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Coalescing Imaginations

~Nadezhda Deineka

Dear Friends – The Summer-Tide Season is a time of opening. With the longer days our pineal gland receives more light, & we sense the forces of creative power shining in us.

We can linger – & connect – to the Breath of Life, gently moving thru & between us…

How does it feel to: Make all our impressions alert to this breathing…Enjoy its rhythm…Feel the sustaining vitality…Tune into the life force coursing thru every cell – coalescing imaginations in the minds eye…

Shall we – Direct – our inner vision, if it is your will, to a pasture..See a field of burgeoning sunflowers…It is the dawning of a new day…a perfect Summer morning, with a white-cloud-dotted clear sky – the bright Sun streaming – dazzling the Universe with its light…The sunflowers are tall & abundant, swaying in the hazy breeze rippling across the field…Listen – to the rustle of their music, calling you to dance in the harmony of the moment…Soak up all the rich color – casting a golden glow the ethers round…

There is a path ahead, do you see it meandering through the towering flowers..? A canopy much taller than you are, magnificently following the Sun-Orb – absorbing its potent rays…

Will you follow this path..? Thoughtfully terrying – Taking time – to feel – every part of your foot – making contact with the fertile Earth…

The heliotropic flares lining the path acknowledge you, every step of the way, whispering of riches – of spiritual abundance – the golden prosperity of your soul…

Image result for st john's wort painting
 Eugeny Khara

Go on, look down to your right, O yes, there – See – a large patch of St. John’s Wort in full glory…Receiving permission from the plant spirit, you begin to harvest the bright yellow blossoms, putting them reverently into the pouch at your hip…

Thanking the regal medicine of this spirit, you move on down the narrow path, feeling the heat rising with the Sun, inflaming your souls purpose…

Image result for pennyroyal flower painting

Please do stop to drink from the clear stream…& as you begin to stand, notice – a patch of pennyroyal…You commune with its magic, gathering the fragrant leaves into your pouch…

Feeling enlivened & in rhythm with the course of Summer, you are lead to Wisteria & wild Rose…Fields of Thyme & Chamomile…

You know without doubt – This is where the plant fairies dance & play in the lengthening shadows – And when you look up to the sky, you see the first pink traces of dusk approaching…

As you come to the end of this path, your heart is swelling with tranquil concord…

A little way ahead there is an opening…There is always an opening – You make your way to where a small mound is lined with magnificent oaks; & below – a pristine pond… Under one of the oakens, on the edge of the glistening water, there is a blazing bonfire crackling as the sky turns orange-crimson…You are at home here…

Your fire is born of hard wood, & fat fir branches that have fallen near the shore to the nourish the boundary between Earth & Water…The waving flames divulge your secret name…

Will you offer up your harvest pouch – filled with Summer’s herbs..? Cast them with reverence into the blue core of the flame…

Along with the medicine, throw in all thoughts of negativity…all obstacles…all pain…all worries – Toss them into the hot fire of transformation…?

& as it burns – free – take in the rising fragrance of your healing harvest…feeling cleansed…& energized.

Yes, the twilight lingers. Our Day Star-Sun Takes its time to set triumphantly in the West…The sky is a canvas, & Mother Nature is emblazing on the ether rays – the reflection of her innermost soul – its grand design undulates on the still pond at your feet…

When you look at the water, you see that it is a perfect portriat of your life…On its surface you are able to experience what is deep below – All parts of who you are…What you are…What you will to become…

Your soul’s eternal beauty – its vastness – its great love – blend – with the sunset colors, & the pond’s liquid shimmer…

As the light fades, a knowing current ripples across the pond, & the colors are set into motion. There is a sweet music in the air…Is it a flute – harp, bells, drums – voices – ancient & new…?

A light begins to surface from the pond…& you see a geometry crystallizing…You recognize this as the spirit of Mother Earth – come to dance with you…She hovers over the pond like a humid mist, & in a sublime voice speaks to you…

“I have come, for you have honored me, by honoring yourself…I have come, for many do not know Me – I have come – thru you…Your life & mine are the same…Your welfare & mine are One…What is good for you is good for me…When you feel love, I feel love…So won’t you share your vision of Goodwill with others? Won’t you share your Beauty with the evolving Earth? Won’t you share your Truth with yourSelf? I ask, for I see you are able…Are you willing?

I see you are a bright power – like the Summer Sun…You are full of courage & light…You are a transformer of reality…So begin – yes begin again & then again – Transform the reality that no longer serves you…& as you do, link with others who know Me, & recognize the family of Life…When you perceive in someone, what you know inside to be true, seek to expand that truth…for as light is shared & love is grown, so shall the world change…

You do not live alone…You are my heart & hands, my eyes & voice…& The world is yours to craft as you choose…Choose freedom…Choose the way of Love – I gift you with Life & the ability to care for it…Embrace this gift.”

Image result for prayer

Dear One, will you take a moment now to renew your contract with The Mother, now at this Summer-Tide Time of ripening..?

What is it that you are meant to do – How will you use your gifts to cultivate all worlds – every elemental realm – each phase of human evolution – to heal your past, present & future Self…?

Advance the vision of your Divine-Self, by consciously imprinting these sense impressions into your heart-soul, to catalyse the mysterious release of magic secretions from the pineal gland – Resolve to act on your life-purpose dear Friends, by being awake to the multidimentional reality seen by means of our ‘Third Eye’ – amidst the field of Summer dreaming – to make it real.

Blessed be…


30 June 2023 “Speaking with the Stars”


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day (RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age,)

1924 – First World Power Conference conceived & founded by Scotsman Daniel Nicol Dunlop, a entrepreneur & Theosophist who later joined Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical Society. He organized the first meeting which took place in London on 30 June 1924 & attracted 1,700 attendees from 40 nations. It was deemed so successful that the conference was established as a recurring event. In the beginning, the World Power Conference convened on a regular schedule every six years.

D.N. Dunlop was a pioneer of modern community building—in two areas in particular: industry & economics, & the sphere of the free spiritual life. In 1924 he founded the World Power Conferenceopened by the Prince of Wales in London that year. This was the first international conference to invite engineers & industrialists from all over the world (including Germany & Russia, two former World War adversaries), with the purpose of establishing a basis for co-operation & co-ordination in the production & technological use of energy resources within a modern world economy.

In 1929 a worldwide assessment of raw materials & energy resources was published in book-form with the title Power Resources of the World. The WPC gave birth to a permanent institution—the World Energy Council—that has its headquarters in London & has since held regular congresses in different capital cities throughout the world. The website of this private international organization records a short history of the institution which focuses on the profiles of five leading figures, beginning with Dunlop: ‘Shortly after World War I, Scotsman Daniel Dunlop, a visionary working in the British electricity industry, decided to bring together leading energy experts for a World Power Conference to discuss current and emerging energy issues. In 1923, he began working with countries around the globe to establish national committees that would stimulate attendance and prepare for technical participation at such a conference. The First World Power Conference was held the next year, 1924, in London and attracted 1,700 delegates from 40 countries. The meeting was so successful that those attending decided to establish a permanent organisation to continue the dialogue begun at the conference.

Within the spiritual-cultural sphere, Dunlop was a pioneer of the ‘summer school’—an idea which he actively pursued and brought to practical realization during his theosophical phase. Dunlop maintained that the ‘summer school’ was not in conflict with pure individual striving, but could potentize it— offer it fulfillment. For true individualism, if developed far enough, is exactly what socially conscious communities need if they are to progress.

The Present Age – Perseus Verlag

To a large extent these summer schools were gatherings of ‘communities of free spirits’. Following his encounter with Rudolf Steiner in 1922, Dunlop organized the great summer schools of Penmaenmawr &Torquay. According to Rudolf Steiner, these were ‘recorded in the Golden Book of the Anthroposophical Movement’. Steiner himself characterized Dunlop as a ‘far-seeing’ anthroposophist with visionary goals, endowed with clear and delicate perception, and remarkable human sensitivity & tact’. Despite Steiner’s very high public regard for him—Dunlop chose to remain in the background of events.

Daniel Nicol Dunlop met Rudolf Steiner in person in 1922. It was the Dutch manager Joseph van Leer who brought them together. They sat at the table together – Rudolf Steiner who spoke no English & Daniel N. Dunlop who spoke no German. Joseph van Leer stepped in as translator but what he didn’t see was that Rudolf Steiner took the hand of Daniel Dunlop & held it, under the table, during the whole of the conversationIn 1934, during one of his famous summer schools, Dunlop shared the memory of this with his friend Walter Johannes Stein. He made an even more interesting statement, that Rudolf Steiner on this occasion said to him, ‘We are brothers.’

Eleanor Merry, also an active member of the early British Anthroposophical Society, worked intensively with Dunlop for the last 14 years of his life during which time he told her that Rudolf Steiner gave him an insight into a former life of his where he, Dunlop, had been a member of the innermost circle of the Order of the Knights Templar ‘connected to all the ancient mysteries’ and had also worked within a secret society among the Templars’. Dunlop’s most deeply rooted intention was to serve the supra-personal goals of humanity, thereby sacrificing all personal & trivial motives & deeds.

Nature spirits by D.N. Dunlop

My Summer Conference schedule:

I will be heading out for our next training 1-7 August 2023

Here is a newsletter with an article I wrote about my expereince working with Steiner’s Inner Realities of Evoultion

Harvesting the Sun

This is traditionally the time when the herb St. John’ wort reaches its full potency & since it is a solar herb, it is used as a plant medicine to bring the power of the Sun to people who suffer from depression.

The wise women of old would place St. John’s Wort & other healing herbs around the home for protection as they dried;  They threw the stalks into the Midsummer bonfires, & when the coals had cooled down the ashes were mixed with water & sprinkled on the fields, the 4 corners of the home & the on the head & feet of the children.

Our herbs this year are stellar. I have already harvested tons of basil & sage, catmint & lemon grass, parsley & oregano…

Royal fern seeds gathered at Full Moon are said to make you invisible. Rub the blossoms on your eyelids to see the wee-folk, which will also make you wealthy & wise; but be sure & carry a bit of rue in your pocket or you might be ‘Pixie-led’. Can’t find the rue, then turn your clothes inside out & follow the old ‘Ley-Lines’, which will keep you from getting lost in faeiry land.

The ancient Druids celebrated the Summer-Tide as the Wedding of Heaven & Earth. The Goddess manifests as Mother Earth & the God, as the Sun King.

Can you feel this marriage within your own human/Divine nature?

belden bloxsy

Plant Spirits, Faeiry Folk, thank you for sharing your gifts – Continue to teach us how to live in harmony with the essence of your healing magic.


Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


28 June 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”

Feast of Saint Vitus, a Christian saint from Sicily. He died as a martyr during the persecution of Christians by co-ruling Roman Emperors Diocletian & Maximian in 303. Vitus is counted as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers of medieval Roman Catholicism. Saint Vitus’ Day is celebrated on 28 June on the Gregorian Calendar.

In the late Middle Ages, people in Germany & countries such as Latvia celebrated the feast of Vitus by dancing before his statue. This dancing became popular & the name “Saint Vitus Dance” was given to the neurological disorder Sydenham’s chorea. It also led to Vitus being considered the patron saint of dancers & of actors, comedians, dancers, of entertainers in general a& epileptics. He is also said to protect against lightning strikes, animal attacks & oversleeping.

Jean Jacques Rousseau ~Allan Ramsay

1712 – Birthday of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Swiss philosopher & polymath

1831 – Birthday of Joseph Joachim, Austrian violinist, composer, & conductor; friend of Herman Grimm.

1914 – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria & his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo; this is the casus belli of World War I.

“…May I remind you — I have often mentioned it — that the death of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is one of those concealed events of the present day, despite all that occurred on the external physical plane. I have stressed especially that if the physical and spiritual worlds are taken together, then for them as a totality there was something present before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that became different after that event. It does not matter in such cases what things look like in external maya! What occurs inwardly is the important thing. As I told you: What rose up as the soul of Franz Ferdinand into the spiritual worlds became a focal point for very strong, powerful forces, and much of what is now happening is connected with the very fact that a unique transition took place between life and so-called death, so that this soul became something quite different from what other souls become…

Seen quite externally, why was Franz Ferdinand rather important? He was important because in his being, in all his inclinations — you must take the external manifestation as a symbol of what lived within — he was the external expression of certain streams. In him there lived something which, if only it had been able to free itself, bore the deepest understanding for the individual development of the Slav peoples. You might indeed call him an intense friend of all that belongs to the Slavs. He understood — or perhaps I should say: something living in him of which he was not fully aware understood — what forms would be necessary for the social life of the Slavs if they were to develop as individual peoples…

There may be men here in Europe who, look upon the outbreak of the present war as being connected with the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Heir Apparent to the Throne. I do not say that this is untrue or that there is no truth in it, but on the basis of this event they can explain certain occurrences that they trace back to this murder of July 1914.

There may also be other persons who stress that, in a Western newspaper of January 1913, the statement appeared that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was to be murdered in the near future for the well-being of European humanity. What I mean to say is that we may go back as far as the actual murder, but we may also go back to the notice of it that appeared in a Western newspaper in January 1913.

It is also possible to go back to the murder of Jaures on the last evening before the war began — probably never entirely explained, as I recently suggested. But it is equally possible to go back to the same newspaper to which I just referred, which carried the statement in 1913 saying that if conditions in Europe should lead to war, Jaures would be the first to meet his death — You may consult a certain occult almanac that was sold for forty francs and find in the issue for 1913, which was printed, of course, in 1912, the statement that he who was expected to be the ruler in Austria would not be the ruler, but rather a younger man, whom people wouldn’t even now consider as the successor to the old Emperor Franz Josef. That was printed in a so-called occult almanac for 1913; printed, therefore, in the autumn of 1912. Moreover, in the same almanac for 1914, printed in 1913, the same remark was repeated because obviously the attempt on Emperor Franz Josef’s life had miscarried in 1913. When these things are seen more clearly, the connection will someday be discovered that exists between what actually happens externally and what is cooked up by hidden, dark sources. Many will recognize the threads that lead from public life into this or that brotherhood., and how stupid it is for other brotherhoods continually to declare that silence should be maintained regarding certain mystery truths. Such people may be as innocent as children, in spite of the fact that they may be old members of this or that brotherhood of Freemasons which lay claim to secret sources. Nevertheless, they further intensify the obscurity and darkness that is already present among human beings…” ~ Rudolf Steiner, THE KARMA OF VOCATION, GA 172, Lecture VII
19 November 1916, Dornach

1919 – The Treaty of Versailles is signed, ending the state of war between Germany & the Allies of World War I.

“…You all know that Woodrow Wilson’s “fourteen points” arrived at the dreadful chaotic point civilised life had entered. What were these fourteen points actually? They were basically nothing other than abstract principles of an unworldly man, a person who knew little about reality, who appeared in Versailles where he could actually have played an important role. This man who was a stranger to reality wanted to show the world how to get organised according to principles founded on intellectualism. One only had to experience with what inspiration civilised mankind hung on to these fourteen points, however with the exclusion of a large part of the central European population, they unfortunately also fell for these fourteen points after a short period of time…” ~Rudolf Steiner, THE IMPULSE FOR RENEWAL IN CULTURE AND SCIENCE
GA 81, lecture V. Anthroposophy and Social Science, 9 March 1922, Berlin

1950 – Korean War: Suspected sympathizers are executed in the Bodo League massacre.

1950 – Korean War: Packed with its own refugees fleeing Seoul & leaving their 5th Division stranded, South Korean forces blow up the Hangang Bridge in an attempt to slow North Korea’s offensive. The city falls later that day.

1950 –North Korean Army conducts the Seoul National University Hospital massacre. Over 900 doctors, nurses, patients & wounded soldiers, were killed. The Korean People’s Army shot or buried the people alive. The civilian victims alone numbered 1900.

1964 – Malcolm X forms the Organization of Afro-American Unity.

1969 – Stonewall riots begin in New York City, marking the start of the Gay Rights Movement.

~I am leaping forth
Ripping veils
Making naked the essential
Streaking light with sound
Tamping down the dirt
To make the circle round
& the Earth glad.
The Stars notice
When I sing



Pin on i like

Dear friends – As we continue to ride the St. John’s Tide I thought to share this interesting painting I came across many years ago: John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene’ by Angelo Puccinelli – This unlikely pairing brings 2 important yet truly diverse individualities working with the Christos, together. Just as the Baptizer prepared the way for the arrival of the ‘Anointed One’, Mary Magdalene was chosen to anoint the ‘Anointed One’ & to prepare the hearts of the disciples to become apostles thru the teachings of the Risen Christ.

~El Greco – Mary Magdalene

And in her connection to The Divine Sophia, in our time now, she works to prepare the way for us to receive the Being of Love in the etheric.

St. John the Baptist and St. Mary Magdalene. Triptych Side Sash by Hans  Memling ❤️ - Memling Hans
John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene ~Hans Memling

What would it be like to use our natural Summer connection with the wide expances of the etheric environment, to make an offering in the spirit of the New Mysteries?-  To let stream up with enthusiasm the cosmic thoughts that have been revealed to us by the Gods & give them back as deeds of Good Will in the world…Just as the extremes of JB & MM have modeled each in their own way…?

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist,
Zechariah writing, “His name is John”.
Pontormo, on a desco da parto, c. 1526.

The Gospel of St. Luke describes the birth of John the Baptist – How The Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Highpriest Zechariah, telling him, “your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, & you shall call him John.” (Luke 1.13.) The angel also foretells the task of this being John: “… even from his mother’s womb will he be filled with the Holy Spirit. And he will turn many sons of Israel to the Lord their God again. He will be his forerunner and will pave his way, bearing within him the spirit and power of Elijah, to change men’s hearts so that fathers shall rediscover the meaning of childhood, and those who have become alienated from God shall find the meaning of Good again. So shall he make a well-prepared people ready for the Lord “(Luke 1.15-17.)

In the prologue of the Gospel of St. John the Evangelist right after we hear: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a God” John the Baptist, as the 1st Adam is proclaimed. This Gospel, inspired by the Virgin Sophia, emphasizes the divine spark in humanity, & connects us to the Logos.

El Greco - John the Evangelist and John the Baptist

~El Greco – John the Evangelist and John the Baptist

The writter of this Gospel – The ‘Disciple whom Jesus Lovedreceived the forces of the beheaded John the Baptist, at the rising of Lazarus, earning him the title John as well.

Rudolf Steiner rising from his sick bed for the last time to speak about this connection, chose for his Michaelmas Theme the lecture: THE INDIVIDUALITY OF ELIAS, JOHN, RAPHAEL, NOVALIS, GA 238

And when we choose to take up our task as the 10th Hierarchy of Love & Freedom, making oursleves worthy to work with these great helpers of humanity – as we fulfill the conditions for the conscious rebirth of our individual Higher Self – our spirit-light can shine forth ever more brightly, reflecting the Christ light – This is how the Universal Ego of humanity can be reformed into a New kind of Christened Group Soul – so we can become co-creators of the New Jerusalem.

Gustave Moreau

Dear friends – Be awakened within the dream – We must change our hearts & minds! There are forces trying to distract us from these deep esoteric truths – working to prevent us from achieving our divine human destiny. May we be alert to every sign, & vigilant in our striving to practice Spiritual Science.

Blessings and Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg

27 June 2023– “Speaking with the Stars”: This evening, the bright waxing gibbous moon will glow near Spica, the brightest star in Virgo the Maiden. The moon and Spica will set a few hours after midnight. Chart via John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.

Painting of St Mary Magdalene and St John the Baptist on the tomb of Alice  de la Pole, Church of St Mary, Ewelme, Oxfordshire Stock Photo - Alamy
St Mary Magdalene and St John the Baptist on the tomb of Alice de la Pole, Church of St Mary, Ewelme, Oxfordshire

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day(RSarchives) 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY (Rudolf Steiner’s original Calendar of the Soul; The Present Age)

Hypatia | Death, Facts, & Biography | Britannica

444- Deathday of Cyril of Alexandria, early Church father, prompted the murder of Hypatia

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz: Johann Valentin Andreae,  Johannes Valentinus Andreae, Jason Augustus Newcomb: 9781631189883: Books

1654 – Deathday of Johann Valentin Andreae – writer of “The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

Joseph Smith - Wikipedia

1844 – Deathday of Joseph Smith – Founder of Mormonism

1880 – Birthday of Helen Keller – deaf-blind author & activist. Read her Biography from AFB

Rising with the Tide

I greet you dear friends from deep inside the St. John’s Tide, where I am swimming with the Virtue of the Month: ‘Unselfishness Becomes Catharsis’ – which is acting like a Catalyst for the Call of Conscience – ever issuing forth from the Spirit of John the Baptizer – answering the Universal need that arises to Let the Light of the Higher “I” shine into our being.

At our Spring Biodynamic Prep-making Work-day on Zinniker Farm, Margaret took me aside & told me how much it meant to her that in 2017 I led a powerful St. John’s Festival on the farm. She said that year she was going thru a difficult time as her mother was making the transition into the spiritual world. She shared how the drumming & my leading thoughts on the Season, helped her come to a place of peace – This was a catalyst, she emphasized, that allowed her to let go of fear & worry – Which then allowed her mother to pass over peacefully. Margaret said she has been wanting to thank me for years, & asked if I might lead another Drum Circle to celebrate St. John’s Day this year..?

I often suffer from self doubt – thinking what I do doesn’t matter, isn’t wanted, or that someone else can do it better; so I was very grateful to hear that our gathering had meant so much. And I enthusiastically agreed to bring the St. John’s Festival alive again on the farm.

The Zinniker’s wanted to make it a low-key community celebration, not a workday; & Margaret wanted to bring her Christian Community friends together, & I wanted to serve the Spiritual World, the Community – the land & the Farmers. And so it was that More than 50 folks came from near & far.

Gathering around in a big circle before the sumptuous potluck meal, I looked around at the bright shining faces, & felt ‘Words of Flame’ rise-up within me, as if the Baptist was standing with us.

In my minds-eye, the circle of human beings became a Christened periphery, with the blazing bonfire – a point at the center, creating the astrological symbol of the Sun.

The flaming point seemed to move out into vertical & horizontal lines to create a Cross within the Circle – the planetary symbol for Earth – & the alchemical sign for Salt – the cube shaped mineral-crystal outpictured in the Holy of Holies & the cubic altar of The New Jerusalem.

We had ‘Squared the Circle’ bringing in the 4 Elements.  

Acknowledging these Nature Beings fostered on the sacred land maintained by the Zinniker Family, we directed our human Reverence & Gratitude to connect & enliven the Christic impulses, Living into each Quarter.

Because the land was so dry, after giving Recognition with Thanks & Praise, to the Elements, we appealed specifically to the Undines for some rain to ease the drought. We made the intention that during the Drum Circle we would do a Rain Dance.

By establishing ‘The Great Cross of Nature’ – we experience the Seasonal Round  – We see how the Equinoxes of Spring & Autumn hold the Horizontal Axis, the balance of Resurrection & Renunciation – Easter & Michaelmas.

And coinciding with the Vertical Axis we meet the polarity of the Solstices3 days after the Summer Solstice is the Birthday of The Forerunner, John the Baptizer; & 3 days after the Winter Solstice brings us the fixed date of Christmas – the Birthday of the Luke Jesus.

When thinking about the Living Cycle of the Soul of the Earth, the in-breath & out-breath – now – during the Summer-Tide – we feel ourselves fully exhaled out to the periphery of the cosmos –

We are a circle, within a circle
With no beginning, and never ending

Intermingled with the grandeur of the highest Cosmic Mysteries, where the Divine forces of life exist among the Stars.

The Soul of the Earth is dreaming now in the heights, in union with the Angelic Hierarchies; & it is this dreaming which is brought back into the Earth to become assessable to our thinking during the Sacred Time of the Holy Nights.

Epiphany, the last of the Holy Nights, coincides with the Baptism of Jesus by John – the birth of Christ on Earth – the fulfillment of John the Baptizers mission.

And just as John the Baptist, the last Old Testament Prophet, had to decrease; when our ‘little ego’ decreases, we grow in Christ.

At the fullness of Summer, the light is so bright that it leaves no room for the shadow to hide. Summer is associated with High Noon – the hour of judgment – “Then you shall know the truth, & the truth will set you free.”

This can happen if we respond to the Summertime call for a ‘Metanoia’- from the Greek μετάνοια – a transformative change of heart & mind – a Spiritual Conversion, brought in thru Repentance / Atonement; a review of our Conscience; a call to ‘make straight the path’.

Then the power of our Higher “I” will increase, just as the Christ impulse is ever increasing in Earth existence.

After his sacrifice, John the Baptizer, was able to distillate his Spirit-Self to become like a guardian angel for the apostles, especially Lazarus John, his name-sake – Johannes – E – O – Ah – nes.

Following this archetypal gesture from ‘the voice of one crying in the Wilderness’ we can see that John the Baptist has become one of the main impulse givers towards a new kind of group work – guiding community life for us today.

After the delicious repast, I acted as Master of Ceremonies & sparked the space for artistic sharings out of the community. Many folks came forth with a story, song or poem. Rev. Jeana Lee brought a wonderful overview of Christianity. Velsum sang. Gregory & Alexander brought some Irish tunes on violin & cello to get the crowd dancing. A few young people including Emma & Ultra taught us some songs. And this led naturally into the Drumming & Song Circle in earnest.

The clouds rolled in as we sang “Air I am, Fire I Am, Water, Earth & Spirit I am”. The lingering twilight brought a few fireflies which receieved our serenade. Soon lightning flashes could be seen striking in the dusky clouds above. We felt ourselves rise together in ‘Ripening Glory’

We sang to Mark & Lucien, & Jack’s dad who recently passed away, to celebrate their St. John’s Day Birthdays.  

When it was too dark to find our shoes we closed the circle, feeling that the reverberations of our sounding added to the ‘Music of the Spheres’  – An echo that unites us to the eternity of the Trinity – Reminding us to explore our own inner harmony with the cosmos – For at Midsummer the Trinity reveals itself out of the heart of this cosmic activity.

Substance of Earth
Essence of Light
Grace of Heaven
In Us Unite

Our carload made it back to the city by 1 am; the thunder building. By 3 am our Rain Dance started to pay off – What a gift! There was no doubt. Faith is real – effecting change & cooperation between Spirit & Matter – Thought & Deed –  

Blessings as we continue to unfold this St. John’s Tide.


The wise one built their house upon the Rock,
And the rains came tumbling down.
The rains came down and the waters came up,
But the house on the Rock stood firm.

So build your life on the Being of Love,
And the blessings will come down.
The blessings come down as your prayers go up,
So build your life on Love.

26 June 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: This evening and tomorrow evening, the waxing crescent – and 1st quarter – moon sit along the southern edge of the star pattern known as the Spring Triangle – an asterism made of the bright stars Arcturus in Boötes the Herdsman, Spica in Virgo the Maiden and Denebola or sometimes Regulus in Leo the Lion at its corners. Bella Luna and the Spring Triangle will be visible until after midnight. ~Chart via John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.

translated (with added titles) by Roy Sadler
At the Altar of the Senses
The world’s light-glancing beauty
compels me from the depths of soul
to free the god-enwoven powers of my life
in cosmic flight, forsake myself
and trusting, seek my Self
in cosmic light and warmth.

The mirror verse:
At the Altar of the Heart
The soul’s creative power
from depths of heart aspires
to fire the forces of the gods
to right activity in human life
and form itself in human love
and human deeds.


~Patricia Bollinger

Greetings friends as we continue our contemplation of the Summer-Tide Mysteries.



In earlier times, the Sun was perceived in its shinning prime & glory as the effulgent force of the Feminine – a passionate aspect of the versatile Great Mother, who issues forth & supports all life.

The Solar Goddess was known in many ancient cultures, & Her Priestess’ were highly regarded as healers & Psychopomps – Spiritual guides, initiating supplicants into the mysteries hidden behind the blinding light & fire of the solar disk. They used the 1st mirrors as lenses to harness the Sun; to start the altar fires, & to cauterize wounds for healing.

~Eleonora Ivanova

During the time of the ancient Egyptians, Sirius, the Dog Star rose on the Summer Solstice, heralding the beginning of their New Year, just before the season of the Nile’s flooding.

The Sun itself was deemed to be the all-seeing, all knowing, all powerful eye; but It was also known to be the “Scorching eye of Ra” burning away the shadows, like a laser in the hands of a surgeon, cutting away disease, a power not to be taken (pardon the pun) lightly.

Probably the most ancient source of the Solar Force known to humanity is an Egyptian lion-headed Goddess called Sekhmet. She displays all the passion of the Noonday-Sun at its peak, burning away all that does not serve, rousing us to dance our true power, in the magic ritual of our transformation.

Solar energy & its radiations are said to be the cause of evolution itself, reminding us that we can take an active role in our evolutionary process by aligning ourselves with this Solar Power, plugging in directly to the source of ourselves, to the source of action & passion.

In our time now, we strive toward a renewal of these mysteries – To transform the unbridled passions into purposeful action, directed by our higher “I”.

The Summer Solstice brings our inner selves into harmony with our cosmic being, & reminds us of the Sun’s connection to The Christ as the Solar Logos.

Nikos Kypraios

We lift up our hearts to meet ‘the heights & widths of the universe’, where we feel ‘Not I, but Christ in me’. To say as John the Baptist said “He must increase, but I must decrease.

We respond to the Summertime call for a yearly ‘Metanoia’ by reviewing our deeds – looking with courage to the errors of the past, enduring all the pain self-knowledge brings, so that we can take on the Spiritual tasks at hand.


23 June 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: This is the time of year when the two brightest stars of summer, Arcturus and Vega, are about equally high overhead not too long after dark: Arcturus toward the southwest, Vega toward the east.

~Bernardo Zenale

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day(RSarchives) 


2006 – the Deathday of Rene Querido,  General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America, pupil of W.J.Stein, teacher, & writer – my favorite of his works:  “The Golden Age of Chartres”: The Teachings of a Mystery School and the Eternal Feminine.

~Kindling Radiance~
A Community Festival Gathering Celebrating St. John’s-Tide
Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Zinniker Farm

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