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The Alchemy of a Century

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Day 10 on the Lenten-tide journey – Some people may think that observing Lent is all about renunciation; but I see it more as a passage to receptivity.  This is not a passive state of being. It is not a submissive waiting around; but an openness – a wiliness to cultivate a space for introspection.

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Receptivity is a robust readiness, a vigorous intention to attend to the moral relationship we have with ourselves & the world; animated by the certainty that the way to the New Sun of Easter takes a humble reckoning reaching. And so let us reach out & receive what the tide has to teach us.  


Snow Moon and Regulus adorn the eastern sky at dusk/nightfall February 26 and 27, 2021.
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26 February 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars: Full Quickening Moon tonight exact at 2:17am Saturday morning. It’s under the belly of Leo. This evening through the moonlight, look for Regulus, Alpha Leonis, on Bella Luna’s Right.

Black Board Drawing made by Rudolf Steiner October 1921

In honor of this years 3 day celebration of Rudolf Steiner’s 160th Birthday, I am thrilled to share this impressive article from Kathleen Wright, which she shared on the North Carolina Rudolf Steiner Branch list-serve yesterday. As part of their yearly AGM held on Steiner’s Birthday, Kathleen usually gives a talk: ‘In the life of Rudolf Steiner – 100 years ago“. Since they did not gather in person this year she wrote it up, & has graciously allowed me to share it with all of you.


Today marks the 160th birthday of our great teacher, Rudolf Steiner. As our branch has traditionally done on this day, we will review a year in the life of Steiner, 100 years ago.  According to Steiner, every 100 years marks a “culmination” of endeavors or events and new impulses or “recapitulations” should arise from them at this time; therefore,  from what we observe  of Steiner’s activities of 1921, we should be on the lookout for new forms and new interests in the topics of 1921 in the coming year.

Some of the interesting things about 1921: with the war finally over, Steiner was once more able to travel (his traveling was severely curtailed during the war years.) and travel he did – all over Europe, including England. (How we pray we will be able to do the same later on this year!) The work in the College he founded in the previous year continued full steam. The theme of this year’s study was” all of the Sciences”, beginning with a course in Astronomy in early January. (For a full list of all the lectures of the year visit: www.rsaarchive.org and type in 1921 in the link for “Year”.)

About 600 students participated in the College program at the Goetheanum. They were given morning lectures with Dr. Steiner and artistic classes in the afternoon with various artists. This was far from all that our Teacher did – there were lectures for the community in the evenings, innumerable correspondences, helping with all aspects of the work going on in the Goetheanum (especially the sculpture “The Representative of Humanity”), giving weekly talks to the workers – and I was interested to find out that these workers were mostly NOT anthroposophists. They were poor, desperate human beings looking for work after the war had left them destitute. While they may not have joined the Society, many of them spoke in Rudolf Steiner’s defense during the many attacks made on him that year. They dearly loved their employer for many reasons.

Guenther Wachsmuth writes that “the Spiritual Powers do honor to the greatest and strongest of human beings through the most severe tests. And the burdens which were laid upon Rudolf Steiner by the forces of destiny at just this time in his life are indications of the fact that he was chosen to accomplish an extraordinary task.” He says that Steiner had to confront “the severest battles, unspeakable suffering and opposition”. These battles took the form of articles, publications, letters and even in-person attacks at lectures, all full of malice and hatred,  lies, slander, false accusations and misunderstandings of this great man and his message. He was accused of everything from being a “traitor”, “enemy of the State”, “Jesuit”, anti-Jesuit” and every possible insult one can imagine. While Wachsmuth tells of many of these attacks on Steiner from 1921, they pale in comparison to the attacks of 1922, about which we shall go into detail next year  – such  the attack on Steiner’s life by the Nazis and the burning of the Goetheanum after the incitement by a Jesuit priest.

The influence of the “Youth” in the movement began increasing and prompting new initiatives from their Teacher. A group of young seminarians came to Steiner rightly saying they felt organized religion was losing its affect and that it was in need of renewal or else it would die. The doctor responded by giving two courses for seminarians and anyone interested in the Movement for Religious Renewal (one in the summer and one at Michaelmas). About 100 people attended the Michaelmas course during which Steiner gave 29 talks. German students were allowed free admission because of how badly devastated the Germany economy was at the end of the war.  Noticeably absent from the conference was Friedrich Rittlemeyer who had been a close follower of Steiner since 1911. He was ill at the time, but later read the reports about Steiner’s course on religious renewal and together, they and others, began plans for what became the Christian Community the following year. One interesting observation I have noted: in 1921, virtually all of the religious youth who approached Steiner were male. Today in the Christian Community Seminary course in Canada, there are 8 female students, no males. Back in 1921, Steiner had recommended that women be permitted to be priests in this new Movement. How far we have come! What would there be today if Steiner had not made this recommendation?

Another interesting event concerning youth is that a group of young members approached Steiner wanting to create something new for their own circle, a small esoteric group. (They did not like the traditional Study Groups of the ”old ladies” and there was no esoteric class at the time.) Steiner gave them indications to follow:  a series of mantras which  they  must work with  the same time each day and that they must remain close friends, aware of what was going on in one another’s lives. They must observe these rules very strictly. If they followed these guidelines, they would reincarnate together at the same time and place and find each other once more and would be able to resume their spiritual connection. At first Steiner agreed that he would meet with this group regularly to guide their spiritual work, but soon this became too much for him, especially after the burning of the Goetheanum and he advised them to all join the School of Spiritual Science in 1923. Though small, through the work of this group we have been given some important esoteric secrets on how we can work together to form Karmic circles. One sees a similar “culmination” renewal of this practice of late in the Society. One example is the group which was begun in Chicago where members work with the Six Exercises every day at Noon (EST) There have been other instances where it has been acknowledged of the great power produced by small groups of people who work together spiritually at the same time of day every day,

Also during 1921, Steiner continued giving courses for Waldorf Teachers and Anthroposophical Doctors. During this year, Ita Wegman established the Medical Clinic at Arlesheim where Steiner visited often and gave spiritual insights into the patients there. A medical research laboratory was begun that among other things, developed medicines. Eventually this became known as Weleda, but its start was in 1921. This is where Iscador was developed by Ita Wegman.  Steiner gave these doctors many indications for developing new remedies. In April 1921  Steiner gave the first course on Curative Eurythmy.

Another laboratory, a scientific one was established also in Dornach and was directed by Eherenfried Pfeiffer. It was first in the basement of the “Glass House” and did many experiments with etheric forces.

A few new anthroposophic journals began in 1921: “Das Goetheanum” a weekly magazine, which Steiner put under the direction of Albert Steffen and “Die Drei”, a Munich monthly journal, for which Steiner wrote articles every month. Both magazines are still published today.

In addition to the huge volume of scientific lectures Steiner gave in 1921, he also spoke many times on the Threefold Social Order, as well as the differences in the West and the East as far as Religion and Historical conflicts go; he gave courses on Eurythmy, and of course there were many performances all around Europe, as well as Mystery Plays. He gave several lectures about Color – Plant Colors, as well as Therapeutic Application of Color. A great Artistic Conference was held in August of that year at the Goetheanum during which the Danish painter Baron Arild Rosenkrantz was the guest artist (as well as the one who suggested the idea to Steiner). It was conducted in English and there was a wonderful collaboration of American artists and European artists and persons interested in Art. This began a traditional at the Goetheanum of having  artistic programs in August at the Geotheanum, eventually offered always in multiple languages.

At the request of many of his followers, Dr. Steiner gave several lectures on the Art of Lecturing during 1921. Among the most important points he gave were: one should truly love one’s subject; have a great love of humanity and incorporate the elements of beauty, correctness and ethics into one’s speaking. He recommended that one memorize the first two or three sentences of one’s opening and closing remarks, as it is the most difficult to begin and end one’s talk, so one should develop really good openers and closers; the rest of the content, one should know well enough that one does not need to write it all out, but rather to simply jot down some key words to refresh one’s memory.

There are so many details one could add, but these are hopefully the most important endeavors of Steiner 100 years ago. As in every year since his 42nd  birthday, Steiner did more in one year of his life than most people do in 10 lifetimes. He was the most amazing  and unique Initiate of all time. One could compare what he was to other Initiates as the Human Being is to the rest of the Angelic Kingdom: We humans are the first angelic hierarchy (though of course we are still  “in training”), to have a material existence and Steiner is the first Initiate to bring the Spiritual into every arena of material life – arts, sciences, history, politics, medicine, speech, drama, religion, education to name a few…and he did it while maintaining his humanity and humility. The vastness and scope of his achievements  are unprecedented. Some people have accused Steiner of being an “intellectual”, but one only has a right to say such a thing if they add that he is also equally strong in his heart and will capacities. We are truly blessed to be the pupils of this great Christ Initiate. All spiritual streams of the North, South, East and West are untied under him in this Age of the Consciousness Soul.

Take time to think on the great contributions of our Teacher and how we can honor him by following his example in little ways. One could start by reading one of the books based on lectures he gave in that year, for study is the first step on the path of Initiation. Next of course is our meditative life (which will develop in us Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition) and lastly to put into practice in our daily lives the principles of Anthroposophy. ~Kathleen Wright kathleenwright51@gmail.com

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