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Become what you Will

Baily Jones

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Jennifer Beck

To meditate is to become a stage where the eternal and transitory meet, so that our actions can become those of the eternal, for which we are but mediators; we are the eyes and the hands of the primal spirit, who sees and creates through us. Out of the spirit, then, let us create a better world.”-Rudolf Steiner

Hima af Kint

Dear Friends – Our imaginative cognition is a treasure when it spins out scenarios that are aligned with our higher “I”. Then it’s an indispensable tool in creating a reality that brings in the flow of the universe. Nothing manifests on the material plane unless it first exists as a mental picture. We can form images of the tools we hope to wield in the world, & the conditions we’d like to inhabit.

Rachel Handly

But for most of us, the imagination is as much a curse as a blessing. We are just as likely to use it to conjure up premonitions that are at odds with our conscious values. Fearful fantasies regularly pop up, many disguising themselves as rational thoughts & genuine intuitions. They hijack our psychic energy, directing it to exhaust itself in dead-end deliberations.

Meanwhile, ill-suited longings are also lurking in our unconscious mind, impelling us to want things that aren’t good for us. Anytime we surrender to their allure, our imagination is practicing a form of black magic.

Berty Willis

These unsavory aspects of our imagination are what Zen Buddhists describe as the chatter of the “monkey mind.” If we can stop associating our sense of self with this endless surge of slapdash distractions & fruitless fantasies, then we can ‘Be Here Now’ to see what is actually needed.

di Vinci

But whether our imagination is in service to our noble ideals or in the thrall of compulsive fears & inappropriate yearnings, there is one thing for sure: These thoughts can become prophesies.

Of course many of our visions of the future do not come to pass – Thank the good gods – The situations we expect to occur & the experiences we rehearse & dwell on, all the worry about the future, just zaps us, & lames our will. It’s downright self-destructive to keep infecting our imaginations with pictures of loss & failure, doom & gloom, fear & loathing.

Freddy Zentral

The far more sensible approach is to anticipate & actualize blessings…

Join us everyday at 10:10 am/pm when we can join our cognitive imagination together to become spiritual warriors, and endeavor to take up the practice of building up positive imaginations on the inner planes as a counterforce to the adversarial forces working in the world. This is a “key-call” to the Spiritual Powers aligned with love and light, to enlist their aid.

This verse can be an anchor for a group Thought-Form created by our Willed Visualization– to be conceived each day at 10:10 AM, (&/or PM)wherever you are, so it moves like a wave across the globe:

“When I think light, my soul shines,
When my soul shines, the earth is a star,
When the earth is a star, then I am, a true human being”. 
~Herbert Hahn

Our Good Will becomes a cosmic energy field for healing – “Seed ideas in the group mind of humanity”, to co-create our highest intentions for the evolution of humanity – that the Earth may become a Sacred Planet – a Sun – and every Human Being a Star. “What is sown in our highest thought will grow and bear seed.” It only takes the square root of any number of people to create change.

See you, dear friends, in the ethers every day 10:10 AM, (&/or PM) (10 is the number of completion, but please don’t worry if you can’t tune in at 10:10, just do it whenever you think of it, which may be many times a day, or perhaps only occasionally, don’t stress it, just do what you can with a loving heart-mind)

PLEASE SHARE THE GOOD WORD (& Let me know if you are taking on the project)

“When 2 or more are gathered…”


Len Kemmer

Learn to dance, or else the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you”.  ~Saint Augustine

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

Sarazen Brooks

20 January 2022 “Speaking with the Stars”: It’s time to get in your last good views of Jupiter for a while. As the month progresses this being will be seen lower & lower in the West after sunset.

Sunrise: 7:18 A.M.
Sunset: 5:05 P.M.
Moonrise: 7:51 P.M.
Moonset: 9:13 A.M.
Moon Phase: Waning gibbous (93%) ~astronomy.com

Joe Egan

POD (Poem Of the Day)

~ I will change –
A task that needs rising to…
Change is a dying, a dreaming, an awakening…
I must earn my Sky-Heart…
To become what I will