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Thru the Blood

Greetings Friends – Here are a few thoughts that I probably won’t get to in my Pentecost presentation on Saturday so I thought to share them today:

In our time now, the Being of Anthroposophia working as the youngest member of the Divine Sophia, is guiding us on the path that leads to the true activity of thinking, feeling & willing, out of which arises the possibility of free human action, in anticipation of the age of the Spirit-Self.

Also Leading humanity in our journey thru the modern path of initiation, made available to humanity thru the work of 2 exalted servants of the Divine Sophia: Christian Rosenkreutz & Rudolf Steiner.

Steiner once characterized their relationship thru this supersensible picture:

We are asked to see ourselves in front of an altar in the spiritual world- on the left stands Christian Rosenkreutz in a blue stola – on the right, Rudolf Steiner in a red stola. Between them is Michael; & above our mighty Time Spirit, is the Being of Love, the Christos, holding the center between the eye of god the Father & the dove of wisdom – the Holy Sophia, flowing down to us thru the teachings of these great Christian Initiates. Available to those who gather at the altar, ready & willing to take up the indications offered & put them into action in the world.

Friends, we can remember: Red & blue are the colors of Mary-Sophia. Many great artists depict the Virgin Sophia in a cloak of red & blue.

This is also the pictorial reality seen in the 2 Columns of the Rosicrucian Temple – Joachim & Boaz.

This spiritual imagination points to our present, & future task: to cultivate the Etherization of our blood – What does that mean? How do we spiritualize the substance of our blood? – Thru the practice of heart-thinking – which is a result of the mystic marriage of: thinking (blue) & feeling (red) – a transformation of the physical blood into a higher vibration, where the formative forces can spiritualize the life force of our blood…

This Wedding is initiated thru the warmth of the Holy Spirit.

When the light of wisdom & revelation is able to fully penetrate the astral body of the human being, we reach the stage of Spirit-Self – where we can consciously act from our Higher ‘I’.

This is also the goal of the Rose Cross meditation – the cultivation of the Philosophers Stone – topic for another session.

For human beings to experience this we must purify our astral body–thru selfless renunciation which cultivates a higher desire, to serve with love.

And what’s so interesting – when we practice this – it will have a direct effect, not only in us as individual human beings, but it will light up the sphere of the Angels too; & then it has a ripple effect on up thru all the hierarchies –& also down into the elemental realms.

Lucifer who lost his connection to the Holy Spirit when he willed to rise before the time was ripe, becoming a tough-love-tool for the higher gods in our evolution, will, thru our human intervention as Anthroposophia, be able to regain this re-connection to the Healing Spirit working from the godhead – which will lead to the full redemption of Lucifer. It has already begun…

See you in the ethers


Anthroposophia & the Redemption of Lucifer – A Pentecost Festival for 2023

with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, & Velsum Voices Lucien Dante Lazar & Ultra-Violet Archer

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1 – 2:30 pm Central Time Saturday 27 May 2023 on zoom

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~John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.

24 May 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: Tonight Bella Luna as a waxing crescent will speak with Mars & the Beehive star cluster. And of course you can’t miss bright Venus with Gemini the Twins, Castor & Pollux.

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Alenander Mak

1543 – Death-day of Nicolaus Copernicus. Rudolf Steiner speaks about him in many lectures. See: Copernicus and His Time in the Light of Spiritual Science, Berlin, 15 February 1912

1844- 1st telegraph message by Samuel Morse “What hath God wrought?”

50 Days after The Resurrection = Our Community Pentecost Gathering –

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