World Turning 9/11

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Most folks can remember where they were, on that September morning, 22 years & counting ago.

It was autumn, & the new school year had just started. The Perseid meteor showers had been weak in 2001. Michaelmas was on my mind. My husband & I had slept late that day. My morning mediation was scattered, distracted. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast, my daughter, who was not yet 2 years old, was playing up in her room, when the phone rang. It was my friend Rowan. She was crying & whispering: ‘Turn on your TV’. I laughed & said ‘Rowan what is it? You know we don’t watch the tube”. She said ‘O Hazel honey, just turn it on’.

We were in shock. I don’t have to go into what we all felt at that world turning moment.

We tuned off the TV, & I called to see if school was still in session. The folks at the Chicago Waldorf School said, yes, stressing how we all needed to keep the media away from the young ones. In a daze I got the girl ready for our parent/child class. While the children played, the parents sat, quiet, nodding to each other, holding the sacred space for the innocents, speaking only with our eyes about what we had seen.

When I got home my husband said the 2nd tower was hit -The horrendous images repeating in an endless loop on every screen.

Miguel Tio

For many days after, when I would take my girl for walks, or wherever I was, – at work, at the market, I felt a deepened connection to my fellow human beings. People looked each other in the eyes. Folks were kind, helpful, really considerate, even in traffic. We were all brothers & sisters, bonded by this world altering event.

We were all one. Humanity united that day.

These Powerful Photos Capture The Bravery And Selflessness Of 9/11 First  Responders

In trying to make sense of it all, I thought, perhaps this horrible tragedy would become a catalyst for true change. I saw it as a loosening of our collective etheric bodies, providing an opportunity for the angels to work with us, opening humanity to a threshold experience, an initiation, preparing us for the sister/brotherhood of the next epoch.

Remember how still, & quiet it was under clear blue skies in those 1st few days, after, when all the air traffic was halted? Peaceful, heightened, open. 

But soon the shock, & vulnerable open eyed connection gave way to patriotic rhetoric; hateful & boiling, it radiated out infecting the planet.  And anyone not jumping on the war wagon was called unpatriotic / trader / ’conspiracy theory’ lunatic, & roundly silenced. 

Lies became truth. Phantoms became reality. Blood was exchanged for oil. Corporations became people. Our civil liberties were bought & sold. Homeland security invaded our right to privacy – The human soul oppressed by systematic illusion. 

Never mind that VP Dick Cheney was running the largest war-games exercise at the same time as the ‘attacks’. Never mind the connection of the Saudi’s with the Bush dynasty. Never mind the mind, for thinking had been outlawed.

The fallout from 9/11 continues, but perhaps with time, truths will continue to surface bringing change & healing, AND there is always help from the ever present spiritual world, if we look for it. Michael will continue to pour his cosmic iron into our blood; it is up to us to use it to tame the dragon.

David T Nelson

For once, therefore, a man woke up and saw that what mattered was not to proclaim democracy but to see the full reality, not to follow slogans, but to see things as they are. This would be particularly important today, for people would then realize that the events which reign with such blood and terror over the whole of humanity are guided and directed from just a few centers. People will never realize this if they persist in the delusion that nation is fighting nation, and allow the European and American Press to lull them to sleep over the kinds of relations that are said to exist between nations.” ~Rudolf Steiner, Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, : Lecture 14: Into the Future, Dornach, 28 October 1917

Dear Friends, This entire series of lectures: The Spiritual Background of the External World, given at the end of 1917 following 4 horrific years of WW1 – The war that begot every war since – gives Spiritually Scientific insights into the complex forces working behind the scenes. Revealing how most of humanity is asleep to the fact that fallen spirits, cast out of the spiritual worlds, have become intensely active on earth – working particularly in people’s thinking, & in their false perception of world events. It also gives a thru-line that says the defeat & fall of these spirits is ensured when we apply a science of the spirit which is available to us & needed now more than ever.

After 9/11: Photography, the Destructive Sublime, and the Postmodern Archive
  1. Insider Traders Knew About Attacks Before They Happened. Right before the 9/11 attacks, some fishy business happened within the stock market & insurance firms. An “extraordinary” amount of put options were placed on United Airlines & American Airlines stocks, the same airlines that were hijacked during the attacks. Many speculate that traders were tipped off about the attacks & profited from the tragedy. The Securities & Exchange Commission launched an insider trading investigation in which Osama bin Laden was a suspect, after receiving information from at least one Wall Street firm.
  2. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) generals reported that they learned of the hijackings in time to scramble fighter jets, but that they were ordered to stand down ‘because it was a part of a Military war game’.
  3. Is this just like Pearl Harbor? Did our government want to use the attacks to justify an invasion on Iraq & Afghanistan to secure oil interests?
  4. Commercial airplanes’ frames are constructed with a very light aluminum material in order to make it easier to fly. Some believe that missiles or explosives were used to ensure the buildings collapsed. Many scientists & engineers say it looked like a controlled demolition. Many speculate that the towers were in fact blown down with explosives placed in selected locations. Some witnesses recounted hearing explosions inside the building as they attempted to escape. Many architects even maintain that a plane’s fuel cannot produce enough heat to melt the steel frames of the two buildings that collapsed.
  5. The Pentagon crash may be the most puzzling event of the day. Theorists maintain that the impact holes in the Pentagon were much smaller than a commercial American Airlines plane. They also question why the plane was not shot down prior to impact, as well as why the plane impacted a section of the Pentagon that was vacant due to renovations.
  6. According to official reports, the passengers onboard Flight 93 attempted to take back the plane from the hijackers & the subsequent struggle caused the aircraft to crash into an open field in Pennsylvania. As with the Pentagon attack, theorists state that very little plane wreckage was actually discovered in the field – that the crash site itself was too small for an airliner that size, arguing instead that the plane was shot down by the military & so it disintegrated over a larger area.
  7. In the aftermath of the attacks, passports & identification were found as evidence. How did the passports of the terrorists made out of paper survive the same explosion that destroyed buildings?
The Vision of Saint John, El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) (Greek, Iráklion (Candia) 1541–1614 Toledo), Oil on canvas
The vision of St. John ~el Greco

I know you are tired dear friend. It’s all so much. And I know today is an emotional day – But together we can continue to ask urgent & difficult questions, so that we may share healing, which often comes thru shattering insights. This can help us achieve humanity’s highest evolution.

Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn

We can’t rest until we reveal what lies at the root of the corona – our individual & collective Crown – vs. the ‘virus’, & the worldwide pandemic it has caused.  What are the deeper, spiritual realities? Which entities stand behind this world-wide-illness? What can we do to meet this? How can we be spiritually hygienic? What therapeutic practices can we employ?


Is this present world situation meant to be seen as part of a larger series of world-events? – Can we find the connections? All of humanity is being called upon to respond in a radically transformative way. How will we face the issues relating to government lockdowns, police corruption, & the rise of the protest movements that have sprung up in opposition to them. How do these events point to real questions of individual freedom – not a selfish ‘me 1st freedom’, but a true freedom based on love, good will & compassion toward everyone?


And above all, how does all this relate to the essential event of our time – The revealing of The Christ in the etheric; which remains largely hidden behind the veil of materialism?

Here are a few recordings around these important themes:

The Connection Between Epidemics, the Souls of the Dead, & the Spiritual World

“Connections Revealed”

The ‘Crowning’

~Standing in the light of Wisdom’s humble Peace & Love ~hag

9/11 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1932 – Deathday of Fritz Lemmermayer – an Austrian writer, journalist, & close childhood friend of Rudolf Steiner in Vienna.

His father was a portrait painter, his mother a pianist. The shy boy had a particularly close relationship with her and his sister Marie. When Fritz was eight years old, his father died and his mother had to support four underage children under difficult circumstances, and Fritz had to help earn money from then on.

He studied philosophy, history and literature and discovered his love for poetry and soon wrote for a wide variety of journals. His large circle of friends also included the poets Robert Hamerling and Fercher von Steinwand Above all, however, Fritz was also an ardent admirer of Friedrich Hebbel and Richard Wagner , in whose house he visited regularly. His initial inclination towards Schopenhauer’s pessimistic philosophy soon gave way to an unshakable belief in the healing powers of the world Love . A passionate anti-materialist, he wanted to dedicate his life to creating and nurturing spiritual values.

In 1883, Fritz Lemmermayer completed his novel “The Alchemist”, his most important literary achievement, for which Hamerling also found very appreciative words. In 1884, his beloved sister Marie, who had been married to the musician Carl Udel, a confidante of Crown Prince Rudolf , died, which meant that Lemmermayer learned much of the Crown Prince’s life from close quarters. Lemmermayer’s mother also died in 1886 .

Rudolf Steiner met Lemmermayer in the same year 1886 in the circle of the poet Marie Eugenie delle Grazie . An extensive exchange of letters testifies to the close friendship that developed between the two. In “ My Journey ” Steiner reports: “He had just prepared his own meal: two soft eggs on a high-speed cooker; plus bread. He spoke with emphasis as the water surged to boil our eggs: “This will be delicious.” (Lit .: GA 028, p. 141f )

Lemmermayer and Steiner also joined the Vienna artists’ circle, which met weekly in the house of the Protestant pastor Alfred Formey (1844-1901) and his wife Marie on Dorotheergasse. Christine Hebbel , Friedrich Hebbel’s widow, also frequented here .

“It was also in 1888 when I was introduced to the house of the Viennese Protestant pastor Alfred Formey. Once a week a circle of artists and writers gathered there. Alfred Formey had appeared as a poet himself. Fritz Lemmermayer characterized him from the hearts of friends out like this: “Warm-hearted, intimate in his feeling for nature, enthusiastic, almost drunk in faith in God and happiness, this is how Alfred Formey writes his poems in soft, roaring chords. It is as if his step did not touch the hard earth, but as if he was going up in the clouds dozing and dreaming.” And that’s how Alfred Formey was as a person. You felt quite distant when you came to this rectory and at first there were only the master and the housewife there.” ( Lit .: GA 028, p. 157f)

In 1891, Lemmermayer became vice president of the Iduna Writers’ Association , named after Iduna , the Nordic goddess of youth and immortality , which had been founded as a counterweight against the currents of naturalism and in particular against the Young Vienna group led by Hermann Bahr .

After Steiner went to Weimar in the fall of 1890 to work on the publication of Goethe’s scientific writings for the large Weimar Goethe edition , Lemmermayer’s friendship with Martin Greif deepened. In 1893, Lemmermayer published his tragedy “Simson and Delilah,” which ends with the words: “Blessed is it to leave this world of madness and confusion.”

On September 24 , 1924, Lemmemayer was the victim of a dramatic incident. During a walk on the castle grounds in Brodzany, he was attacked by several dogs and was so badly injured from neck to feet that he had to stay in bed for six months. Fever, thrombosis and bilateral pneumonia brought him to the brink of death. It was only thanks to the self-sacrificing care of the then 23-year-old Heinz Robert von Wallpach that he was able to leave his sick bed for the first time at the end of March 1925 and soon afterwards moved to Vienna accompanied by his nurse.

In Vienna, Lemmermayer lived at Neubaugasse 29 until his death. He now got to know and appreciate Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy better and became a member of the Anthroposophical Society in 1926 . In 1927, Lemmermayer fell ill with a severe and rare form of measles and a new case of pneumonia. He now connected more and more with Steiner’s spiritual science and on many journeys through Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland and England he spoke in his subtle way about the time he spent with Steiner in Vienna and also cultivated the memory of Robert Hamerling and Fercher von Steinwand. This resulted in theIn 1929 he published memories of Rudolf Steiner, Robert Hamerling and some personalities of Austrian intellectual life in the 1980s . In addition, Lemmermayer also published some articles in the weekly magazine “ Das Goetheanum ”. ~Anthrowiki

Saturday 23 September 2023

Community Prep-Stir / Potluck / Bon-fire Celebrating

*Autumnal Equinox

*Yom Kippur

*Michaelmas Festival

6 – 8 pm at the Lucchesi-Archer-Ginsberg domicile

Please Bring Food & Drink to share, & a jar for the prep


30 September 2023 – Our Annual Michaelmas Festival & Zinniker Farm Day

Biodynamic preparation making and Michaelmas 2023 – Food for Thought

The time for biodynamic preparation making is come up again very soon.
We will be making and burying the chamomile, yarrow and dandelion compost preparations. This offers hands on activity. We will be walking through grass and work in soil. Please dress accordingly and be ready to get dirty.

After the potluck join Hazel Archer-Ginsberg in an experiential activity at the bon-fire called: Food for Thought –

Bounty: What spiritual gifts have you harvested in your life so far this year?
Farewells: What no longer serves? What is over? Say good-bye and thank you.
Preserves: What will you keep as seed for the future?

Date: September 30th, 2023 at the Zinniker Farm
Time: 1:30pm, potluck dinner
Please bring a dish to share
Suggested donation: $15-25 for more info.

42 thoughts on “World Turning 9/11

    1. Here is dramatic testimony that George Bush ignored every indication of an imminent attack over the 31 days from August 11 to September 10, 2001:

      I will give just one excerpt:

      “31 Days Before 9/11: August 11, 2001 text: President Bush is on vacation in Crawford, Texas, where five days earlier he had been warned by the CIA of a possible attack in a paper titled: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” The document said al Qaeda members were believed to be in the U.S., and that a caller to the U.S. embassy in the United Arab Emirates said “a group of bin Laden supporters was in the U.S. planning attacks with explosives.” According to “The One Percent Doctrine” by Ron Suskind, the president told the CIA briefing officer, “All right. You’ve covered your ass now.”

      It gets worse.

        1. “As a matter of fact, none but advanced Mental Alchemists have been able to attain the degree of power necessary to control the grosser physical conditions, such as the control of the elements of Nature; the production or cessation of tempests; the production and cessation of earthquakes and other great physical phenomena. But that such men have existed, and do exist to-day, is a matter of earnest belief to all advanced occultists of all schools. That the Masters exist, and have these powers, the best teachers assure their Students, having had experiences which justify them in such belief and statements. These Masters do not make public exhibitions of their powers, but seek seclusion from the crowds of men, in order to better work their way along the Path of Attainment. We mention their existence, at this point, merely to call your attention to the fact that their power is entirely Mental, and operates along the lines of the higher Mental Transmutation, under the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism. “The Universe is Mental””— The Kybalion.

          1. Thanks for this quote from the Kybalion, a good reminder of the adept using his powers for good.
            Unfortunately the dark brotherhoods are abusing these energies

            1. What Steve recently commented on, pertaining to KoHW, the three steps in morality and one step in attainment, really hits the mark here. The main difference that sticks out to me – if I may say – is that what we would call ‘evil’ completely bypasses those necessary three steps. Additionally, the main goal seems to be purely on the physical level. That’s a huge difference. A real Master on the side of Good, would never exercise their powers just ‘because they can’, for they understand the ramifications of that… which is primarily interfering with the freedom of other individualities. The Good co-creates while Evil plays God on the physical level. If one takes the necessary steps in morality, there would be sufficient understanding to know that ‘playing God’ totally defeats the purpose of the development of Humanity as a whole. That’s why, I gather, that Masters who do have the ability (of the Good) tend to withdraw because they know it’s not their right to interfere for their own personal desires or power… again, directly impedes on the freedom and autonomy of other individual beings… which essentially interferes with their own development. Meddling and Helping are completely different, while the latter is done (or at least ought to be done) with the utmost discretion and mindfulness. I tend to believe that those who contributed to the A Bomb didn’t put as much thought into whether it was a good thing or a necessary thing. Doing things because they ‘can’ is really a dangerous platform. That’s kind of what come to mind with the Twin Towers. They did it cause they were able to do it… and it was a complete disregard for the lives lost and the trauma caused – to say the least. That’s Evil in a nutshell right there. And that’s actually what falls in the category of black magic, as Steiner says, the ABCs of Black Magic. Just like this video Steve shares of GWB… only a few days after the event, he seems jovial and even jokes.

              1. I think of ‘evil’ & ‘black magic’ as the opposite of Love & Freedom – it’s an intentional disregard, & manipulation of the freedom of others – a deliberate, calculated misuse of power for selfish reasons – Strategically undermining the mineral, plant, animal, human or Angelic Kingdoms for personal gain, or to serve the purpose of an ‘evil’ being – hate breeders, death dealers, mind-stealers, with a total disregard for Christic forces of life.

                gWb was on a lot of xanex or something as I recall – & like every president, king, head of state or whatever the ‘Leader’ is called, everyone is a puppet for the baleful Brotherhoods who are pulling the strings.
                John F. Kennedy & his brother Robert F. Kennedy tried to pull back the bed sheet & what was revealed was the military industrial complex – & so the CIA assassinated them as well as MLK jr., Malcohm X…

                Somehow Jimmy Carter got in. But they put a stop to that rather quick too. They Sabotaged his peace negotiations & cut him down thru the control of the media…And that was the last time there was a Christic presence presiding

                And yes probably the biggest scourge is the fact that so many, as you say: don’t ‘put as much thought into whether it was a good thing or a necessary thing. Doing things because they ‘can’..’ Let’s bring a healing warmth to this ‘lukewarmness’ & practice together the Great Magic of Love in Freedom

                And may we have the discernment & fortitude to align our will with the Divine Will.

              2. Hazel, whatever GWB was on in order to pursue his agenda, only confirms his state of mind. The real issue is about Sorath, c. 1998, and whether our continent is now infected by this kind of operative. This is the burning question. For 22 years now, we have only seen an increase of this kind of operative, and it even works from space satellites, i.e., Space X. Consider the enormous wildfires since 2017. Earth, Air, Water, Fire, all follow a pattern in which the fissionable materials of Earth become the domain of Sorath in order to attempt to destroy Earth. Just follow the progression. Only the Science of Spirit can save. But we are a minority, while 9/11 celebrations tell the “official story” after 22 years about how great America is.

                How do we get Reality back?

              3. It starts with our inner reality – what lives at the heart of our motivations outpictured in our soul forces? Are we working out of a free moral action built from tolerance, & compassion? Can we see when we as individuals miss the mark?
                Can we forgive as Christ forgave? Can we stand with integrity – in mutuality in the economic realm, with equity & equality in the political sphere & freedom in the cultural realm of civil society? Are we willing to meet our karma thru others? Or will we continue to blame & shame those who are our greatest initiators?
                We can’t go back – we must go forward thru the many trials, to co-create a reality based on the Christ impulse – which is the foundation that serves our highest destiny

          2. Greetings,
            there are other 6 Kybalion principles!
            from link,

            Seven Hermetic principles
            A central concept in the book is that there are “seven Hermetic principles, upon which the entire Hermetic philosophy is based”.[4] These are, as literally quoted from the book:

            1. The principle of mentalism

            “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental.”[5]

            2. The principle of correspondence

            “As above, so below; as below, so above.” […] This principle embodies the truth that there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of being and life.[6]

            3. The principle of vibration

            “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”[7]

            4. The principle of polarity

            “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”[8]

            5. The principle of rhythm

            “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”[9]

            6. The principle of cause and effect

            “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law.”[10]

            7. The principle of gender

            “Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes.

            no7 is important too! caduceus represents inner male/female dna,
            and child!==all roads go Rome!=7 chakras kundalini?
            2 from link,

            O son, how many bodies have we to pass through, how many bands of demons, through how many series of repetitions and cycles of the stars, before we hasten to the One alone?

            end is beginning,beginning is end..situation,
            “To be a woman is the last highest incarnation.” – Yogi Bhajan Wahe Guru!
            Namaste mkyogi

    a poem by Roy Sadler

    It rained the final evening of the Twin
    Towers. The programmed dancers did not show
    that night how souls communicate; but, sown
    by then, who had prepared the ground for sin
    to cultivate?— drilled martyrdom?— broken in-
    to promised land?— vouchsafed a virgin’s home?
    — let fear grow war’s lure? — veiled by an aroma
    the morning’s lapis blue of autumn’s hymn
    could not draw back. For war, through centuries,
    prepares the stage for war, and from the heights
    into the caves Technology’s long sights
    aim, aim for control, control of the stories,
    the blue rock’s mysteries… Earth’s treasures… sold:
    black market… and… the blue… the soul may hold…

    A dance performance by the Pickup Performance Company, led by Valda Setterfield (9/17/1934 – 4/9/2023, a British-born American postmodern dancer and actress) illustrating forms of human greeting, scheduled to take place in the plaza between
    the Twin Towers on the evening of 9/10/2001 was cancelled because of a rainstorm
    before a beautiful sunlit morning in the early hours of the 11th.
    Valda, I and a third actor, performed a version of Medea, “Medead”, with a chorus
    of drama students at Lancaster (NW of England) 2 months later.
    Lapis Lazuli, crudely mined with dynamite by the Northern Alliance in NE Afghanistan,
    helped fund their war against the Taliban, raising it’s believed about $5 million a year.

  2. I thank you deeply for your insightful, courageous, compassionate and clarion call in this post around 90/11.
    Also, I stepped out on my balcony and saw the moon and Venus an hour before sunrise just as you had depicted it. Brilliant and moving.

    1. Last night my beloved & I watched the documentary by Oliver Stone about the assassination of JFK. These things are all connected…
      Thank the heavens that the spiritual beings speak so brilliantly – ever waiting now for us to join the conversation. The word must live thru us. I was out early this morning walking our dog Winifred & the Parzival crescent Moon holding the host was sailing next to the Goddess of Love & communication – thrilling.

  3. Hazel,

    The 22 year anniversary evokes for me the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot as expressed in Valentin Tomberg’s “magnum opus” of Christian Hermeticism: Meditations on the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

    1. The Rosicrucian’s & Kabbalists have used Symbolic representations as a means of understanding the Universe for century’s
      22 the # of the letters in our Alpha Omega

  4. Greetings,

    Remembering 9/ 11

    9/11,’ a Poem by Robert Pinsky

    We adore images, we like the spectacle
    Of speed and size, the working of prodigious
    Systems. So on television we watched

    The terrible spectacle, repetitiously gazing
    Until we were sick not only of the sight
    Of our prodigious systems turned against us

    But of the very systems of our watching.
    The date became a word, an anniversary
    That we inscribed with meanings–who keep so few,

    More likely to name an airport for an actor
    Or athlete than “First of May” or “Fourth of July.”
    In the movies we dream up, our captured heroes

    Tell the interrogator their commanding officer’s name
    Is Colonel Donald Duck–he writes it down, code
    Of a lowbrow memory so assured it’s nearly

    Aristocratic. Some say the doomed firefighters
    Before they hurried into the doomed towers wrote
    Their Social Security numbers on their forearms.

    Easy to imagine them kidding about it a little,
    As if they were filling out some workday form.
    Will Rogers was a Cherokee, a survivor

    Of expropriation. A roper, a card. For some,
    A hero. He had turned sixteen the year
    That Frederick Douglass died. Douglass was twelve

    When Emily Dickinson was born. Is even Donald
    Half-forgotten?–Who are the Americans, not
    A people by blood or religion? As it turned out,

    The donated blood not needed, except as meaning.
    And on the other side that morning the guy
    Who shaved off all his body hair and screamed

    The name of God with his boxcutter in his hand.
    O Americans–as Marianne Moore would say,
    Whence is our courage? Is what holds us together

    A gluttonous dreamy thriving? Whence our being?
    In the dark roots of our music, impudent and profound?–
    Or in the Eighteenth Century clarities

    And mystic Masonic totems of the Founders:
    The Eye of the Pyramid watching over us,
    Hexagram of Stars protecting the Eagle’s head

    From terror of pox, from plague and radiation.
    And if they blow up the Statue of Liberty–
    Then the survivors might likely in grief, terror

    And excess build a dozen more, or produce
    A catchy song about it, its meaning as beyond
    Meaning as those symbols, or Ray Charles singing “America

    The Beautiful.” Alabaster cities, amber waves,
    Purple majesty. The back-up singers in sequins
    And high heels for a performance–or in the studio

    In sneakers and headphones, engineers at soundboards,
    Musicians, all concentrating, faces as grave
    With purpose as the harbor Statue herself.

    More recent natural disasters.earthquakes Morocco,Indonesia,floods in HongKok,
    hurricanes/cyclones..we humans live in misery…namaste,mkyogi

  5. Hazel,

    Notice that 9/11 takes place 3 years after 1998 the year of the 666 x 3 intensification of Sorath’s entry into earthly evolution.

    It seems that his arrival on the scene demanded some kind of “Anti-Christ Baptism” in 1998 that culminated 3 years later in his version of the Mystery of Golgotha enacted on a mass ritual murder scale in 2001.

    Sorathic Thinking inspires Arabism

    1332 = 666 x 2
    Sorathic Thinking+Feeling celebrates the torture then fiery death of the Templars

    1998 = 666 x 3
    Sorathic Thinking+Feeling+Willing in the fiery torture and death of 9/11 that turns the Golgotha event inside out.

    I quote below from the Priests’ course in 1924.

    Lectures to Priests: The Apocalypse, Lecture 8
    GA 346, Dornach, 12 September 1924

    “When the first 666 went by, Soradt was still hidden in the evolutionary course of events; one didn’t see him in an external form; he lived in the deeds of Arabism, although initiates could see him.

    When the second 666 came, he already showed himself in the thinking and feeling of the tortured Templars.

    He will show himself before the end of this century already, and he will appear in a great many people as a being by whom they will be possessed.

    One will see people coming up to one and one will not be able to believe that they are really human beings. They will develop in a very strange way even outwardly. They will be intensive, strong natures outwardly with fierce features and a destructive rage in their emotions; they will have a face in which one will see a kind of a beast’s face outwardly.

    Soradt men will also be recognizable outwardly; they will be those who not only ridicule spiritual things, — they will fight it in the most terrible way and they will want to thrust it down into a cesspool. One will see that what is concentrated in a small region in present-day Russian communism will be inserted into the whole earth evolution of humanity.


    However, 666 was there once at the time when Arabism shot into Christianity in order to press the seal of materialism upon western culture. It is there a second time after another 666 went by as 1332 in the 14th century. There we have another rising of the beast from the waters of world events. To someone who sees like the Apocalypticer does, world events seem like a continual surging of the 666 epoch.

        1. ‘But Truth possesses powers which always help it to victory against any hostile forces.’
          Rudolf Steiner
          Anthroposophy and Christianity. Norrkoping July 13, 1914.

          1. Thank you Maureen – I had not read this lecture before, so interesting to see what Steiner brings. Here are a few more thoughts from this lecture:
            “The first stage of spiritual research is separation of the soul-spiritual from the bodily nature. The second is entering into relationship with beings that work behind the scenes of the sensory world…
            Another exercise we need to do is to intensify our feeling of devotion — devotion felt in everyday life and in life’s special moments as religious reverence. This devotion must be boundlessly heightened and developed, so that a person can reach the stage of giving himself devoutly over to the stream of cosmic events…
            A new world now dawns before him, a world that is always inhabited by his soul-spiritual being…
            Anyone can become a researcher in the field of the spirit; you can find the ways described in the books mentioned earlier. But it is also true that a person who is not a researcher in this field can be permeated by the truth if he lets it work upon him without bias. Otherwise, he won’t be able to free himself from prejudices. All truth resides in the human soul. Not everybody may be able to achieve the seer’s view of spiritual truth, but the more our thinking is freed from sensory realms, the more fully it can follow the spiritual scientist as he draws our attention to his findings along spiritual paths. He only wants to make us aware that there are truths that can spring to life in every soul because they are already dormant in it…
            He who truly bears the Christ-Sun in his soul knows that the Christ-Sun shines on every continent. And regardless of what may still be discovered, either in realms of nature or in realms of spirit, the “America of the spirit” will never be discovered unless truly religious life turns with a sense of belonging toward the Christ-Sun as the center of our existence on the earth, unless that Sun shines — warming, illumining, and enkindling our human souls…

            Spiritual science lives in this conviction. It speaks out of this conviction to contemporary culture. It knows that truly religious thinking and feeling cannot be endangered by research of any kind, but that only weak religious sentiment has anything to fear. Spiritual science knows that we can trust our sense for truth. Through the shattering events in his soul life which he has experienced objectively, the spiritual researcher knows what lives in the depths of the human soul. Through his investigations he has come to have confidence in the human soul and has seen that it is most intimately related to the truth. As a result, he believes — signs of the times to the contrary — in the ultimate victory of spiritual science. And he counts on the truth-loving and genuinely religious life of the human soul to bring about this victory.”


        2. Nishimura Comet discovered on August 12 meets solar conjunction of Mercury. We know what comets mean for cleaning out the astral world of human debris:

          Then, the Super Blue Moon of August 30th leads us through to Shamballa, which traverses 9/11 in order that Sorath is fully exposed after 22 years. 11 x 2 is a magical equation of sorts, just like the 22 Laws of Manu. The Dodecahedron was formed along these lines by hearing Plato’s dialogues.

          Today, the conspiracy has been fully revealed since 2012, and it took a woman to do it. She actually wrote the book in 2008, and it became a breakthrough initiative. The Energy of the future in the wrong hands leads to disaster.

          The government would have the “official story” be the only truth. They do this by way of suppression.

            1. The timing of 9/11 had its own pattern of development in the realm of high-energy particle physics. Dr. Wood’s video shows the effects in detail, but she declines to implicate the source. It was Tevatron, and by March 2001, when Tevatron II was rolled out, it contained the infamous “god particle”. This was later confirmed before Tevatron was shut down in September 2011.

              “The main achievement of the Tevatron was the discovery in 1995 of the top quark—the last fundamental fermion predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. On July 2, 2012, scientists of the CDF and DØ collider experiment teams at Fermilab announced the findings from the analysis of around 500 trillion collisions produced from the Tevatron collider since 2001, and found that the existence of the suspected Higgs boson was highly likely with a confidence of 99.8%, later improved to over 99.9%”.

              “Tevatron collider Run II begun on March 1, 2001, after successful completion of that facility upgrade. From then, the beam had been capable of delivering an energy of 980 GeV”.



              1. I remember looking into this back then. Thanks for the reminder, its so easy to forget they there are many layers working here

              2. Dr. Judy Wood’s presentation is all about the use of a direct free energy beam coming from somewhere in or outside the towers. The photographic evidence is overwhelming in its depiction of this as a totally planned event involving the entire WTC complex. You see, the truth has to be told in stages. It is all in the timing. By 2008, which is the first 7 year increment after 2001, a new perspective was given; top down destruction. By 2012, all the video evidence was made available. The Towers were demolished, and all that was left was their footprint.

                I’m just hoping that a few people are watching that video presentation from the Breakthrough Energy Conference in Holland in November 2012.

              3. Rudolf Steiner would have classified these acts of destruction as the efforts of science to stir up the Elementals. This is the first experience of the elementary world. We experience Evil.


                Earth, Air, Water, Fire, are all categories of scientific exploration and achievement. That is why the 20th century was seen as the fallout of Kali Yuga, which ended in 1899. It was known by the gods that unbridled expansion would occur in the realm of science and technology. That is why the slim margin of spiritual science was brought to us through Rudolf Steiner.

                Roy Sadler made an interesting comment about the weather pattern of September 10, 2001, in the New York area, and even a hurricane was forecast, which was diverted by the next day of September 11th. By then, the sun was shining and the necessary wind drift had been created in order to send the dustified debris of the buildings to the east. This is because eight years before 9/11, in 1993, the HAARP study for manipulating the earth’s ionosphere had proved successful in manipulating weather patterns.

                This is the science that exists today, and it is evil. Steiner told that it would happen. He left it for his final leading thoughts.

                Whenever 9/11 comes up, it bites me big. Thanks, Hazel, for memorializing it again. Spiritual Science is now in a position to fit the puzzle pieces here for an explanation. Evil will rule the world as long as it can get away with it. That is why the Apocalypse was written. Yet, only anthro’s even care to decipher it. And, we are definitely a minority working in the world.

                So, how do we actually change things today? The recent history is heaped against us. We can’t even count on the GAS, and so, where do we go?

              4. So true that all realms are affected by the immoral use of Technology & science. Especially in the elemental realm. We are meant to redeem them not harness them to the sub ethers…

                What must above all, become strong and forceful, are the soul experiences we can call the eminently moral ones. These imprint themselves as soul dispositions in firmness of character and inner resolute calm. Inner courage and firmness of character must most especially be developed, for through weakness of character we cripple the whole life of soul, which would then come powerless into the elemental world; this we must avoid if we hope to have a true and correct experience there. No one who is really earnest about gaining knowledge in the higher worlds will therefore fail to give weight to the strengthening of the moral forces among all the other forces that help the soul enter those worlds. One of the most shameful errors is foisted on humanity when someone takes it on himself to say that clairvoyance should be acquired without paying attention to strengthening the moral life.
                ~Rudolf Steiner – GA 147 – Secrets of the Threshold – Lecture III – Munich, 26 August 1913

              5. Greetings,
                from link,
                “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.”
                And let us be quite sure of this: All that is physical world on this earth will be destroyed, will not merely pass into a state of sleep, but of destruction — and something new must evolve. But whence will this “something new” come?
                2 from link
                Intervals of the Life on Earth
                But for one who wishes to understand the world, it is necessary in the strictest sense of the word to look also at so-called destruction, at processes of dissolution, at what finally arises, as far as the physical world is concerned, as a streaming-out toward nothingness.
                We observe this destruction in the time between death and a new birth; and, when the character of the earlier period has been extinguished, when nothing more of it is there, when the things which, as it were, mattered to us in previous incarnations have been destroyed, the moment comes when we re-enter earthly existence. Just as, in the second half of our life, our life is a kind of erosion of our physical existence, so there must occur, between death and a new birth, a wearing-away of earthly conditions, an annihilation, a destruction. And new conditions, a new surrounding must be there, into which we are born.

                what a predictions!!

                seems we are heading towards destruction..present earthquakes floods cyclones etc..Libya flood killed @2500.
                money /high prices,food scarcity etc human created disasters?list is long..
                we as civilized humans too equally responsible no way back..

              6. I don’t know why I thought of this, but a long time ago I had read up on Drunvalo Melchizedek and his take on human history. One thing that stood out rather peculiar was description of Martians using a ‘synthetic’ Mer Ka Ba, and it essentially ripped a vortex – of sorts – bringing in lower dimensional beings.

                Not to get into the veracity of what Melchizedek said, I do wonder what kind of ‘can of worms’ gets opened with this kind of energy technology. What comes to mind is that there is an opposing force to whatever caused the Towers to ‘dustify’ – as Judy Wood says (or ‘dustification’). Then I think about this telling of a synthetic Mer Ka Ba field, and it’s detrimental effects. Essentially, I’ve always had this notion that Human beings are just as capable to produce supernatural feats. The difference, however, is that technological feats – no matter how ‘supernatural’ the effects are – are an aberration to what could be ‘Good’… thus, feats of ‘Evil’.

                Steve brought up HAARP, and I was reminded of a signifcant encounter I had back in 2017. I was hitch hiking in Oregon, and this was the morning after an outdoor festival I had attended. So this fellow picked me up, and he had this Merlin look to him. Driving his rusty Jeep, we had exchanged pleasantries and small talk, and then he asked me what I thought about the weather yesterday. What happened at the festival, was that there was a forecast of rain showers, and certainly dark clouds were seen all around. The strange thing was that the festival grounds didn’t have a cloud above it, but all around was cloudy and even raining. It was really bizarre. What this Merlin type guy told me, was that he caused the weather to do that, and he said he was able to do that because he believe in Jesus Christ. And you know what? I believed it, and still do. It was the way he said it, completely happy, and carrying on like it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

                I guess what I am trying to say, is that as powerful as technology can be, it pales in comparison to the miraculousness of ‘Being’ Human, and the potentialities latent in it. The Kybalion even states that human beings can get to point where they can influence the weather. It’s not a far fetched thing, really. But the real miracles come – if I may stick my neck out in saying so – with understanding Christ and our relationship to Christ. Miracles, then, are not about flaunting power, but being a conscious co-creator in this physical plane. I do think this is what The Magus, really is about.. one hand up, the other down – just look at Steiner’s sculpture of Christ and you see the same pose.

                So, what I think is happening might be very similar to what might have occurred in Lemuria. Technology, really, is a form of Dark Arts when used in such a way as ‘dustifying’ skyscrapers… even television could be seen that way, as it has an effect of an ‘enchantment’ over the majority of the population.

                Well, big subjects brought up on this thread!

              7. It’s true that our physical world is made up of opposing polarities. We could give many examples. So often substances that could be used for healing are used for ill. It’s up to us how we use technology, or how we interact or not with the forces of nature etc.

                For over 15 years I facilitated a Full Moon community circle outside by the lake with a huge fire-pit. As we know the full moon time often brings rain. So every month I would have a conversation with the elementals asking if perhaps it would suit everyone’s best interest if perhaps the rain could hold off until after the Circle. I would accompany this request with food & incense offerings, songs or prayers & O they loved receiving the gift of dance, they especially responded to eurythmy. Out of those 100’s of circle gatherings we had maybe 3 times when we had to cancel due to rain. And of those times it was clear they needed to have that storm at that time & I was fine with that.

                So I relate to your festival story.

                Also I recently looked into the sacred geometry of the Mekahbah & made a start with working with it for a presentation I did for the Infinity Foundation for Ascension. Here is the link

                So we can turn these energies toward to good.

              8. Janet commented to this remark about where do we go from here:

                “Excellent question. Let’s take it to the spiritual world”.

                Yes, this is our only recourse. The spiritual world needs to know that we humans are on to this kind of conspiracy, which is the conspiracy against humanity itself. If 3000 lives were dustified into oblivion, and the US government caused it in order to officially start the War on Terror, then the spiritual world needs to here about it.

                Ref. “So, how do we actually change things today? The recent history is heaped against us. We can’t even count on the GAS, and so, where do we go?”

                Thanks, Janet, and I hope you were referring to these remarks. 22 years of keeping to the “official story” is about as pathetic as it gets. The world needs voices that speak to those above, who are shaking their heads in commiseration about how pathetic the earthly world has become. And, they sent Rudolf Steiner to us!!

              9. Yes, I was referring to those remarks. Yesterday, I read Hazel’s writing on the egregore — ‘a positive group thought-form when intentionally created becomes a kind of ‘entity’ with power and help and influence.” And that, too , is where I think our help will come from.
                This includes the meditations from Herbert Hahn for thinking, feeling and willing and saying them in reverse as Hazel has presented.
                Has Hazel has written, “We have the power to manifest thought forms of good will together — to collectively build a cognitive imagination of Michael-Christ-Sophia protecting and embracing us with love and light.”
                Also, last night the ASA had a “Know Thy Self” presentation by Jennifer on Soul Types,
                which have to do with the planets, and Laura Embry on form drawing. By doing these forms we can call on the qualities of the planets to help transform our astral bodies and thus be more effective in our work in the world. There is still time to sign up for it . It is being organized by the Anthroposophical Society of Greater Boston. It starts Sept. 19 on Zoom from 2 to 4 pm.
                Onwards and upwards. Adelante! Siempre Adelante!

              10. September 13: Enlivening Our Soul Styles Through Form Drawing with Laura Embrey and Jennifer Goodman
                Laura Embrey and Jennifer Goodman will give a taste their research into Rudolf Steiner’s Seven Soul Styles model of planetary influences on our personality and soul development. This model opens us to ways of expanding our capacities and bringing more consciousness and flexibility to our thinking, feeling, and willing. Enhancing the experience, by helping us connect with our spiritual guidance, form drawing supports our efforts to draw upon the archetypal characteristics of each soul style.

    1. In the Russian Orthodox Church 9/11 is the feast day of the Beheading of John the Baptist. I’ve always thought this was profoundly significant.

      1. Thank you for that observation, Janet! You’ve inspired me to make a further observation about that date expressed in numbers.

        In the USA, 9/11 means September 11 because we put the month before the day. But in Europe, it is reversed. To a native German, 9/11 signifies November 9.

        November 9, 1938 marks Kristallnacht in Germany, the Night of Broken Glass.

        There are 63 years between 11/9 and 9/11.

        Given the importance Steiner assigns to the 3 x 3 seven-year periods of human development in a single lifetime:

        birth to 21
        21 to 42
        42 to 63

        Can we discern any Sorathic anti-human, anti-Christ patterns during the years marking the “octaves” of these nine 7 year cycles?


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