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Bring Love into Willing

Szabolcs Bodo

~Today I will
Seize darkness by its limbs & shake it –
So that the souls of the good
Ancient swallowed gods
Fall out of the belly of obscurity –
The old, the few, the forgotten
Thought back into being
Whispering the secrets of Renewal
To bring Love into Willing…

16 January 2022 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Welcome to the Eve of the 1st Full Moon of 2022 – the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon. We experience the energy of a Full Moon as it is cresting, so 3 days before, & also for 3 days after; though the real power is in the Eve before hitting exact on January 17, at 5:48 p.m. CST

Interesting to think of the Hopi name for this moon – Paamuya or Moon of Life at its Height – comparing the January Full Moon to the Summer Sun, for it follows the path of the Sun six months from now, riding high in the sky.

Thinking of it in terms of constellations, the January Sun beams in front of the constellation Capricornus. The January Full Moon shines in front of the constellation Cancer. Six months from now, the Sun will shine in front of that constellation.

All Full Moons are opposite the Sun. So we can expect to see Bella Luna in the East at dusk, tonight and tomorrow. She will climb upward in the evening hours, and soar to her highest point around midnight. If you’re an earlier riser, watch for her these next couple of mornings, low in the Western sky during the wee hours before sunrise.

Aja Trier

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


Tyler Cantell

1838 – Birthday of Franz Brentano an influential German philosopher, psychologist, & priest whose work strongly influenced not only students Edmund Husserl, Sigmund Freud, Kazimierz Twardowski, Alexius Meinong, Carl Stumpf, Anton Marty, Christian von Ehrenfels, and Tomáš Masaryk, but many others whose work would follow &make use of his original ideas & concepts. Rudolf Steiner recalls the obituary he gave of Brentano as part of his lecture The Case for Anthroposophy where he also speaks about the Separation of the ‘Psychological from the Non-Psychological’ in Franz Brentano.

1901 – Deathday of Arnold Böcklin a Swiss symbolist painter. Rudolf Steiner speaks about him in an incarnation as an Arthurian Knight

1945 – Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker

1954 – Birthday of Sergei Olegovich Prokofieff  – In the biographical sketch given by Rolf Herzog of the Christian Community we hear that Sergei kept secret his inner connection with the spiritual world; that as a child he never had the impression that this was his first time on the earth; and that, in his ninth year he rediscovered esoteric Christianity through the Parzival story which was read aloud to him from the libretto of Wagner’s opera by his grandfather, in their home in Moscow. Sergei, starting at the age of 14, spent his vacations in Max Voloschin’s home in the Crimea, where he found books by Rudolf Steiner in the comprehensive library there .

Sergei had a rich inner life with an intense adolescence of spiritual seeking that included many mystical experiences. From his own words: “Everything Rudolf Steiner spoke of was already known to me, but I was unable to express it in thoughts before then. What had lived in my soul as a general, undefined feeling was now penetrated by a conscious clarity of thought.”

In the years between 1971 and 1973, when he was 17 to 19 years old, he wrote extraordinary poetry about the path out of the darkness into the light – about spiritual battles and apocalyptic events, with profound honesty and dramatic inner force. “I was awakened in the night by the powerful inspiration, as though awakened by the verses themselves. I rushed to my desk in order to capture the poetic words and images quickly—often putting on paper a poem that had arisen fully formed in me—frequently more than one; it was as if they themselves were striving and streaming towards the page. They were the poems of a ‘soul on fire.’” These poems had remained hidden in a cupboard in his parent’s Moscow home— he had shown them to no one when they were written—until he rediscovered them there on a visit during his illness. He decided to publish them by a non-anthroposophical press in Moscow in a splendid volume of more than 400 pages entitled ‘The Mystic Fire of the Soul’.

The voice of the verses went silent around the time of his first moon node, when he decided out of the most profound depths of his soul not only to read the writings of Rudolf Steiner
but also to choose anthroposophy as the central task of his life and his destiny. With this, his biography changed: “Only when the decision had been made and I experienced with full force that my life had received new meaning and purpose was I led out of my original lonely condition by the guidance of my destiny—I was taking the first steps to serve those ideals
consciously which had previously lived below the surface in my soul and which now had become for me a fully conscious reality thanks to spiritual science.”

Prokofieff, wrote his first book, Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries, while living in Soviet Russia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was a co-founder of the Anthroposophical Society in Russia. At Easter 2001, he became a member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland.

At the core of his work is an attempt to develop a deepened understanding for Christianity on the basis of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual-scientific research. Peter Selg, in his memorial address, after Sergei died an early death on 26 July 2014, described him as “this most inwardly faithful pupil of Rudolf Steiner and protector of his new revelation of Christ.” Sergei had a powerful way of bringing together complex connections & interrelationships from Steiner’s ideas.

As part of the Vorstand he felt it was his calling to fulfill Steiner’s ideal of making the Goetheanum into a contemporary Mystery Center. Read more about this amazing individual in the articles written about his life in ‘Anthroposophy Worldwide‘. Or pick up one of his many books, & read the fruits of his insights for yourself. Prokofieff was a prolific writer leaving us a treasure trove of Works.

1970 – Buckminster Fuller receives the Gold Medal award from the American Institute of Architects

Lydia Xeyon

(with added titles) by Roy Sadler
Seeing With The Heart

The soul in gloom of winter moved
to bring to light her life’s own force
her impulse is to guide it far
and in the dark forefeel
through warmth of heart
the life the senses will reveal.

In winter’s darkness can we experience what it can tell us about ourselves
and the world, receiving through ‘warmth of heart’ new sense revelations?
In the mirror verse, exploring the beauty of the world in midsummer light,
can we lose ourselves, expand into the supersensory world to experience
the Cosmic Self, the Christ?

Midsummer Wisdom

It rests this sun’s high hour with you
to recognise the call of wisdom:
In you, absorbed in worlds where beauty lies,
through all your feeling realise:
the human I can lose itself
and find itself within the Cosmic I.

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