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“How can I do the Good?” part 3

Well dear ones – I guess I couldn’t just talk about health & illness without having a personal experience. Yep, a very painful chronic condition involving a spinal stenosis flared up –Exasperated no doubt by all the sitting during the conference…grrr…While I am concentrating on my various health protocols, I will attempt to share a few more thoughts from “The Mysteries of Healing: Realizing AnthropoSophia” Conference. Here is part 1 & part 2.

Over our time together we worked with 3 case studies, breaking our large group of 85 participants into smaller circles named after the Planets. I was in ‘Earth’ facilitated by Dr. Adam Blanning, with many practitioners specializing in modalities like Acupuncture, Astrosophy (Jonathan Hilton:) Dramatic arts (Sir Richard Ramsbotham:), Biography (Douglas Garrett:), Nurses, Teachers (Sarah Diechmann:), etc…I was the only Inter-Faith Minister.

We got to experience luscious anthroposophical remedies from Weleda: cloths swirled in Spruce, or Rose to place on our face, neck or wrists, & a liver & heart compress-Rose Cooper & Rose Aurum. Warmth is one of the secrets of healing that we got to share 1st hand.

~Jennifer Thomson

What was interesting to me was that the cases were 3 females – each at a crucial Rubicon age, 14, 22, 71. Which had me pondering the idea that if we are to truly renew the mysteries of healing, besides looking at remedies, we need to take a prophylactic approach, employing the powerful therapeutic effect that can come from ‘Rites of Passage’ to help people meet these milestone events with the support of community.  

Dr. James Dyson in speaking about redeeming Persephone thru our connection to Natura, & thru Sophia to bring the Star World into the fluids of our our ether body, & into the earth, mentioned that this search for Sophia is the Science of the Grail – The will to help another by taking on their karma.

He asked how many know the 1st sentence of KNOWLEDGE OF HIGHER WORLDS AND ITS ATTAINMENT – which many of us did…

“There slumbers in every human being faculties by means of which he can acquire for himself a knowledge of higher worlds.”

But then he tested us further: Ok, how many can site the last paragraph…No One:

“The instructions of true esoteric teachers lead to the good, or they lead to nothing. To guide us to egotistic salvation and mere existence in the supersensible world is not their task. On the contrary, their task, from the start, is to keep us at a distance from the supra-earthly world until we can enter it with a will dedicated to full and selfless collaboration.”

We must cure narcissism. The individual must awaken from their slumber to re-order the karma disrupted by the deeds of 869, to serve the Cosmic Communion & bring it to the community – then Initiation can become Civilization.  

Everyone who would do this work is invited to work with KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS III, GA 237, 10. Evolution of the Michael Principle Throughout the Ages, The Split of Cosmic Intelligence, 4 August 1924, Dornach

Healing Blessings one & all