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Tell-Tale Heart

What if…? The universe is made of music & storiesThe Word – not fluff & stuff.

What song will you sing today to bring the world into existence? What story will you tell?

hmmm…but, ummm…what if we aren’t consciously creating the universe? What if we are just going along, living in someone else’s narrative? What happens if we habitually expose ourselves not to The Word within, but to the voices shouting directives from outside us? – To the toxic stories that serve to enslave? What if a commercial jingle is our earworm? – The sound bite our only truth?

Britain's path on coronavirus | Financial Times

Friends! We could wind up living in a false universe! – A world where we are just human animals; a statistic, not spiritual beings having a human experience – A world where it’s impossible to become the purposeful prodigy we are ALL born to be.

No that’s crazy-talk; we would never choose that, right!?! We know that’s not our destiny!

So let’s wean ourselves off tell-tales that have a reductive plot line, & no real heart – fueled primarily by grotesque, negative scenarios, or delusional one size fits all ‘safety’ measures.   

Francisco de Holanda. De Aetatibus Mundi (The Ages of the World). 1545. |  Esoteric art, Spiritual art, Mystical art
Francisco de Holanda

Instead, let’s celebrate the luminous mysteries that throb with truth & shape our life story: The clear meditative meanderings that don’t always lead to tidy conclusions, the budding spiritual ‘What If’s’ that feed our soul, but don’t do a thing to serve the false ego’s apathies. Let’s live into the adventure that revolves around brain-teasing breakthroughs, instead of exhausting wobbly confusion, or a status quo submission caused by fear & illusion….

Where hearts get left Giclée (Art Print) by Jerem... | Trampt Library
Jeremy Fish

So how about it…? Let’s encourage each other to nourish ourselves with delicious, nutritious narratives & the glorious Music of the Spheres, where ‘the ever present help of the spiritual world’ resounds – inspiring us to exercise our willpower for the highest good of all.

~Once upon a timing with you


17 October 2021 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Deneb Kaitos is the brightest star in the constellation Cetus the Whale (or Sea-Monster). In star names, the word deneb usually means tail. And so it is with this star. It marks the tail of Cetus. It shines about as bright as Polaris the North Star. Deneb Kaitos reaches its highest in the sky on October and November evenings every year. It appears in the southern sky. ~earthsky

Chart of the constellation Cetus highlighting the stars Debeb Kaitos, Mira, and Menkar.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day

Constellation of Cetus the Whale Drawing by James Thornhill

In seaform, in cloud swirlings, in purposeful imaginings
I am the Sea-Monster in the sky
cracking the shell of illusion to reveal my meal
a food fit for the gods, my mission:
bestowing spirit life in the transformation…
Do not fear my destruction for I am true life…
Brooding on the face of the celestial waters
I am an urge, an idea, the portent
of an impossible dream
I lay between heaven & earth, between goodness & evil,
patience & explosion,
I am innocent & rosy as dawn…
I sleep with my finger in my mouth,
The cord of life curled beside my open ear…
I am with you but not among you…
I have no ending for I have no beginning.
I have always been here, a bitter-sweetness,
in the silence of things
Ready to awaken & renounce the false image
reflected in the briny past
I am the power of the primal sea, wise & generous.
The power of my Autumning is metamorphosis
for death in one world means birth in another…

~I come to spout the wisdom of water into the air…
I come with a star seed in my mouth…
I come to you
To sow my sky-sea tree…
Will you be there to meet me…?