – Pope John Paul II reveals the third secret of Fátima

2015 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled, that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution


Sun Maiden ROXANA VILLARoxana Villa

Calendar Of The Soul, 14th Week [June 26, 2016 – July 02, 2016]


Surrendering to senses’ revelation

I lost the drive of my own being,

And dreamlike thinking seemed

To daze and rob me of myself.

Yet quickening there draws near

In sense appearance cosmic thinking.



Who is this John the Baptist? (continued)

Before JB baptizes Jesus, opening the way for the cosmic Christ, he brings about an opening for many people, preparing them for their roles as disciples of Christ. By baptizing with water, JB brought about an initiatory near death experience, loosening the etheric body, so they could remember their life as a spiritual being. Into this experience of the past, John spoke his mighty admonition: “Change your hearts and minds!”

After the dove descended on Jesus & He became the Christ, & John the Baptist said, “He must increase and I must decrease’” JB was in prison until his beheading. Then his role changed from that of the “voice of one calling in the wilderness“, to a more inward voice, heard in the stillness of the soul.

Herod who had made him prisoner is haunted by this inner voice. Herod’s wife is also affected & wants to silence this uncomfortable voice, so she has John the Baptist beheaded.

The spirit, or angel, of John the Baptist, becomes the guardian of the apostles, appearing especially in the “rich young man” -Lazarus, continuing his mighty task thru him. It is Lazarus, who undergoes the first initiation in the ‘New Mysteries’, accomplished thru Christ Jesus, achieving the name John. But Instead of being performed in the secret inner sanctum of the temple, as it was in the past, this new initiation was done as an example, out in plain sight. It is not coincidence that they both take on the name John, because Johannes E-O-Ah is a powerful title sounding a high stage of initiation.

Lazarus John, ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’, is the only one who is able to remain mindful thru the events of Passion Week. He is there in full consciousness on Golgotha at the “Turning Point of Time” with Mary the Mother. And, along with Mary Magdalene, he is able to behold the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday.

He becomes the writer of the Gospel of St. John, the most spiritual book in the New Testament. He lives a long life, taking Mother Mary with him to the island of Patmos in Greece, where he is able to receive the prophetic vision of the Book of Revelation, with help from John the Baptist & other heavenly sources, bringing us a vision of the future destiny of humankind.

And the voice of John the Baptist can still be heard today, reminding us to, ‘Make Straight the path’.

Tomorrow I will try to bring a synthesis to this theme

Until soon

Blessings and Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg


uriel RS 2

“For what lies inside the human being is the whole spiritual cosmos in condensed form. In our inner organism we have an image of the entire cosmos”.~ Rudolf Steiner

Come Join us for our St. John’s Festival – Sunday June 26th, 2pm – 4pm

at the Rudolf Steiner Branch  4249 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL. 60618. MAP

He Must Increase but I Must Decrease–  Exploring the Mysteries of Midsummer   

Hammer Dulcimer  Dr. Elaine Wagner

Guest Speaker Robert Karp  Co-Director of the Biodynamic Association

Rudolf Steiner’s Summer Mantra, Read by Elisabeth Swisher

Labyrinth Walk with  Hazel Archer Ginsberg

*PLEASE BRING YOUR JOURNAL, & eurythmy shoes if you have them*

From-The St. John Imagination: The Four Seasons and The Archangels Lecture IV:

“…Thus there arises an imagination of the Trinity, which is really the St. John Imagination. The background of it is Uriel…”

Schaue unser Weben

Das leuchtende Erregen

Das wärmende Leben } The Heights

Lebe irdisch Erhaltendes

Und atmend Gestaltetes –

Als wesenhaft Waltendes } The Depths

Fühle dein Menschengebeine

Mit himmlischen Scheine

Im waltenden Weltenvereine } The Midst, The inner being of Man

Es werden Stoffe verdichtet

Es werden Fehler gerichtet

Es werden Herzen gesichtet. } The Whole, sounding as song & trumpet

The Heights:

Behold our weaving, the kindling radiance, the warming life.

The Depths:

Live in the earth’s sustaining, and in the form-giving breathing,

with the power of true being.

The Midst, The inner being of humanity:

Feel your very bones suffused with heavenly glory

in the sovereign yoga of the worlds.

The Whole:

Substances are densified,

Faults are judged and rectified,

Hearts are sifted – Receive the light

~Rudolf Steiner, Dornach 1923

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  1. love the john writings but what really got me feeling good all over was “the cyclone” ——thank you

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