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Astral Sweep

Comet Pons-Winnecke historical
This illustration by Scriven Bolton accompanied a 1921 Popular Science Monthly article about how 7P/Pons-Winnecke was originally thought to be on a collision course with Earth that year. Calculations by astronomer E. E. Barnard showed otherwise.
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Comet 7P/Pons-Winnecke graces the early morning sky.

French astronomer Jean Louis Pons discovered this comet in June 1819, which was then rediscovered in March 1858 by German astronomer Friedrich Winnecke. Comet 7P/Pons-Winnecke belongs to the Jupiter family of comets, returning every 6.4 years. TODAY 27 May 2021 it reaches Perihelion – watch it on Sky Live. Catch this comet from May through August as it wings southeast across the morning sky from Aquila to Phoenix.

Comet 7P/Pons-Winnecke finder chart
Chris Marriott’s SkyMap

“Rudolf Steiner points out that the nature of the nucleus of the comet is quite different from that of the tail. The nucleus attracts/collects harmful, astral substance which densifies around the nucleus as it progresses further into our physical universe, taking on material form, then carries this harmful astral substance out of our planetary system. This substance is transformed by the comet and that which streams out in the tail is of a different composition as a result. This comet tail, according to astronomy, can be millions of miles long. For example, the Halley’s comet tail plumed 150 million miles long, as far out from the Sun as the orbit of Mars. The unpredictable and erratic nature of the comet also applies to the tail. If the comet behaved according to physical laws of gravity, it would follow that the tail would sweep behind the comet in the direction flowing from its trajectory, much like for example how the wake of a boat or flow of air follows the nucleus creating it. However, the tail of the comet always points away from the Sun towards the cosmic periphery rather than streaming behind the nucleus following its direction. That which becomes material through attraction to the comet as it sweeps more and more into the physical solar system on its path towards the sun, is burned away as densified negative astral substance and carried out of the solar system. If a comet fragments and decomposes, it has achieved its purpose.

Comets page 5b

Steiner speaks of how what remains of the fragments and the transformed particles in the tail actually then become the substance of the meteors with their iron, which we experience in the meteor showers. In fact, even modern astronomy confirms that the meteor showers are experienced annually when the Earth passes through the remnants of a comet from an earlier time. So what is this “astral” substance that is attracted to the spiritual force center, materializes and then burns away transformed into the tail and carried out of our solar system? We know from spiritual science that in all levels of cosmic consciousness, of cosmic being, there are also regressive beings who work as a resistance to the forward movement of evolution.

Halley's comet. Original painting by ZheKa | Artfinder
Petra Kasika

We also are especially aware that humanity creates destructive and harmful astral forces out of materialism, passions, wars, desires, etc. which also stream out into the cosmos from the Earth, particularly at times of solar eclipses. Thus it is necessary that these darkening and stormy astral impulses be swept out of the cosmos in order to allow for the progress of evolution. If you consider human life on earth you will admit that…there arise a number of astral beings, of astral forms, which are actually harmful, hindering to life. From humans themselves stream forth continually, erroneous, base, evil thoughts; these…pass out into the astral world… Everything of a cometary or meteoric nature is ever striving to collect round itself all the harmful astral products, and to remove them out of the planetary system. (Steiner, Helsingfors lectures)

"Cometa, Latin for Comet" Original Painting — Latin for Glory
Estella Laponti

Thus the spiritual force center forms the nucleus of attraction, drawing to itself the harmful astrality in the cosmos, where it collects and densifies, even becoming mineral, and then is transformed and carried out of the planetary universe into the “nothingness” of the higher spiritual realms as the comet then disappears having completed its task. Even modern astronomy calls the appearance of comets, an “apparition”. ~Jonathan Hilton, astrosophy.com

Reach for the Stars - Rozelle Art Fest, LOST Art Trail | Astronomy artwork,  Lost art, Art

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s orginal Calendar of the Soul, The Present Age magazine, Wikipedia)

COMET -Two Suns - Painting | DirtyPilot
John Russo

27 May 2021

Mateo Cerezo

Birthday of Mary Magdalene – “…Mary Magdalene focuses on the inner worlds of initiation. We imagine that, not through outer pomp and pageantry, but through gnosis or direct knowing, she seeks union with the Divine. Hers is the path of the sacred marriage, accomplished within.” ~ from the preface of ‘The Gospel of Mary Magdalene’ by Jean-Yves Leloup, David Tresemer, PhD, and Laura-Lee Cannon.

The Barque of Dante by Eugène Delacroix – my daily art display
The Barque of Dante by Eugène Delacroix

1265 – Birthday of Dante (thought to be reincarnated as King John of Saxony. Beyond his political work, John was busy with literature. Under the pseudonym Philalethes he translated to German Dante’s Divine Comedy)

John Calvin on Job: Sermons of a pastor – Covenant

1564 – Deathday of John Calvin an influential French theologian & pastor during the Protestant Reformation, called Calvinism, influenced by the Augustinian tradition. The aim of Calvin’s political theory was to safeguard the rights and freedoms of ordinary people.

Niccolò Paganini | Article | The Strad

1840 – Deathday of Paganini an Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, & composer – the most celebrated violin virtuoso of his time.

1907 – Bubonic plague breaks out in San Francisco

An Earth Day remembrance of Rachel Carson who gave birth to the modern  environmental movement – Fund for a Better Waterfront

1907 – Birthday of Rachel Carson, American biologist, environmentalist, and author

File:Chicago world's fair, a century of progress, expo poster, 1933, 2.jpg  - Wikipedia

1933 – The Century of Progress World’s Fair opens in Chicago

Talia Stanton

~I follow the path to the Sun
Moment by moment, season to season
But to travel East is to grieve in darkness.
I find my star radiating from the Earth Heart
Shining in the rainbow clouds
Working in my skin.
And so I reflect with the Moon, cycle by cycle
Toting fertile moisture in the mix
My skeleton filling with the resurrection
I shall not fall to forgetfulness.

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