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14 September 2016 – Astro-Weather: How soon after sunset can you see the Summer Triangle? Face east. Vega, the Triangle’s brightest star, is practically at the zenith.  Deneb is the first bright star you encounter to Vega’s east-northeast. Altair shines less high in the southeast.

Summer-Triangle milky


We are the echo of the future ~W. S. Merwin (Thanks to Chris Manvell)


Feast of the Cross – According legend the True Cross was discovered in 326 by Saint Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, during a pilgrimage she made to Jerusalem. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was then built at the site of the discovery, by order of Helena & Constantine. The church was dedicated nine years later, on this same date, with a portion of the cross placed inside it.

Other legends explain that in 614, that portion of the cross was carried away from the church by the Persians, & remained missing until it was recaptured by the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius in 628. Initially taken to Constantinople, the cross was returned to the church in 629.


1321 – Deathday of Durante degli Alighieri – known as Dante

1486 – Birthday of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, German Occultist, theologian, astrologer, & alchemist

1723 – Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena lays down the first stone of Fort Manoel in Malta. de Vilhena, a Portuguese nobleman was the 66th Prince of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Unlike many other Grand Masters, he was benevolent & popular with the Maltese people


1741 – George Frideric Handel completes his oratorio Messiah

1752 – The British Empire adopts the Gregorian calendar, skipping eleven days (the previous day was September 2)

1901 – U.S. President William McKinley dies after an assassination attempt on September 6, & is succeeded by Vice President Theodore Roosevelt

1940 – Ip massacre: The Hungarian Army, supported by local Hungarians, kill 158 Romanian civilians in Ip, Sălaj, a village in Northern Transylvania, an act of ethnic cleansing

1943 – World War II: The Wehrmacht starts targeting several Greek villages death toll over 500 people

1959 – The Soviet probe Luna 2 crashes onto the Moon, becoming the first man-made object to reach it?

1960 – The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is founded

1960 – Congo Crisis: With CIA help, Mobutu Sese Seko seizes power in a military coup, suspending parliament & the constitution

1969 – The US Selective Service selects September 14 as the First Draft Lottery date

2008 – All 88 people on board Aeroflot Flight 821 are killed when the plane crashes on approach to Perm Airport

Lectures by Rudolf Steiner on this date



My POD (Poem Of the Day)

~I burn & radiate

In the empty space

Where fire appears blue

A jolt of essence

A glow of ether

A passion for stars & stones




Cloud Gazing

A very interesting meditation cloud gazing; part Rorschach, part cosmic divination. Recently I have felt called to watch the sky every day. Even for 5 minutes much can be revealed. I remain watchful & act as witness to the messages – in the formations, in the wind, in my body, in all of nature.

How is dawn speaking today? What will dusk want? Noon brings its own power. The robin’s song this year seems particularly urgent, yet lonesome. The milk weed is running with bright orange beetles. The cardinal couple talk & sway on the long stalks of the Joe Pie weed eating seeds. The golden rod are bursting with buzzing mason bees. O look the Michaelmas daisy’s are huge this year. And my goodness the way the spider web catches the light…I send out gratitude & love, & listen for the echo of the elementals.

Moving through the clouds, is that a choir of Angels, see it there…?  They seem so active & willing to connect with those who are keen to look up & read the starry script, to intuit the augury without falling into illusion, to witness without judgment, to get out of the way, & yet to participate fully.

Was it Ben Franklin who was an initiate in weather watching?

The etheric realm is an open secret for those who have eyes to see. Look up & join in the co-creation of our evolution.

See you there

~Hazel Archer Ginsberg 


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