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Seeding the Ethers


Dear Friends – It’s Interesting how rhythms ebb & flow. It’s powerful to discern the patterns.

Thru living into the energies of Ascension my work with The ‘10:10 Thought-Seed’ imagination has been strengthened.

It’s been awhile since we offically checked in around ‘Our Project Egregore’ – our collective ‘Thought-Form’ of Good Will – our “key-call” to the Spiritual powers on the Inner Planes, to enlist their aid in the graceful unfolding of our highest human destiny.

Kari Frid

Through our continued, & consistent intention to visualize the Human Being as a Star & the Earth as a Sun, our positive egregore grows between the material & spiritual worlds, & is connected to both.

This impulse extends beyond the usual limits of space/time, connecting the eternal with the temporal

Our goal is to co-create a new ‘Group-Soul United in Christ’ thru our daily 10:10 contemplation.

Here is the Meditative Thought-Seed I love to work with:

For Thinking:
“When I think light, my soul shines,
When my soul shines, the Earth is a star,
When the Earth is a star, I am, a true human being”.
~Herbert Hahn
In Reverse:
I am, a true human being
The Earth is a Star
My soul Shines
I think Light

For Feeling:
When I feel warmth, my heart sings
When my heart sings, the Earth resounds
When the Earth resounds, I am, a true I AM
In Reverse:
I am, a True I Am
The Earth Resounds
My Heart Sings
I Feel Warmth

For Willing:
When I will life, my hands help
When my hands help, the Earth heals
When the Earth heals, I am, a free human being
In Reverse:
I Am, a Free Human Being
The Earth Heals
My Hands Help
I Will Life

~ Mary Lynn Channer & hag

Here’s a Steiner quote that supports our work:
Had the Event of Golgotha not occurred, the earth and the sun would never be able to reunite. For through the Event of Golgotha, which bound the force of the Elohim in the sun to the earth — in other words the force of the Logos — the impulse was given which will again eventually impel one Logos-force toward the other, and finally once more unite them — sun and earth — in one body. Since the Event of Golgotha, the earth, spiritually observed, is possessed of the force to draw the sun again into a unity with it.

Therefore it can be said that through this great Event, the force of the Logos, which formerly radiated down upon the earth from without, was now taken up into its spiritual being.
The question may be asked, what existed previously within the body of the earth? It was that force which streamed down upon it from the sun. But since that time, what exists there within the earth? – The Logos itself which through Golgotha has become the spirit of the earth. As truly as your soul and spirit dwell within your physical body, do also the soul and spirit of the earth dwell within the body of the earth.
This soul and spirit, this earth spirit is the Christ.” ~ The Gospel of St. John, Lecture 7 –THE MYSTERY OF GOLGOTHA

Heliocentric view of solar system, May 2023. Chart via Guy Ottewell

19 May 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Bella Luna reaches her New phase at 10:53 A.M. CDT

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (Help support the RSarchives!)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (resourses include The original Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner, Wikipedia, Skyandtelescope.org)

1895 – Birthday of Emil Bock, Priest & co-founder of the Christian Community, anthroposophist and writer. In 1914 he began a study of languages ​​at the University of Bonn . However, the same year he enlisted as a volunteer in the First World War and was sent to the front in Flanders , where he was wounded. In 1916, he met the theologian Friedrich Rittelmeyer , and from 1918 he studied Protestant theology in Berlin, and graduated in 1921. In June of the same year Bock met Rudolf Steiner and became one of the founders of the Christian Community in Switzerland.

Right at the moment of the rise of one of the most destructive, anti-human powers the world has ever seen, the Seminary of The Christian Community opened the doors of its first building dedicated to the training of priests in the movement for religious renewal. As Adolf Hitler proclaimed himself the “Führer”students gathered daily to hear words spoken in the sanctuary, from the altar, from the true “helfende Führer” (helping guide). Banned by the Nazi’s in 1941, Emil Bock – one of the founding priests and main teachers at the seminary – worked on a whole new translation of the New Testament while in the prison camp in Welzheim, including Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians and the Letter to the Hebrews. This spiritual work, completed under the pressures of a time of terrible catastrophe and real evil, became a powerful force that emerged above-ground at the end of the war in 1945. Bock was released from the concentration camp in 1942, but was under surveillance for the rest of the war. After the war, Bock was instrumental in the rebuilding of the community.

On November 1, 1950, Pius XII proclaimed the Dogma of the Assumption–Mary’s bodily assumption into heaven–which sent shock waves throughout the Christian world. C.G. Jung, for example, wrote his Answer to Job in response. Emil Bock’s response was the ‘Threefold Mary’ lectures, which answer some of the issues and broaden the scope to include not only the Mary-Sophia mystery in human history, but also the meaning of the feminine element in the evolution of consciousness. ~anthrowiki, christiancommunity

This precious little book contains three lectures — “The Mystery of the Virgin Mary in Body, Soul, and Spirit” — presented during the Christmas Holy Nights of 1950/51.

The Mary mystery has meaning for all humankind, and a renewed Christian understanding of the human being in the fullest sense will be able to fathom it“. ~Emil Bock

Wendy Bazster

Tune into the Ascsension – thru these video recordings:

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Anthroposophia & the Redemption of Lucifer – A Pentecost Festival for 2023

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1 – 2:30 pm Central Time Saturday 27 May 2023 on zoom

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50 Days after The Resurrection = Our Community Pentecost Gathering – Community Bonfire, Pot-Luck, & Prep Stir

Whitsunday 28 May 2023

5 – 7 pm at the home of Hazel & Chuck Ginsberg

Please bring food & drink to share –

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