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Listen to the Guided Meditation ‘As Above So Below‘ on the ‘I Think Speech‘ podcast

Greetings friends – Today is ‘Attuning Tuesday’ – a little offering that I bring to the group working with the 6BE exercises. We just started concentrating on with ‘Positivity’, so today I am feeling called to offer a little guided meditation that I am Calling ‘As Above So Below’. This is a theme I often work with.

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Margaherita Arkuna

So make yourself comfortable, as we share the air – taking a deep breath – filling your belly – thrilling your lungs. Feel your body let go of any tensions & relax. Consciously set the rhythm with your breath. And as your awareness is internalized, fully connected with the Breath of Life gently moving through you, make all your senses alert to this life force. Enjoy its power & simplicity. Feel the sustaining energy behind every inhalation, release the breath as a gift of gratitude to the plant world. Feel the life force coursing thru your cells inspiring your thoughts. Consciously stay with the rhythm in your breathing, healing & energizing the heart of the core, of the root of your own being; & all beings. This life force power is the vibration of love, becoming stronger & more beautiful, growing more potent thru your attention & intention.

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Call in the power of the molten golden core of Gaia, feel it pulsing up into your solar plexus, attuning you to this omnipresent rhythm that flows in great cycles of elemental energy; radiating thru you. Move it with your thought, expanding this golden force, on to the Earth’s surface, covering the entire globe – connecting you to all life. Feel this healing vibration, revitalizing all life, as you begin to move your attention outward to visualize our planet Earth, spinning thru space. As you allow it to expand your experience, immerse yourself in this potent cosmic current where powerful spiritual allies join you in the dance of life – Universes upon universes forming the Cosmic Body which we all share – the vastness in which our Earth revolves. In that infinite space feel the loving presence of the Divine. Each of us vibrating with the same beat of the Cosmic Heart enfolding us, & countless galactic systems in loving arms; the one pulse of Life in all. Add your love to the love of the Cosmic Beloved. And let it emanate to all places hungry for healing.

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Lily Verento

As the heartbeat of the Earth swells & rises, all forms of life upon the soil & in the waters, in the warmth & in the air, receive & heal. Entire nations, & peoples gather in peace, at the endless fount of compassion & abiding love. See yourself & the planet restored. Riding the upward intensity of this positive purposeful energy, feel it circulating in the atmosphere, filling the clouds & becoming more ethereal, ever more potentized. Circling up & thru our Earth’s atmospheric layers; cradling Earth’s aura – Charging it with the thought & feeling of wholeness.

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Chilria Corina

Place a strong signature of peace in the global mind. Create an energetic grid that will emanate rays of peace & unity, joy & purpose on Earth. Resolve to act on your life-purpose & make it ever more real, ever more whole. And as you breathe in this unfolding truth, gradually bring your experience to our little hive here, striving to live in positivity, in this here & now. Feel your body refreshed & renewed, here & now, in your room, in this sacred cyber space, that we continually consecrate with our positive intentions. Holding what is sacred, bringing everything into the light of love. Know too that you are here to be loved.

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Mary Pat Chappell

And Gently, joyfully, when you are ready, open your awareness to this perfect divine moment, to this opportunity right now to bring clear thinking, right action, equanimity, positivity, open-mindedness, & inner harmony to all you do – Sharing these gifts that you are living into thru your dedicated striving, to infuse the Earth-beat rhythms, adding to the pulse of life – joining us together, shining thru us – Charging the ethers with blessings that radiate out to all beings.

And so it is, Blessed 6Bee


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9 February 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: After it’s good and dark, look due east for twinkly Regulus, not very high. Extending upper left from it is the Sickle of Leo, a backward question mark, outlining the Lion’s forequarters. “Leo announces spring,” goes an old saying. Actually, Leo showing up after dark announces the cold, clammy, messy back half of winter.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


1872 – Birthday of Edith Maryon. She studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London & exhibited her work at the Royal Academy. When she met Rudolf Steiner & Anthroposophy she discovered her raison d’être. Maryon wrote to Steiner that “for some years I have always felt there is something for me to do, and that sometime I shall meet the Master who will tell me what it is and explain some of the things that have puzzled me so much. For a long time I searched…and when I saw you in Berlin I knew at last I was right about the Master…is there really any definite thing for me to do… if there is may I know now what it is?” (1 Jan 1913). Months later, from Munich, Maryon wrote to Steiner: “I must find some definite work to do, or be forced to return to England. There is a feeling that perhaps there may be something for me to do here, so I will not go back unless absolutely obliged. You will see that it is necessary for me to come to a conclusion about the kind of work I will do during the rest of my life, and I do want some advice…Your pupil, L Edith C Maryon” (10 Jun 1913).

Sculpture by Edith Maryon

Maryon arrived at Dornach, Switzerland, in January 1914. These were very early days for the project of relocating Anthroposophy headquarters to Switzerland. It was propitious timing since six months later the Great War would begin & engulf Europe & the world in catastrophe. Maryon was a trailblazer: “There was hardly any other artist coming to work in Dornach before her, capable in the way Edith Maryon was, of sacrificing – that is, largely giving up her own deeply rooted style, born out of the aesthetics of Greece, in favour of a new Mystery art”.

The next decade was a period of intense industry & creativity for the English sculptor, a period in which she found her life’s purpose. “Edith Maryon…was helping him [Steiner] with the Goetheanum building and above all with the great wooden sculpture The ‘Representative of Humanity’…Miss Maryon throughout those years was one of his closest collaborators…the studio in which the work was going on became his study for a great part of the day. Here he received his visitors, and she was acting very largely as his secretary” (George Kaufmann Adams, 1958). Adams related a visit to Dornach after the war: “We were received in the most friendly way by the Dornach members and above all by Miss Maryon herself. She gave us mallet and chisel and let us help with parts of the sculpture where there was much superfluous wood and our unskilled hands could do no harm”.

Adams reported that Steiner was “anxious for an English edition of the book [on the Threefold Social Order], and as no one else was at hand, Miss Maryon had undertaken to translate it. In style – like many of the attempted translations of Dr Steiner’s works in those days – it was impossible…and we said so frankly. We were then invited to Dornach to go into the whole question”. (Adams went on to extemporaneously translate many of Steiner’s lectures, for example at Oxford & Torquay, as well as books, for example Steiner’s Agriculture Course)

by EM

Edith Maryon & Rudolf Steiner carried on an extensive exchange of correspondence beginning in 1912, when Maryon wrote to Steiner on 16 October from London. Steiner wrote to Maryon from his travels including from Ilkley, Penmaenmawr, London, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Mannheim, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Kristiania (Oslo), and & The Hague. Steiner’s salutation to Maryon progressed in the course of 1919 to 1920 from “Mein liebes Fraulein E. Maryon” (My dear Miss E Maryon) to “Mein liebes Fraulein Edith Maryon!” (My dear Miss Edith Maryon) to “Meine liebe Edith Maryon!)“ (My love Edith Maryon!)

Theirs was an artistic partnership: “Rudolf Steiner stood, day after day, beside his colleague in the high ceilinged sculpture studio. During this time they not only worked with their hands, but also conversed intensively on every imaginable subject – from art, through politics to things of the deepest concern. Over & above this his studio had become for Rudolf Steiner a refuge of inner peace in which – well protected from visitors by Edith Maryon – he could both do a lot of esoteric work & also relax”. Maryon worked tirelessly with Steiner to create the ‘The Representative of Humanity’. She was “one of the closest colleagues and pupils of Rudolf Steiner”.

Maryon was appointed by Steiner as the leader of the Section for Sculptural Arts at the Christmas Conference of the Anthroposophy Society at Dornach in December 1923, & was unanimously elected as the vice-president of the Anthroposophy Society at the General Assembly on 21 January 1924.

Edith Maryon died on 2 May 1924 reportedly of tuberculosis, & many say from a broken heart (a depletion of her etheric forces  which were tied up in the burning of the Goetheanum. In his memorial tribute, Steiner stated of Edith Maryon that: “When we began to build the Goetheanum, she was one of the first to devote herself to the work…With a perfect control of her technique, her special gift was to give spirituality to stately form. This artistic skill she devoted entirely to the service of the Goetheanum…earnestness showed itself in her appearance. One could see a person who had not been spoiled by the amenities of life, though she had been sorely tried by the hand of fate…She participated most actively in all that went on at the Goetheanum. The spiritual contents of the Christmas Assembly and the Class lectures…up to the last days of her life she pondered on how this Section [Sculptural Arts] should develop its activity in the right way…Her work for the this Society will always be remembered as being most earnest and devoted”.

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Corina Chistes

POD (Poem Of the day)

~Be-held in the eye
Time moves in the heart-throb
There is no time
in which the cosmos does not hold
the shape of its Beloved
No time
In which the earth does not sing
I behold in my I
The eye that holds me
My work is its Will


Weaving a non-gendered Feminist Reality with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg*

Friday 5 March 2021 – 6:30 am – 8 am Central Time as part of the The International Youth Initiative Program Initiative Forum

What are the qualities of the Divine Feminine? How can we use them to empower an innovative way of thinking, feeling & willing, to create a new world, where the human being is free?

Have paper & colored pencils at the ready for this hands-on workshop.

*Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Founder of Reverse Ritual: Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year & the ‘I Think Speech’ Podcast. Trans-denominational Minister, Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Anthroposopher – working as the Festivals Coordinator of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, & the Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society. Past Video Recordings

While this wasn’t exactly what we first envisioned, moving online means
that this forum will be more accessible than perhaps ever before.
The program will be designed to accommodate people from different time zones
all over the globe, and we look forward to transcending restrictions and limitations by joining together in community with folks for whom travelling is not an option.

In addition to interactive workshops, lectures, open spaces, performances & more, there will be plenty of space within the program for fostering connection
and conversation. At the Initiative Forum, we hope you will laugh a lot
(wait till you see what our arts & culture team is cooking up!), listen deeply,
be truly heard, and experience the power of community,
which no distance can dull. We can’t wait to meet you!

For tickets click here!
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The International Youth Initiative Program


The 8-Fold Path to the Easter Elementals

Holy Week 2021 (March 28 – April 4): Starting on Palm Sunday then thru-out Holy Week including Easter Morning, we will meet every day on Zoom at 10:10 am (Central Time) to create together a Thought-Seed Egregore based on the Herbert Hahn Verse

When I think light, my soul shines,
When my soul shines, the earth is a star,
When the earth is a star, then I am, a true human being

& then we will take turns sharing the indications for that day from Rudolf Steiner / The Buddha’s 8 –fold Path, known as the ‘Weekday Exercises’ (let me know if you would like to lead one of the days? (5 min) Holy Week  chart

Resolves or ‘RIGHT JUDGMENT.’ having been formed independently of sympathies and antipathies.

Talking – ‘RIGHT WORD.’

External actions- ‘RIGHT DEED.’

The ordering of life. – ‘RIGHT STANDPOINT.’


The endeavor to learn as much as possible from life. – ‘RIGHT MEMORY.’ (Remembering what has been learned from experiences).

To pay attention to one’s ideas. – ‘RIGHT OPINION.’

The octave of the New Sun
To turn one’s gaze inwards –

Whoever is holding the leading thoughts for that day will tie it into some 5-10 min. artistic exercise based on the indications

Group sharing (5 min)

We close with the ‘reversed’ Hahn verse.
I am a True Human Being
For the Earth is a Star
The Earth is a Star
When I Think Light
When I think Light
My Soul Shines

Easter Sunday – 4 April 2021, in person at the Rudolf Steiner Branch Chicago & online 2 pm – 4 pm Central Time.

Group Eurythmy with Mary Ruud

Hazel Archer – The octave of the New Sun

Keynote with Ines Katharina (Bee Keeper, Founder of the Biodynamic Emerald Honeybee Sanctuary, Waldorf Teacher) Ines will connect the Easter Thought with the Elemental Beings & the flight of the Queen Bee.

Mary Ruud will give us a performance of ‘Rock Spring Wonder’

We close with singing ‘Now the green Blade Riseth’

Potluck Social Time in the Schreinerei – Please bring food & drink to share

$10 Suggested Donation (can’t make it? or joining us online? please consider supporting this event, Thank you)

*Dear friends, please join the call at 10:05 am to get settled in so we can begin the Thought-Seed promptly at 10:10 am
Topic: The 8-Fold Path thru Holy Week 2021
Time: Starting on Palm Sunday Mar 28 – thru Easter Morning, 2021 10:10 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
Every day, 8 occurrence(s)
Mar 28, 2021 10:10 AM
Mar 29, 2021 10:10 AM
Mar 30, 2021 10:10 AM
Mar 31, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 1, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 2, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 3, 2021 10:10 AM
Apr 4, 2021 10:10 AM

Daily: https://zoom.us/meeting/tJErdOqsqj8iGNzL8iNTwKUXyrvmVGSSXqaW/ics?icsToken=98tyKuCtqDgpHtCRuBuPRowMBIjCb-jwiClHjY1HsEfsLRRESTbOL_BUP4RYI-vo

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