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“Love is…(part 5)

Love is the result of Wisdom that has been reborn in the I

This shimmering Steiner Quote is one of my guiding lights. When I saw it included in the promo for  “The Mysteries of Healing: Realizing Anthroposophia” Conference, It was one more reason I knew I had to go.

Here are my reflections so far: part 1 – part 2 – part 3part 4

As I mentioned yesterday The Arts have a very enlivening, community building, therapeutic effect. Every day we had group singing. The evolutionary piece entitled ‘Ahura Mazdao’ given by Diane Barnes was a treasure to work with. (Diane gave me a copy of the music to work with, so excited, thank you)  

From Rudolf Steiner: “…Let us try to condense into simple language the doctrines which Zarathustra tried to inculcate into his disciples. He spoke thus: “Man, as we perceive him, is not merely composed of a physical body, for this physical body is but the outer manifestation of the Spirit. Just as the physical body is nothing but the manifested crystallisation of the Spiritual in man, so the Sun, in so far as it is a body of luminous matter, is nothing but the external body of a spiritual Sun.” The spiritual part of man is spoken of as the “Aura” — or “Ahura,” to use the old expression — in distinction to his physical body and in the same sense the spiritual part of the physical Sun may be called the “Great Aura,” for it is all-embracing. Zarathustra called that which lies behind the physical Sun, Aura Mazda or Ahura Mazdao — the Great Aura. With this spiritual essence behind the Sun, all spiritual experiences and conditions are bound up, just as the existence and well-being of plants, animals and all that lives on Earth are bound up with the physical Sun. Behind the physical Sun lives the spiritual Lord and Creator, Ahura Mazdao. This is the derivation of the name “Ormuzd,” Spirit of Light. While the Indians searched mystically in the inner self to find Brahma, the Eternal, shining like a luminous centre in man, Zarathustra pointed his disciples to the great periphery, showing them that the mighty Spirit of the Sun, Ahura Mazdao, the Spirit of Light, dwelt in the physical body of the Sun. Ahura Mazdao has to face his enemy — Ahriman, the Spirit of Darkness — just as man, who bears within himself the enemies of his good impulses, strives to raise his real spiritual being to perfection and has to battle against his lower passions, desires, and the delusive images of lying and falsehood.” ~ Rudolf Steiner, GA 60 ZARATHUSTRA

We had a session of Eurythmy with Linda Larson. And Therapeutic Speech with Molly McIntire, who right away announced: ‘Clear speaking forms the organs’, & I could feel myself standing more upright.

We worked to harmonize our breathing, realizing that Rhythmic Speaking has an ordering effect. Long short, or short, long – the heartbeat.

Dynamic Speaking – Frees & strengthens – Alliteration helps us breathe the stars down to the earth. This is the Nordic Stream.

Stylistic Speaking has an awakening effect. There are different styles, Lyric, Epic, Dramatic. So much fun.

And Gesture-Filled Speaking has a purifying effect.

  1. Active – Straight line, quick to the point
  2. Thoughtful – Self-Centered, rounder tones
  3. Seeking – Asking/Begging
  4. Standing your ground – Holding off Blocking
  5. Antipathy – Flying away
  6. Sympathy – Reaching out, Gentle

We did lip sounds relating to the “I” to free the Feeling life, P,B,F,M,W

Tongue & Teeth Sounds to enliven Astral Thinking T,D,N,S,F,TH,L,

Plate -Back of the Mouth Sounds for the Etheric will, Cg,Ng, eRRR

How powerful Steiner’s Speech & Drama Course of 1924, must have been, where he describes the revelation of speech as relating to the Greek Gymnastics. Every time we speak, the words run, leap off the diaphragm, wrestle off the vocal cords, hit the discus of the tongue, to fly like the javelin out the mouth with intention toward the goal, landing the target like a shot-put.

I loved working with Molly, I look forward to collaborating with her in the future.

Everyday I am feeling better. Thanks for all your well wishes



30 July 2023 – “Speaking with the Stars”: The Southern Delta Aquariid meteor shower peaks today, although the brightening Moon will make spotting shower meteors a challenge. Fortunately, the Moon sets about three hours before sunrise, providing a short but effective window for trying to catch early-morning meteors. An hour before sunrise, the radiant is above the southwestern horizon. The Southern Delta Aquariids’ radiant lies in Aquarius, about halfway between the star 3rd-magnitude Skat and the similarly bright star Deneb Algedi in eastern Capricornus. This year, however, there’s another landmark to help you find it: Saturn is above (northeast of) the radiant. So, you can find Saturn in the sky and drop down a little to locate the point from which shower meteors will appear to radiate.

However, once you’ve found this point, look a little south or west of it — this is where you’re likely to spot the best meteors with the longest trains, rather than at the radiant itself. The Southern Delta Aquariids are expected to produce roughly 25 meteors per hour around the peak, so while it’s not going to be a stunning show, you can expect to catch at least a few bright shooting stars.

Sunrise: 5:57 A.M.
Sunset: 8:16 P.M.
Moonrise: 7:08 P.M.
Moonset: 2:54 A.M.
Moon Phase: Waxing gibbous (94%) ~astronomy.com

(with added titles) by Roy Sadler

Karl König described the Soul Calendar’s 4 quarters as 4 voices:
1 – the Tenor, with sense perception conceiving spirit;
2 – the Baritone, with imaginative insight incarnating spirit;
3 – the Soprano, with inspiration for the spirit’s Christmas birth;
4 – the Alto, with intuitive love for a new spring world.
And in these pivotal, mirror verses of the Cosmic Word
I’ve put in the words, not present in the original,
of imagine & inspire (& intuit in v43, v17’s opposite)

The Bread
The Cosmic Word,
I’ve had the grace to lead
through senses’ gates to soul ground, speaks:
‘Imagine in your spirit’s depths my world expanse
to find in future Me in you’.

The Wine
The Cosmic Word,
mysteriously urging to be heard,
is speaking in my depths of being:
‘Inspire your life’s endeavour with my spirit light
to sacrifice yourself through Me’.

Rudolf Steiner’s Lectures on this day


TODAY 30 July in 1894- Birthday of Ernst Lehrs a German anthroposophist, science teacher in the 1st Waldorf School in Stuttgart, lecturer & writer. Having fought in World War I, he then studied science & graduated with a PhD in 1923. In 1935 he moved to The Netherlands, where he worked as a teacher, before moving to Britain as a Jewish refugee from the Nazis. In 1952 he returned to Germany & worked as a lecturer at the newly established course in anthroposophic special education in Eckwälden, where he remained until his death.

In his important work “Man and Matter”, Ernst Lehrs talks about how today’s researcher is an uninvolved spectator, he reveals not only how science has led inescapably to the illusions it believes in today, but more important how we may correct in ourselves the misconceptions science brings into our views through today’s education, giving us a spiritual understanding of nature based on the work of Goethe; which requires an activation of the cognitive consciousness, leading the true researcher back to themselves.

Ernst Lehrs was a personal pupil of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, one of the 12 founding members of the Esoteric Youth Circle, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary on 16 October 2022.

Written by Ernst Lehrs  a few days after the burning of the 1st Goetheanum: “His (Rudolf Steiner’s) open criticism in various directions concerning the Society & the various activities within it in the weeks leading up to the fateful Christmas-New Year’s time, made one clear about the fact that it was due to the failure on the part of the Society that the necessary spiritual protection was missing from the building. Yet, it was out of an experience of this failure that the impulse for the Youth Course arose, as well as what led to the coming about of our specific endeavor. Thus the idea arose among us that we should ask Rudolf Steiner if, & how we could contribute to the Anthroposophical Society ‘consolidating’ itself again – as one of us put it. With this in mind, we asked to be allowed to speak with him. In the Glass House, on January 3, 1923, we asked about our helping toward consolidation of the Society, Rudolf Steiner answered in a calm tone with emphatic earnestness; “Just keep yourselves consolidated, & the Society will be consolidated.” Then he gave the advice that we should sit together on a regular basis & in symposium-like conversations, reflect again & again upon the foundational impulse of our group.”