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The Journey Never Ends

Rebecca Yanovskaya

Greetings friends on this Eve of Epiphany – Today was the last day of our Holy Nights Storytelling Journey with the Epic of Gilgamesh sponsored by the ASA. May we take the energies we have raised together into a deep digestion, & may the many seeds planted & the insights shared light the way for the Wise Kings, thru the warming of our shepherds hearts.

Yesterday in Tablet 11 we heard how after his failed initiation, Gilgamesh returned to Uruk. In the evening lectures of the Christmas Conference Steiner speaks to this saying: “He travelled along the Danube, following the river on its northern bank, until he came again to his home, to the home of his choice.” When we connect the dots we find that this little fact opens us to a clue in Rudolf Steiner’s autobiography, where we learn that as a young man Steiner himself walked along the northern bank of the Danube River every day for 7 years to & from school. And so it is, that destiny brought young Rudy into Austria-Hungary, in part to experience first-hand the connection with the powerful Atlantean Mystery Center in Burgenland where Gilgamesh meets ‘The Faraway Man’ – Utnapishtim, who Steiner likens to Manu or Noah, & calls the “High Priest of Atlantis”.

The entire Epic, being a telling of Steiner’s own biography as Eabani, has much to offer us. Our storytelling was a good start in the unveiling of the many secrets hidden in this ‘Hero’s Journey’ of human evolution – a story of karmic ties & friendship – & a quest for the meaning of life – revealing Steiner’s core mission of bringing karma & reincarnation to the west.

At the end of our final chapter in the reading of Tablet #12 today, Director of Programs Tess Parker announced that Dr. David Gershon had crossed the Threshold.

May be an image of nature and sky
The Sky on David Gershon’s death day – Excellent dusk photo with Venus , Mercury and Saturn + Asteroid A1 Leonard (currently in Piscis Austrinus – The Southern Fish constellation) with distinct tail!

Interesting to conceive that this amazing individual choose to cross the Threshold during the appearance of The asteroid A1 Leonard, the Quadrantids meteor shower, with Venus, Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn speaking with the crescent Moon in the South West after sunset.

I have had the privilege of knowing the good doctor for many years. His dry sense of humor & will-filled enthusiasm never failed to enlighten & inspire me. So many stories…He was always volunteering me for things. One time sitting in a large circle of colleagues at the Michael Fields Institute, folks were having a hard time communicating, so he starting waving his hands calling for a stop. When he had everyone’s attention, he said: ‘What we need is for Hazel to bring everyone together in a Michaelmas festival – the farmers & the city folk, the families & Anthro-heads together under the sword & shield of Michael.’ And so for a year we planned together what that could look like. And in 2019 we brought these diverse groups together at Angelic Organics Farm for a big fest – including an amazing ‘Farm to Table’ dinner. This awoke the social artistry that lives so deeply in Farmer John Peterson; & it dove tailed into Chuck Ginsberg & me creating the Family Farm Initiative with the Zinniker Farm.

As an Anthroposophical Doctor David knew how important nutrition is, so he was a big supporter of biodynamics.

Arnold Böcklin

The dead rise and walk about / the eternal fields of thought”. ~From Wendall Berry as an opening quote for a book of remembering.

Dear David, I will rise to meet you in my thinking so that together we can continue to walk in those ‘eternal fields of thought’

Blessings on your Hero’s Journey in the Spiritual World.