Sol Set

Mandy Feller

Satisfaction Becomes Serenity” or Contentment becomes self-composure

Every morning the Sun rises a little later, & every evening our Sol sets ever earlier. Darkness takes the light, slowly into its somber realm. As we move from the Virgin who helps us with our spiritual harvest into

the sign of the scales, Libra, we can think how it is the only constellation that is not a living creature; it owes its origin to the realm of created things, of mechanics. According to Rudolf Steiner it was only incorporated into the imagery of the Zodiac later in order to delineate the world of light in the upper signs more clearly from the 5 lower “nightly” signs. It is entirely dependent on the outer world, best expressed in its function of “deliberation”.

In ancient Greece the descent of the Sun into the autumn region of the dark zodiac signs was seen in the image of the abduction of Persephone, stole away from her mother Demeter, by Pluto, lord of the underworld. The Greeks hid their faces in fear from the powers of darkness & waited longingly for the return of Persephone who would awaken to new life in the Spring.

But since Christ’s descent into the shadow realm of death, in order to reconquer it for the realm of light, human beings have looked at the descent into the realm of darkness in a different way – thru the image of the mighty Archangel Michael standing next to the Virgin, with her staff of life, & in former times, bearing the balance of the world in his hands – carrying the resurrection into the dark in order to realize our true human potential in the confrontation with the forces of evil. This individuation process can only be fulfilled in the realm of earth & death – Here the human being of the present time is threatened with the danger of giving in to the lower driving forces which powerfully press in from our unconscious sense perceptions. Here the scale, as the sign of the representative of humanity, appears before our soul pointing the way forward, to balance us between levity & gravity.

In the Zodiac it is between the grain-bearing Virgin & the death-dealing Scorpion. There is a separation of the “wheat from the chaff’ – the weighing, in the “Scales of Judgement.” Will the being of Michael which we must enliven within ourselves, be able to maintain the balance of the world? That is the most earnest question which is spoken by his gaze. In the realm of the spirit his victory is assured, But on earth???

This question touches on our human contribution to the Michael Imagination – it has to do with the crisis of the “I”, which exists for everyone today. Is the average human being awake to this aspect? -Ready & able to work to overcome this crisis of humankind on earth? If we take this into our soul-life we can feel called to take up this struggle, knowing that the outcome depends on our behavior, with even the smallest matters, as well as the great tests of our times. Thru this commitment we can rise to become a spiritual comrade, a co-shaper & co-creator of the divine world. We are called in the Age of Michael to rise from being a ‘servant of God’ to being a ‘friend & brother/sister of Christ’ as promised in the Gospel of St. John 15:15.

In looking up to this world destiny of the human being in the dark time of the year which is now setting in, we find the inner emphasis that is so easily lost today, because we lose our balance to the swings of the pendulum in our soul-life. The approaching winter can invoke (in some) the hum-bug that is open to greed, like an old man seeking to dispel the fear of death thru selfish pleasure or grabby possession. The balance of the soul swings back & forth between melancholy & self-satisfied control, until it can find its center in the true “I”.

The image of the scales can become for us the means to orient our soul & spirit at this turning point in the year.


Gray Crawford

16 October 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Venus harmonizes with Chiron and retrograde Mercury today. There are two days left in the Mercury retrograde cycle, and the Mercury-Venus sextile helps ease this sometimes rocky transition.

Today, we may get an opportunity to heal our relationships through openness to learning from one another. We more readily see the beauty in human imperfection. It’s a vital time for building trust in relationships and seeing potential in one another. We recognize the value of the people, relationships, and pleasures in our lives more clearly. We can benefit from interacting with others in fresh ways, with more authenticity and sincerity.

Retrograde Mercury periods tend to send us looking to the past for further or previously hidden information. It’s a good time to see an issue in a new light. We feel the most challenging side of Mercury retrograde around the time it changes direction, which happens on the 18th, so we might want to avoid complicated decision-making for the time being. There may be too much happening now to think clearly.

However, today’s Mercury-Venus sextile stimulates a desire to cooperate, compliment, encourage, and express our affections. We’re also inclined to analyze our relationships, particularly past ones, as well as our preferences and feelings. Connecting with people from our past is also possible.

A Mars-Neptune quincunx transit is also active now, and we can feel a little stuck — uncertain what we truly want and where to head — until we get in touch with the spiritual or emotional needs we may have been overlooking. The Moon spends the day in Pisces. ~astrology cafe

Wendy Russell

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

We understand only the very smallest part of human history and of our own life if we consider it in its external aspect, I mean in that aspect which we see from the limited view-point of our earthly life between birth and death. It is impossible to comprehend the inner motives of history and life unless we turn our gaze to that spiritual background which underlies the outer, physical happenings“.  ~Rudolf Steiner, Karmic Relationships, Volume IV: Lecture III


1311 – The beginning of the Council of Vienne by Pope Clement V against the Templar order

1793 – Marie Antoinette, widow of Louis XVI, is guillotined at the height of the French Revolution

1827 – Birthday of Arnold Bocklin , a Swiss symbolist painter portraying mythological, fantastical figures along classical architecture constructions creating a strange, fantasy world. Böcklin is best known for his five versions of the Isle of the Dead, which partly evokes the Cemetery close to his studio where his baby daughter Maria had been buried.

Rudolf Steiner speaks of him as an Arthurian Knight: Thus even in the 9th century, in the paganism of Europe, there still lived much of the pre-Christian Christianity. That is the remarkable fact. Moreover even in that time the belated followers of European paganism understood the Cosmic Christ far more worthily and truly than those who received the Christ in the Christianity that was spread officially under that name. Strangely we can see the life around King Arthur radiate into the present time, continued even into our time, placed into the immediate present by the sudden power of destiny. Thus I beheld in seership a member of the Round Table of King Arthur, who lived the life of the Round Table in a very deep and intense way, though he stood a little aside from the others who were given more to the adventures of their knighthood. This was a knight who lived a rather contemplative life, though it was not like the Knighthood of the Grail, for this did not exist in Arthur’s circle. What the knights did in the fulfilment of their tasks, which in accordance with that age were for the most part warlike campaigns, was called by the name ‘Adventure’ (Aventure). But there was one who stood out from among the others as I saw him, revealing a life truly wonderful in its inspiration. For we must imagine the knights going out on to the spur of land, seeing the wonderful play of clouds above, the waves beneath, the surging interplay of the one and the other, which gives a mighty and majestic impression to this very day. In all this they saw the Spiritual and were inspired with it, and this gave them their strength. But there was one among them who penetrated most deeply into this surging and foaming of the waves, with the spiritual beings wildly rising in the foam with their figures grotesque to earthly sight. He had a wonderful perception of the way in which the marvellously pure sun-influence played into the rest of nature, living and weaving in the spiritual life and movement of the surface of the ocean. He saw what lived in the light nature of the sun, borne up as it were by the watery atmosphere as we can see to this day, the sunlight approaching the trees and the spaces between the trees quite differently than in other regions, glittering back from between the trees, and playing often as in rainbow colours. Such a knight there was among them, one who had a peculiarly penetrating vision of these things. I was much concerned to follow his life into later time to see the individuality again. For just in this case something would needs enter into a later incarnation of a Christian life that was almost primitive and pagan, that was Christian only to the extent that I have just described. And this in fact was what appeared, for that Knight of the Round Table of King Arthur was born again as Arnold Böcklin. This riddle which had followed me for an immensely long time, can only be solved in connection with the Round Table of King Arthur. Thus you see that we have a Christianity tangible with spiritual touch to this very day, a Christianity before the Mystery of Golgotha which shed its light even into the time that I have just outlined ~Karmic Relationships, Volume IV: Lecture III

Wikimedia Commons

1834 – Much of the ancient structure of the Palace of Westminster in London burns to the ground

1846 – William T. G. Morton first demonstrated ether anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Ether Dome

1854 – Birthday of Oscar Wilde, Irish author, poet, & playwright

1922 – The founding of the Esoteric Youth Circle by Rudolf Steiner. Notes from the various preparatory discussions for the founding of the Group:

If I am to go into what I understand with the term “esoteric group” then let me say that if you want to take the esoteric earnestly, you must say to yourself that it is an action out of the impulses from the spiritual world. One can strive toward this. Anthroposophy is a path to this end. To build such a community would constitute a decision to set upon this path.

The spiritual is a living element & so such a group must not be something dead. The group must be a force-group. The health of each part is the health of the whole. It is the mutual taking on of karma that is created in such a community. There is then mutual suffering to live through, but also mutual joy. People must be treated like fellow human beings, with all their imperfections.

What you seek is to find a friend in the spiritual world. The important thing is to remain spiritually true to the friend once found. Therefore, the 1st requirement is that you learn quite precisely what spiritual loyalty is.

Your community will have in it something of the primordial mystery of all human community. This mystery is that, what we ourselves do within the community bears no fruit for us ourselves, but for others, & that the fruits for us come from others.

We must work for the progress of humanity – Just as the physical social life consists of deeds done together, so too we strive for common deeds in the spirit – thus actually, for a social working in the suprasensible.

We must endeavor to carry spirit into the furthest consequences of our actions. This alone – that we bring spirit & love into our will – can make it possible to stand firmly against being overrun by the cultural machine. Too few people today develop real initiative. There is a lot of willfulness, but little will.

The true meditation is a fulfilling of the spiritual will that the Time Spirit bears with itself. Where such meditation is practiced, a spiritual force is able to work into the earthly events. Spiritual worlds want to work in to earthly events today, but they can do this only when, through human meditation, space is created for it. Through meditation, something like an empty space comes about. Into this space, the spiritual beings can enter with their effects. And the power of meditating such a meditation in common increases by potentization.

When we do this community-meditation, it will bring about a deeper connection of the core of our being with our sheaths.

These meditations, when used correctly, could become something like windows into the spiritual world. The words & pictures given, form only half of what is to be entrusted to us. The other half we are to find ourselves through spiritual activity.

Each of you must feel joy for the success of the other. You must avoid every feeling of rivalry & have the awareness that what each of you accomplishes, you accomplish through the power of all of the others.

Uniting yourself through a mutual promise to strive toward a common spiritual goal – & leaving one another completely free in actions & judgements in life – such a community based on this is something completely new in the evolution of humanity. And it is what is most necessary today.

For someone who comes to specific results on the esoteric path, there is always the danger of delusions of grandeur. Such a community as yours can be a protection against this. For in it, you strive together to cross the threshold of the spiritual world. And there each of you has to say that you have the efforts of all the others to thank for what you have achieved personally.

Effects will arise in the destiny between human beings who are connected with us in the community physically & spiritually. The community will never die out. With the 1st community members who reincarnate, the community returns to Earth.

By persevering with the exercises we have a chance to stand up to Ahrimanic powers that no one person can withstand.

Through the reading of the oath given by Rudolf Steiner on 16 October 1922, in the presence of the others, the admittance into the community was effected.

And now consider your community as having been founded by the spiritual world itself…Now get to know each other well.

This gave us the idea to tell each other our biography at the mutual acceptance into membership.

What has taken place now is a 1st in the post-Christian era: human beings themselves chose, out of freedom before the spiritual world, to join together esoterically’.

The 12 founding members:

Daniel van Bemmelen, co-founder of the 1st Dutch Waldorf School

Georg Groot MD, 3-fold social order, co-worker in the Berlin Group of the College Association

Herbert Hahn, called by Steiner to teach at the Independent Waldorf School in Stuttgart

Ernst Lehrs, teacher at the Waldorf school in Stuttgart, served on the committee for the Independent Anthroposophical Society founded for the youth. Later taught in The Hague, London, & Aberdeen. Also taught with his wife Maria Roeschl in the Rudolf Steiner Seminar.

Rene Maikowski, business manager of the Association for Anthroposophical College Studies, also a Waldorf teacher.

Wilhelm Rath, bookseller, man of letters, farmer, was on the committee of the Independent Anthroposophical Society.

Wilhelm Selling, mechanical engineer, colonial officer in Africa, in charge of the Theosophical library, mentor of the youth work in Berlin

Karin Selling, part of the Scandinavian Theosophical Society, teacher at the Waldorf School in Stockholm

Emma Smit, teacher & organizer of the Independent school in The Hague

Maria Spira, came from the Zionist Youth Movement, married Wilhelm Rath

Albrecht Strohschein, business man, 1st co-worker in the Der Kommenden (The Coming Day) in Stuttgart, student of psychology in Jena, co-founder of the therapeutic pedagogical movement

Kurt Walther, postal officer, lecturer, & leader of many courses, the successor of Marie Steiner in the Executive Council of the Anthroposophical Socety, married Wilhelm Selling’s sister Clara Selling, who was part of Steiner’s household

1946 – Nuremberg trials: Execution of the convicted Nazi leaders of the Main Trial

1964 – China detonates its first nuclear weapon

1968 – United States athletes Tommie Smith & John Carlos are kicked off the US team for participating in the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute

1984 – Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Readers: Katherine Thivierge, Hazel Archer, Marianne Fieber, Haidy Peterson, Farmer John, Zuri Burns, Morgan Vallat, Ultra-Violet Archer, Lisa Dalton, Lucien Dante Lazar, Elizabeth Kelly, Portland Hosts, Folks from the 6 HUBS, Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

Dear friends – The Pageant ‘Building the Temple of the Heart: The Royal Art: A Social Pilgrimage of the Soul’ that I wrote for the ASA Conference has been made into a booklet (Thanks John Beck!) If you would like to receive a copy contact ‘Deb Abrahams-Dematte’; or Cynthia Chelius All proceeds go to support the Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

All is Open

Kenneth Semmeply

I glide…on the winds of change blowing in hot & cold currents, as the season shifts – Smoothing the air – not like a leaf in the fall, but as a hawk, eyes penetrating into the essence of all….filled with wild strength & elemental power – yet safely rocking as in a mother’s arms – ensconced & tender.

All is open, there is no fixed schema, no anxiety or fear, no bullets-points on the agenda…The sky is vast – ready to receive – whatever my long-sighted wings want to inscribe on it…

As the wind releases, I slide down, toward wild trees encircled by streams & jutting glacial rock sprouting bright orange lichen & limey moss – Sun-drenched & shining…Gently, soundlessly…I reach the rich earth – strewn with the scent of living humus.

Mara Clear

Finding the power of my limbs, I walk – a well-trodden path – heading in an unfamiliar direction. I revel in the 1st hint of color dressing the trees…& the silence – broken only by the play of the elements: the song of birds, the water flowing, the busy animals. Ahead the path opens into a clearing ringed with ancient sentinel trees to make a shady grove. I recognize this Place. I remove my shoes to let my feet become one with the hallowed ground – Singing a blessing of thanks & praise – I cross the threshold between 2 mighty oaks.

Standing in the center of a cairn littered labyrinth, I see the bright figure of a woman. The quintessence of her visage becomes clear when she speaks my secret name, which I have not yet learned to pronounce. She is bidding me to come forward – to enter the spiraling labyrinth.

Kristina Carroll

I take the 1st step – & the path pulls me forward. I cannot tell of this journey, for it is my own…you have yours too…& it never ends…But when we reach the center – Anthroposophia – The She in me & we – leans forward to welcome our embrace.  She whispers a truth that reverberates thru the embryo of the ear so that all may hear – a well-reasoned wisdom speaking – something we already know, but have perhaps forgotten. It may be like the core of common sense; or perhaps it strikes the funny-bone like the humor of nonsense; or maybe it opens the heart to wonder. It may be a simple truth, or a complex mystical teaching which will require further deepening, or that which leads to a hero’s task. However it is heard, receive it as a benediction. 

Let the bright woman braid a chain of flowers into your hair – touch your fingers to your crown knowing your mind has been forever changed, released, opened to all the possibilities that will transform your thoughts into things…

Spin with joy, noticing all at once, that the bright woman has vanished – & now, standing before us, is a dark figure, looking strangely familiar. Can you make out her face there in the shadow? She is carrying a bundle over her shoulder. She lays her burden down at our feet. The dark woman speaks with a voice that resonates to the bone…She calls us each with a special tone only we can hear. Will you answer & come forward? If you choose to, don’t close your eyes when the embrace pulls you in…

Wendy Canterpen

The Dark She gently whispers a truth into your left ear. It is a truth that you know is right. The truth touches your heart & frees your soul. You remember the bird, soaring thru clear skies, singing a song of joy & longing. When you return to the depths, the dark woman has vanished, & the bundle she was carrying, & then left there at your feet, has transformed, into a large pyramid of rich honey-colored amber. Pick up a piece & warm it in your hand…

The Sun calls you to lift the amber up…bring it up, into the light…Let the sunshine merge with this solid symbol of your vitality…Breathe in the pranic life-force emanating from your true purpose made manifest…

William Fenewell

Put this treasure in your breast pocket, as you leave the Sacred Place…forever knowing that your inner sanctuary goes where your intention flows…Knowing that union is possible between the many parts of our being…

Walking on in confidence… Balanced in the light & dark of our most authentic self…We walk the path from the wilderness…curving & mounding onto a city street. And as we stand in a circle there on the curb, in the oblique angle of the autumning Sun, feel how minds & bodies are changing – like the leaves. What color are you now?



13 October 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars“: The waxing moon sweeps past bright Jupiter and fainter Saturn in the evening sky

Trent Blazer

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” ~H.G. Wells

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


In 1307 October 13 was a Friday – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into a “confession” of heresy. Once freed of the Inquisitors’ torture, many Templars recanted their confessions. Some had sufficient legal experience to defend themselves in the trials, but in 1310 Philip blocked this attempt, using the previously forced confessions to have dozens of Templars burned at the stake in Paris. With Philip threatening military action unless the pope complied with his wishes, Pope Clement finally agreed to disband the Order, citing the public scandal that had been generated by the confessions. At the Council of Vienne in 1312, he issued a series of papal bulls, which officially dissolved the Order. As for the leaders of the Order, the elderly Grand Master Jacques de Molay, who had confessed under torture, retracted his confession & insisted on his innocence. But he was declared guilty of being a relapsed heretic & was sentenced to be burnt at the stake in Paris on 18 March 1314. De Molay reportedly remained defiant to the end, calling out from the flames that both Pope Clement & King Philip would soon meet their end. Pope Clement died only a month later, & King Philip died in a hunting accident before the end of the year

1792 –The cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid

1917 – The “Miracle of the Sun” is witnessed by an estimated 100,000 people in the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal. The people had gathered because the 3 shepherd children, who originally claimed to have seen Our Lady of Fátim, had predicted that at high noon the lady who had appeared to them several times would perform a great miracle. According to many witnesses, after a period of rain, the dark clouds broke & the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, & to cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the people, & the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the earth before zig-zagging back to its normal position. Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became “suddenly & completely dry, as well as the wet & muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling.” According to reports, a panorama of visions, including those of Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows, & of Saint Joseph blessed the people. The event lasted approximately ten minutes.

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I will be facilitating one of the Chrysalis Groups: ‘The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation into the New Mysteries’ –

The Royal Art of community awaits your participation.

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Temple After Image

Listen on the ‘I Think Speech’ Podcast

Greetings friends – Can you feel the throb of our collective heart resounding…?
We have offered up our deed like a sacred seed to all worlds.
May it cultivate deep roots, bear good fruit, & take wing to flourish in every Being.

I woke up on this Indigenous People’s day & knew I had to give thanks at the Great Inland Sea. I offered up a rose from our pageant altar to the Spirit of Place, as the Sun was spreading a pink light on the water. I reflected on our powerful Conference ‘Building the Temple of the Heart’ & spoke the name “Mishigama” derived from the Chippewa Indian word meaning “large water” or “great lake”. As I watched the rose toss in the waves I contemplated the remarkable dream I awoke with:

Patty Dimene

I was swimming in a body of salt water that was an exquisite scintillating blue, alive with sparkling sunlight. I wasn’t alone, I could feel, but I couldn’t see the others swimming in a V behind me. We were heading to an island that was on the horizon. Suddenly the water sucked me into a kind of vortex – a tunnel that spun me around & contracted me down into the spout that spit me out into the air – a swirling greenish blue sky. I flailed around at 1st trying to catch my breath. I became a bit lucid & told myself to open my clenched shut eyes. I soon found that I was humming ‘The Heart is a Key’ song. It calmed me down, & buoyed me up, so that I gently floated down onto the island with some of the others who had been swimming with me (I recognized many of you!) We greeted each other by raising our hands in a sign of benediction, & made our way to a simple hut made of woven living wild grasses & light. When we stepped thru the humble bamboo door we beheld a vast cathedral with a vaulted ceiling – lit by magnificent colored windows bringing in the light which seemed to sing – a rainbow reverberating with tone. There were ever changing cloud formations obscuring the top of the spire. I took a deep full breath – my nose & mouth in a giant cartoon O – in came the light & air & sound – entering every part of my being – I awoke with a gasp.

Lenny Caple

I had been struggling all week with little sleep, tossing with anxiety dreams, so this felt like a real break thru – a clear affirmation of the ever present help of the spiritual world etching into & affirming my soul.

As Dennis mentioned during the conference closing, our process of laying the foundation for this Temple was rift with plenty of obstacles on many levels – a sign that this is an initiatory experience – which is ongoing – bringing to each of us our own unique task in the great working.

Thank you for your determination to do the work to serve the highest good for all – Our deed was a true gift – not only for the greater community, but for the spiritual worlds.


I plan to put together a photo gallery which I will share, & everyone is welcome to contribute to it.

And I would like to publish the pageant. Angela Foster mentioned that Laura Summer uses I tried to download the PDF but it wouldn’t take it (it says: “Fonts: We found some fonts in your file that need to be embedded. Please review your PDF and make sure all Fonts are embedded.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? also: “Transparency: We detected an element that may be transparent within your file. We strongly recommend flattening or removing any transparencies in your file.” HUH?) If anyone can help me figure this out so I can make this happen please reach out

Ruth Woroniecki

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
The Spirit Soul’s Awakening
I can, revived within,
now feel my own wide breadth of being,
my strength of sun-empowered soul
whose radiance of thinking solves life’s riddles
and lifts the wish-fulfilling wings
left lame by hope.

The Soul Calendar verses can also be imagined in a 24 hour rhythm.
This verse can be a meditation every morning on awakening; and its opposite, v2
(the Southern Hemisphere verse now) – with an alteration of its first line,
‘Arising into senses’ all-enwoven outwardness’, and its third line changed from present
to a coming tense – can be a meditation every evening after completing a reverse review
of the day’s events, as one prepares to sleep, for which one must release one’s thoughts.

adaptation of v2 at bedtime
Into Soul Sleeptime
To sleep in all-enwoven outwardness
thought’s power sheds its separate strand;
the spirit worlds will find again
their human offspring,
whose soul must find in them
her seed… but in herself the fruit.

At Ascensiontide, v7, ‘my divining must replace the power of thought’, and then
at Whitsun, v8, ‘human thinking must be stilled, in dreamlike presence satisfied’.
As the second quarter of the year begins in v14 (7×2),
‘there comes in all the senses’ glory cosmic thought’.
Not till soul daylight rhythm’s dawn this week, v28 (7×4), is thinking mentioned again.
Now, to quote from Goethe’s fairy tale of ‘The Green Snake And The Beautiful Lily’,
“The time has come”.

Each new day can arise with a new will for action: the crucible for change. And here
are quotes from Eloise Krivosheia in ‘ 28 – Awakening Spirit’,
‘We feel our “seed gift of summer” has been liberated from its sheath and has begun
to shine forth with creative power. We feel a lighting up of an inner birth of spirit!
Thoughts, whose origin is divine, now permeate the Soul, which receives them,
and in an expansion of its understanding, is eager to pour its thinking power out over
the dark riddles of life. Desires and wishes find their fulfilment when their true nature
is revealed by new “sunlight”, new “sun might of the soul”. But I know, too, that
unravelling life’s riddles doesn’t just happen. I have to do something energetic myself.
Nevertheless, how “hope” can be a laming influence may at first seem a puzzling idea.
But when it is a hope that someone, or some spiritual being, is going to fix my problems,
that all I need to do is suffer through until someone or something lifts my burdens,
then this kind of hope is a weakening force. It is when spiritual knowledge is working
through one’s own strength, that understanding and solutions are achieved and hope
can take its rightful place’.

What is your Driving Force?


~I awoke
With a feeling of simply finding
The driving force present in my soul depths.
When I look within, I find a strong yearning
A powerful force living as a seed
Gestating future development
As we press on into the Autumn death…

Vincent van Gogh

5 October 1872 – the Birthday of Friedrich Rittelmeyer, a Protestant German minister, & theologian – friend of Rudolf Steiner – co-founder & driving force of The Christian Community.

Growing up in Frankish Schweinfurt – his father was a Lutheran minister – it was already clear to him as a child that he wanted to go into a religious profession. From 1890 Rittelmeyer studied philosophy & Protestant theology. His teacher Oswald Külpe, encouraged him to write his dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche.

He also went on a study trip to meet theologians & socially-engaged ministers of the time, as well as members of the Moravian Church. From 1895 to 1902 he was at the Stadtvikar in Würzburg. In 1903 he took up the preachership of Heilig-Geist-Kirche in Nuremberg. There he married Julie Kerler on 5 April 1904. Rittelmeyer worked & closely collaborated with Christian Geyer, the head preacher of the Sebalduskirche, together they produced two joint volumes of sermons. Around 1910 they both led discussions with the Bavarian Church Council on a liberal interpretation of the Bible.

Also in 1910 the Nuremberg school teacher Michael Bauer enabled Rittelmeyer to have his first encounter with Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Rittelmeyer described the encounter & discussed Steiner’s personality & work in his book ‘Rudolf Steiner Enters my Life’.

In 1916 Rittelmeyer was sent to the Neue Kirche in Berlin, working as preacher there. He  opposed the First World War, & with 4 other Berlin theologians signed a proclamation of peace & understanding on the occasion of Reformation Day (October 1917).

In September 1922 he established the “Movement for Religious Revival” (Christengemeinschaft) Rittelmeyer acted as its first “Erzoberlenker” or Head Priest, & from its base in Stuttgart was the leading envoy right up to his death.

Alex Grey

~By their silence I understand their presence
I have quivered beneath the power of their hands on my head
& trembled in the void of their absence
When they turned & left me to my destiny…

Late to the game? Still want to be part of this historic event? contact  Tess Parker 

For those who are longing for a deep dive: The Applied Anthroposophy Course (AAC) brings transformative online content into the alchemy of individual and group inner work. The mission is to explore the urgent issues of our time through the lens of spiritual philosophy, awakening meaning, inner reflection, and outer action.

I will be facilitating one of the Chrysalis Groups: ‘The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation into the New Mysteries’ – on 10 am CT Thursday mornings starting Oct. 21, 2021

The Royal Art of community awaits your participation.

See you there ~hag


Greetings Friends – In preparing for our ‘Building the Temple of the Heart’ I offer you these quotes:

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men`s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting itself with ever- growing insistency. Remember that our sons and granddaughters are going to do things that would stagger us. Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty.” ~Daniel Burnham City planner for Chicago

If ever your soul is weak, if ever you believe that the goals of earth-existence are beyond your reach, think of man’s divine origin and become aware of those forces within you which are also the forces of supreme Love. Become inwardly conscious of the forces which give you confidence and certainty in all your works, through all your life, now and in all ages of time to come”. ~Rudolf Steiner, The Birth of the Sun-Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth 12-26-1911

“…We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us…” ~Winston Churchill

Today is the last day to sign up for the meal plan for the in-person conference at the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago.

Strap on your tool belt friends & get ready to work & play & commune.

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(Meal plan consists of 3 lunches, 3 dinners, coffee, tea, & snacks will include some veggies from Angelic Organics – Sign up now so we know how much food we need!!!)

For those who are longing for a deep dive: The Applied Anthroposophy Course (AAC) brings transformative online content into the alchemy of individual and group inner work. The mission is to explore the urgent issues of our time through the lens of spiritual philosophy, awakening meaning, inner reflection, and outer action.

I will be facilitating one of the Chrysalis Groups: ‘The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation into the New Mysteries’ – on 10 am CT Thursday mornings starting Oct. 21, 2021

The Royal Art of community awaits your participation.

See you there ~hag

Path of asteroid Pallas in October 2021

4 October 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars:” Over in Aquarius the Water-bearer, asteroid 2 Pallas is slowly sliding southwest, diving south through the ecliptic, the plane of our solar system.


To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

Feast Day of Crispus & Gaius, Martyrs baptized by St. Paul at Corinth, Greece. Crispin headed the local Jewish synagogue. Gaius served as St. Paul’s host & was praised by St. John. Before being martyred, Crispin served as the bishop of the Aegean Islands, & Gaius served as bishop of Thessalonica, Greece.

1 Corinthians 1:14 – I thank God that I did not baptize any of you except Crispus and Gaius

Acts 10:48 – So he ordered that Crispus and Gaius be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked him to stay for a few days.

Acts 18:8 – Crispus, the synagogue leader, and his whole household believed in the Lord. And many of the Corinthians who heard the message believed and were baptized.

Romans 16:23 – Gaius, who has hosted me and all the church, sends you greetings. Erastus, the city treasurer, sends you greetings, as does our brother Quartus.

3 John 1:1 – The elder, To the beloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth

1515 Birthday of Lucas Cranach the Younger, He is known for portraits & mythical scenes

1582 – Deathday of Saint Teresa of Ávila, a prominent Spanish mystic, saint, Carmelite nun, theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer & author during the Counter Reformation.

Her books, which include her autobiography (The Life of Teresa of Jesus) & her seminal work El Castillo Interior (The Interior Castle), are an integral part of Spanish Renaissance literature as well as Christian mysticism & Christian meditation practices. She also wrote Camino de Perfección (The Way of Perfection).

Teresa of Avila was born in 1515. Her paternal grandfather, was a marrano (Jewish convert to Christianity) & was condemned by the Spanish Inquisition for allegedly returning to the Jewish faith. Her father, bought a knighthood & successfully assimilated into Christian society. Teresa’s mother, was especially keen to raise her daughter as a pious Christian. Teresa was fascinated by accounts of the lives of the saints, & ran away from home at age seven with her brother Rodrigo to find martyrdom among the Moors.

When Teresa was 14 her mother died; this resulted in Teresa becoming grief-stricken. This prompted her to embrace a deeper devotion to the Virgin Mary as her spiritual mother. Along with this good resolution, however, she also developed immoderate interests in reading popular fiction (consisting, at that time, mostly of medieval tales of knighthood) & caring for her own appearance. Teresa was sent for her education to the Augustinian nuns at Ávila.

In the monastery she suffered greatly from illness. Early in her sickness, she experienced periods of religious ecstasy through the use of the devotional book the Third Spiritual Alphabet. This work, consisted of directions for examinations of conscience & for spiritual self-concentration (known in mystical nomenclature as oratio recollectionis). She also employed other mystical ascetic works.

She claimed that during her illness she rose from the lowest stage, “recollection”, to the “devotions of silence” or even to the “devotions of ecstasy”, which was one of perfect union with God. During this final stage, she said she frequently experienced a rich “blessing of tears.”

The kernel of Teresa’s mystical thought throughout all her writings is the ascent of the soul in four stages (The Autobiography Chs. 10-22):

The 1st Devotion of Heart, is mental prayer of devout concentration or contemplation. It is the withdrawal of the soul from without & especially the devout observance of the passion of Christ & penitence

The 2nd Devotion of Peace, is where human will is surrendered to God. This is by virtue of a charismatic, supernatural state given by God, while the other faculties, such as memory, reason, & imagination, are not yet secure from worldly distraction. While a partial distraction is due to outer performances such as repetition of prayers & writing down spiritual things, yet the prevailing state is one of quietude

The 3rd Devotion of Union, is absorption in God. It is not only a supernatural but an essentially ecstatic state. Here there is also an absorption of the reason in God, & only the memory & imagination are left to roam. This state is characterized by a blissful peace, a sweet slumber of at least the higher soul faculties, or a conscious rapture in the love of God

The 4th Devotion of Ecstasy, is where the consciousness of being in the body disappears. Sense activity ceases; memory & imagination are also absorbed in God or intoxicated. Body & spirit are in the throes of a sweet, happy pain, alternating between a fearful fiery glow, a complete impotence & unconsciousness, & a spell of strangulation, sometimes by such an ecstatic flight that the body is literally lifted into space. This after half an hour is followed by a reactionary relaxation of a few hours in a swoon-like weakness, attended by a negation of all the faculties in the union with God. The subject awakens from this in tears; it is the climax of mystical experience, producing a trance. Indeed, she was said to have been observed levitating during Mass on more than one occasion.

Teresa is one of the foremost writers on mental prayer, & her position among writers on mystical theology is unique. In all her writings on this subject she deals with her personal experiences. Her deep insight & analytical gifts helped her to explain them clearly. Her definition was used in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “Contemplative prayer in my opinion is nothing else than a close sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with him who we know loves us.” She used a metaphor of mystic prayer as watering a garden throughout her writings.

Around 1556, various friends suggested that her newfound knowledge was diabolical, not divine. She began to inflict various tortures & mortifications of the flesh upon herself. But her confessor, the Jesuit Saint Francis Borgia, reassured her of the divine inspiration of her thoughts. On St. Peter’s Day in 1559, Teresa became firmly convinced that Jesus Christ presented himself to her in bodily form, though invisible. These visions lasted almost uninterrupted for more than two years. In another vision, a seraph drove the fiery point of a golden lance repeatedly through her heart, causing an ineffable spiritual-bodily pain.

I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the point there seemed to be a little fire. He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of God. The pain was so great, that it made me moan; and yet so surpassing was the sweetness of this excessive pain, that I could not wish to be rid of it

This vision was the inspiration for one of Bernini’s most famous works, the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa at Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome.

The memory of this episode served as an inspiration throughout the rest of her life, & motivated her lifelong imitation of the life & suffering of Jesus, epitomized in the motto usually associated with her: Lord, either let me suffer or let me die.

Christ has no body but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
Compassion on this world,
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good,
Yours are the hands, with which he blesses all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet,
Yours are the eyes, you are his body.
Christ has no body now but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
compassion on this world.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.
~Teresa of Ávila

1582 – Pope Gregory XIII implements the Gregorian calendar. In Italy, Poland, Portugal, & Spain, October 4 of this year is followed directly by October 15

1669 – Deathday of Rembrandt

1970 – Deathday of Janis Joplin

2006 – Wikileaks is launched by Julian Assange