Upward Streaming

18 June 2016

sky june 18 2016

Near the Solstice, the twilight lingers well past 9 o’clock. The waxing Gibbous Moon, climbing into the southeast before sunset, is joined by Saturn as it starts to darken between 9 & 9:30 PM. They’ll track low in the southern skies, due south just before midnight. To their lower right is the red star Antares, while the much brighter Mars is well to the right.

uriel RS 2Rudolf Steiner

Feast Day of Archangel Uriel

Crater creator

1178 – Five Canterbury monks see the  Giordano Bruno crater  being formed. It is believed that the current oscillations of the Moon’s distance from the Earth are a result of this collision

1812 – War of 1812 began when the U.S. declares war on Great Britain, Canada, & Ireland

1815 –The Battle of Waterloo results in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte

death contempation Antoine WiertzAntonie Wierz

1865 – Deathday of Antonie Wierz – Belgian romantic painter & sculptor

1873 – Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote

1900 – Empress Dowager Cixi of China orders all foreigners killed, including foreign diplomats & their families

1901 – Birthday of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov of Russia

1916 – Death day of Helmuth von Moltke, said by Steiner to have been Pope Nicholas I.

RS art 9, 21, 24

1924 – Rudolf Steiner travels to Koberwitz & Lauenstein to give the curative pedagogy lectures

1929 – Deathday of Michael Bauer – German teacher, author , lecturer, president after Carl Unger of the Anthroposophical Society

1940 – Appeal of 18 June by Charles de Gaulle

1971 – President Richard Nixon declares that illegal drugs are “public enemy number one”, which becomes popularized as the “War on Drugs“.

1979 – In Vienna, President Jimmy Carter & Leonid Brezhnev signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT)

1983 –Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space

~   ~   ~

Ophelia weaving garlandsRichard Redgrave

~ Weaving garlands of onion & hibiscus,

Succulent moon dew pooling

In the golden cleft

Of my warrior heart

I am a thought made manifest


~   ~   ~



“The teachers in the Mysteries said: “Every year at Midsummer, a solemn offering must be made to the Upper Gods in gratitude for the thoughts they vouchsafe to humanity; for if this is not done, it is all too easy for the Luciferic powers to invade man’s thinking and he is then permeated by these powers.

He can avoid this if every Summer he is mindful of how the Upper Gods have given him these thoughts, and at the Midsummer season lets his thoughts flow back again, as it were, to the Gods.” In this way the men of olden times tried to safeguard themselves from Luciferic influences.

The leaders of the Mysteries called together their pupils and enacted that solemn rite at the culmination of which the thoughts that had been revealed by the Upper Gods were now offered up to them in upward-streaming feelings.

The external rite consisted in solemn words being spoken into rising smoke which was thus set into waves. This act was merely meant to signify that the offering made by man’s inmost soul to the Upper Gods was being inscribed into an outer medium — the rising smoke — through form-creating words.

The words of the prayer inscribed into the rising smoke the feelings which the soul desired to send upwards to the Gods as an offering for the thoughts they had revealed.” ~Rudolf Steiner, The Spiritual Communion of Mankind  http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/19221223p01.html#sthash.wBDzuZDX.dpuf

“…Now, humanity must learn to know the etheric and astral elements outside himself. This he can do only through the reverent deepening of spiritual science

This is what Anthroposophy intends when it speaks of a renewal of the festivals

We must come once more to an inner understanding of what the cycle of the year can mean to man in this connection; it can then be something even loftier than it was for man long ago”…~Rudolf Steiner, The Cycle of the Year as Breathing-Process of the Earth http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA223/English/AP1984/19230403p01.html

Until soon

Blessings and Peace ~Hazel Archer Ginsberg

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Moonday June 20, 2016 – It’s Summer Solstice & The Full Honey-Moon!!!

So come join our : St. John’s Tide Bon-Fire Social Gathering

7pm – 9pm

Pot-Luck Dinner in the backyard of Hazel & Chuck Ginsberg

Please Bring Food & Drink to Share in Community

RSVP ReverseRitual@gmail.com by TODAY for address & directions  

PS. there’s a Cub Game that night so be sure to come in for a sticker to put in your car.

If it’s storming – stay home & celebrate

St. John's RS GA 229 Plate V

Sunday June 26th, 2pm -4pm 

He Must Increase but I Must Decrease  Exploring the Mysteries of Midsummer 

with special guest Robert Karp, Co-Director of the Biodynamic Association.

How do we stand wakefully within the sublime mysteries of summer and St. John’s tide? Who is the mysterious archangel of Midsummer described by Rudolf Steiner and what is his relationship to John the Baptist? Can we trace his influence in modern culture, in modern America? What transformation does he seek to bring into our souls and into our communities?

These are some of the questions we will explore in this talk and, in a series of social-artistic exercises that will be incorporated into the talk.

Dulcimer music by Dr. Elaine Wagner.

Labyrinth Dance with ~hag

More details coming soon. For more info. Contact Hazel ReverseRitual@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Upward Streaming

  1. Rudolf Steiner uses it alot in his writing. He spoke about how certain natural vortexes of energy make up the emerald Isle, creating the possibility for a higher grade of initiation.

  2. Another question from today’s post (not sure I will ever catch up with you 🙂 )
    Can you please define ‘Hibernian’ for me?

    Thank you

  3. I am quite interested to read this essay,
    Rudolf Steiner, The Cycle of the Year as Breathing-Process of the Earth
    but I cannot seem to open it in it fullness. A third seems cut off vertically thru the whole document. Would it be possible to send it to me in a document form that is easier for me i.e. LibreOffice (.odt) or Word (.doc)?
    Also, is there a calendar available on-line or otherwise, that shows the year as you speak of here.

    With much gratitude,
    Virginia Lucid

    1. Hi Virginia – The Rudolf Steiner Archives is the site that i got the lecture from, but i see that it is having technical difficulties right now, i would try the link again at a later time.
      i cobble together the calendar pieces from the original “Calendar of the Soul” by Rudolf Steiner, the magazine “The Present Age”, & by looking at astronomy sites on line.
      I’ts amazing what a person can find from so many sources.

      Thanks for your interest

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