Redeeming Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain – the 11th & final piece of ‘The Journey’ (part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7part 8part 9, part 10)

The dome of Stone Mountain was formed during the conception of the Blue Ridge Mountains 350 million years ago, & is part of the Appalachian Mountains & the eastern end of the Campbellton Trail, a Native American path that ran through what is now the Atlanta area. Europeans first learned of it in 1567, when Spanish explorers were told there was a mountain farther inland: “very high, shining when the sun set, like a fire.” At that time, the Stone Mountain area was inhabited by the Creek & Cherokee peoples.

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Now-a-days it is known not only for its geology, but also for its enormous rock relief, the largest bas-relief in the world. Bigger than Mount Rushmore, this controversial carving stands on the side of this quartz face as a monument to 3 Confederate soldiers who fought to defend slavery & white supremacy – Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson. At night a laser-light show animates these figures so that they come alive. From the road the stone looks like the dome of a human skull rising up from the ground.

Angela & I walked up the mountain face carrying our “Soul Soil” offering.  It’s an amazing landscape of bare rock cut with freshwater pools formed by rainwater, dotted with sweet Georgia Oak & a few yellow daisies growing in the rock crevices.

When we reached the summit, with views of Atlanta’s skyline, & the surrounding Appalachian Mountains, we found the little oak tree that spoke to us, & sat down to do our afternoon Circle meditation.

Back at the ARC, with our cockroach friend CR, as witness, we had stirred together all the “Soul Soil” samples & created a healing offering for Stone Mountain by filling a walnut shell with mojo from our journey, & wrapping it with Alabama cotton. We buried this with a prayer at the root of our oak tree.

Then Angela suggested we contact various friends who were part of, or tuned into our journey, to ask them to join us in speaking the Foundation Stone Meditation. We could feel the presence of many kindred spirits united in Good Will, here, & on the Other-Side; & the potency of this broadcast spreading out from the summit of Stone Mountain to “Let Freedom Ring”

While I was speaking the FSM, 7 doves kept circling us. Magic was literally in the air. And even after we moved away from our tree, they followed us to a pool & flew down beside us for a drink.

After we had descended from Stone Mountain, I realized that my wedding ring was gone. The small gold band was not on my finger. Hmmm. Another offering?

Then I received a text from Charlotte Brakebill to call her right away. Charlotte, whose husband Don crossed when I was there in Tennessee doing a presentation on the Rose Cross on Whitsunday (this was the whole impetus for the Southern Tour), said she opened up the red book on the Christmas Conference to do the Foundation Stone Meditation with us, when a letter from Traute Page (White Rose) fell out! It talked about how she felt isolated & wished she could be involved with folks during the Holy Nights working with the FSM & the Christmas Conference!

This was extremely interesting, another example of the universe lining things up, since on one of the car rides Angela & I were talking about creating an initiative for the Holy Nights, inviting 12 groups or branches to present in a Zoom call format something they wanted to share, connecting communities around the US. We called Laura Scappaticci & lo & Behold it’s happening! (Stay tuned for all the dets.  AND There may be a few slots open, so if your group wants to bring content for 1 of the Holy Nights contact one of us)  

Dear Friends, thru these 11 installments, I have tried to give at least a glimpse into all the magic that transpired on this All Souls Journey. But these liminal realities are hard to capture.

The 3 Sisters at Barbara Bittles home, the morning of Deb’s departure & our All Souls Workshop 11-16-19
Watching the ‘Memphis Kings’

I am grateful beyond words to my Soul Sisters Angela Foster & Deb Abrahams-Dematte, who were there for me in All Worlds – what a glorious, deep, intimate, powerful, intense adventure that I will forever cherish & continue to unfold within my soul. Thanks to all of YOU who were participants along the way.

May our paths ever intertwine with grace, as we work to redeem the Cosmic Intelligence with Michael & Anthroposophia, empowering the Christ within us all.

Advent Blessings & Peace


4 thoughts on “Redeeming Stone Mountain

  1. Thank you for your blog. I was so happy to be a part of the journey. What an amazing time. ! You girls did well.

    1. Dear Cathy -I feel so blessed to know you & am honored to be a friend to you & your beautiful community. I hope someday you will come visist me in Chicago! Thanks for your warm hospitality & support! xox

  2. Congratulations on this amazing journey! Thank you so much for this incredible work and dedication of all three of you and more!

    1. Dear Sophie – Thank you for your good wishes & for being with us in spirit. You certainly are always with us in Chicago, as your calendar is proudly displayed at the Branch. I hope someday you will come back & visit us again…xox

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